PRESENT CONTINUOUS употребляется для обозначения:
действия в момент речи временные действия динамические действия запланированные действия в будущем эмоциональная оценка эмоциональный отказ
1 I haven’t decided yet about whether to buy a new car or a second – hand one. But I … about it.
a) think
b) am thinking
c) thought
Advanced Language Practice Michael Vince HeinmannYana is away on holiday so Linda … her work.
a) handle
b) handles
c) is handling
Advanced Language Practice Michael Vince Heinemann It’s time we turned on the central heating. It … colder every day.
a) gets
b) is getting
c) get
Advanced Language Practice Michael Vince Heinemann - Do you have any plans for tonight?
- Well, actually I … to the cinema with Mark.
a) go
b) am going
c) went
Грамматика англ.яз Зверховская Е.В. Please be quite! You … me.
a) constantly interrupt
b) are constantly interrupting
c) have constantly interrupted
Advanced Language Practice Michael Vince Heinemann I … never … to you again.
a) is speaking
b) speak
c) am speaking
2 What is the matter? Why … at me like that?
a) do you look
b) are you looking
c) you look
Advanced Language Practice Michael Vince Heinemann I … in the computer department till Meg gets back from her holiday. Usually I work in the toy department.
a) am only working
b) only work
c) have worked
Rising Star I a Pre – First… The population of the word … very fast
a) rise
b) is rising
c) rises
Murphy Grammar in use A special guest … to the hotel today.
a) come
b) comes
c) is coming
d) had come
Jenny Dooley GrammarwayJohn … questions! He’s so boring.
a) always asked
b) is always asking
c) asks always
Round-up №5 He … anything tonight.
a) don’t cook
b) didn’t cook
c) is not cooking
3 What … you … under the bed?
a) are … doing
b) do … do
c) have … done
Rising Star I a Pre – First… We … the house.
a) renovate
b) are renovating
c) renovated
ЗверховскаяYour English … better.
a) get
b) gets
c) is getting
Murphy Grammar in use My brother lives in Paris, but he … London this weekend.
a) visits
b) visited
c) is visiting
ЗверховскаяYou … things!
a) are always dropping
b) have always dropped
c) do always drop
Rising Star I a Pre – First… I … there again.
a) isn’t going
b) am not going
c) hasn’t gone
Grammar Work 1
4 What’s that you … ?
a) are eating
b) eat
c) have eating
Advanced Language Practice Michael Vince Heinemann My video recorder …, so I can’t tape the film this evening.
a) doesn’t work
b) didn’t work
c) isn’t working
Natural English. He is sick, but he … better slowly.
a) get
b) is getting
c) gets
Murphy Grammar in use Nora … a birthday party on Saturday.
a) has
b) is having
c) has had
Essential Grammar in use. Paymond Murphy These people … at each other again.
a) are always shouting
b) shout always
c) always shouts
Murphy Grammar in use I … never … here.
a) do … stay
b) does … stay
c) am … staying
Grammar way 4
5 Jason … TV at the moment.
a) watches
b) is watching
c) watched
Round-up №5 The production line … at the moment.
a) don’t work
b) doesn’t work
c) is not working
How English works Grammar Practice book Michael Swan Catherine Walter The world … .
Things never stay the same.
a) changes
b) change
c) is changing
Murphy Grammar in use Tom and Nelly … to the cinema next weekend.
a) go
b) went
c) are going
Essential Grammar in use. Paymond Murphy You … constantly … in my business.
a) are … interfere
b) do… interfere
c) are … interfering
Grammar way 4 I … dinner tonight.
a) don’t make
b) doesn’t make
c) am not making
Grammar way 2
6 Is Karen busy now?
She … on the phone.
a) speaks
b) is speaking
c) speak
Business Grammar Builder Paul EmmersonThe company … through difficult time at the moment.
a) goes
b) is going
c) has gone
Intelligent Business More and more forests… because of fire.
a) disappear
b) are disappearing
c) is disappearing
Grammar way 3 I … tennis with Jack tomorrow.
a) am playing
b) play
c) have played
Essential Grammar in use. Paymond Murphy They … constantly … at me.
a) are … laughing
b) do … laugh
c) have … laughed I … this doctor again.
a) is never consulting
b) don’t never consult
c) am never consulting
7 I … a report at the moment. It should be ready tomorrow.
a) writing
b) am writing
c) write
Business Grammar Builder Paul EmmersonMaria … English at a language school.
