Let`s talk about weather and climate

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Let’s talk about weather and climate. What is happening to weather and climate

In my view a person’s life depends to a certain degree on the weather and climate. The
agriculture, the national cuisine, the clothes we wear, the types of houses we

live in all these
depend on the climate and weather. More over our mood often depends on the weather. If the
weather is sunny and bright we feel happy and cheerful but if the weather is gloomy a lot of
people feel depressed. Every day many people listen t
o weather forecasts to make up their minds
on what clothes to wear and whether or not to t
ake an umbrella with them.

Unfortunately there are also natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts
,floods, avalanches, storms th
at badly affect peop
le’s lives.

The climate in Belarus is moderately continental. It means winters are fairly cold and
summers are moderately hot. The climate of Great Britain is moderate and mild due to the
influence of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. The weather in Bri
tain is very changeable and
the English even say they have no climate but only weather which has become a f
avourite topic
of conversation.

They say that our climate is getting warmer and warmer and call it global warming.
Environmentalists say that global

warming is caused by emission of certain gasses such as
carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which causes greenhouse effect. These changes in climate
can be dangerous because it can lead to the melting of the Arctic ice and the rise in the level of
the Wo
rld Ocean. So, water will cover some land and probably the most fertile land he plants
and animals could no longer survive. So we must do our best to save our planet.

Are you weather dependent?

I am not weather dependent but my grandmother is. When the we
ather is changing she
can have headaches, pains in her arms, high blood pressure, weakness.

What questions can you ask a meteorologist ?

Why did you want to become a meteorologist?

Are your forecasts always true?

What devises do you use to forecast the we

Where were you trained to become a meteorologists?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of your job?

Is it difficult to forecast weather?

4. What can you advise a person who wants to become a meteorologist.

If I wanted to become a meteorologis
t I would watch some educational TV programmes
about nature, geography, climate on such channels as National Geographic and others. I would
also try to find out in what educational establishments I can be trained to become a
meteorologist. It could be a go
od idea to keep a journal of the temperature and weather
conditions in your place so you could see whether you are cut out to be a meteorologist.

5. They say there is no bad weather, there are bad clothes. What do you think about

To begin with I’d lik
e to point out that weather influences our mood and health. If the
weather is bright and sunny we usually are in high spirits and feel on top of the world, on the
other hand when the weather is dull and gloomy we often feel blue. There is even an expressio
to feel under the weath
er, which means to feel unwell.

But of course proper clothes can protect you from cold and rain. Unfortunately some
young people want to look fashionable and don’t pay attention to weather conditions. We must
think carefully about
our clothes and footwear before going out and then we won’t have any
problems with colds or feel miserable.

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