a) study
b) studies
c) is studying
Murphy Grammar in use Cities … bigger and busier every day.
a) are becoming
b) is becoming
c) becomes
Grammar way 3 We .. lunch at the Thai restaurant on Friday evening.
a) are having
b) have
c) have had
Intelligent Business You … constantly … till night.
a) is … working
b) are … working
c) do … work
Grammar Work 1 I … at this department store again.
a) is never shopping
b) has never shopping
c) am never shopping
8 I … at the details on the screen right now.
a) look
b) am looking
c) have looked
How English works Grammar Practice book Michael Swan Catherine Walter “You … hard today.”
“Yes, I have a lot to do.”
a) work
b) works
c) are working
Murphy Grammar in use The climate … warmer.
a) get
b) gets
c) is getting
Grammar way 2 I … my hair cut tomorrow.
a) am having
b) have
c) had
Rising Star I a Pre – First… You … always … in the room.
a) do … smoke
b) are … smoking
c) is … smoking
Grammar Work 1 The food is terrible. I … to this restaurant again.
a) is never going
b) am never going
c) has never gone
9 Where is William? He … in the computer room right now.
a) is working
b) works
c) worked I want to lose weight. I … anything today.
a) don’t eat
b) am not eating
c) doesn’t eat
Murphy Grammar in use The number of people without jobs … .
a) grow
b) grows
c) is growing
Grammar way 2
I … down to Dover on Saturday to see the eclipse with some friends.
a) am driving
b) drive
c) drove
Rising Star I a Pre – First… You … always … my cup.
a) do … take
b) are … taking
c) is … taking
Grammar Work 1 I … my hair again.
a) is never coloring
b) has never coloring
c) am never coloring
10 Look! Your husband …
a) comes
b) is coming
c) came
How English works Grammar Practice book Michael Swan Catherine Walter Mary has a summer job, but she … this summer.
a) isn’t working
b) doesn’t work
c) don’t work
Murphy Grammar in use The cost of living … every year.
a) rise
b) rises
c) is rising
Grammar way 2 Sorry, I can’t come to your party. I … my uncle at the station on Monday.
a) meet
b) am meeting
c) met You … always … computer games.
a) have … played
b) are … playing
c) do … play
Grammar Work 1 11 – Who … he … to? He’s talking to Bob, his new boss.
a) does … talk
b) is … talking
c) did … talk
Natural English. She … at the friend’s apartment in London.
a) stays
b) is staying
c) stayed
ЗверховскаяFood … more and more expensive.
a) become
b) is becoming
c) becomes
Grammar way 2 He … the shareholders on Monday.
a) meet
b) is meeting
c) met
Intelligent Business Why … you always … in class?
a) is … talking
b) are …talking
c) doesn’t … talk
Grammar Work 1 12 - What are you doing?
- I … for my boyfriend.
a) wait
b) am waiting
c) waited
Natural English. How … he … these days?
a) does … feel
b) is … feeling
c) did feel
Гуревич The economic situation is already very bad and it … worse.
a) gets
b) is getting
c) get
Grammar way 2 The marketing department … a new compaign this spring.
a) is launching
b) launches
c) has launched
Intelligent Business You … always … to pay the bills.
a) is … forgetting
b) does … forget
c) are … forgetting
Grammar way 3 13 Some people … at our table, so we can’t have our lunch.
a) sit
b) are sitting
c) sat
Natural English. This team … very well this year.
a) plays
b) is playing
c) played
Гуревич His health … better slowly.
a) gets
b) is getting
c) get
Grammar way 2 – Who … to Monika’s party tonight?
- All of us.
a) goes
b) is going
d) has gone You … always … too much sweet.
a) do … eat
b) are … eating
c) does … eat
Grammar way 2 14 We can’t sleep because the guests upstairs … a party.
a) have had
b) have
c) are having
Natural English. I … at college now.
a) am studying
b) study
c) studied
Гуревич His Spanish … very fast.
a) improves
b) is improving
c) improve
Grammar way 2 He … his exams next week.
a) is taking
b) takes
c) has taken You … always … too late.
a) is … coming
b) are … coming
c) do … come
Grammar way 2 15 Charlie … his suitcase at the moment.
a) packs
b) pack
c) has packed
d) is packing
Jenny Dooley Grammar way As far as I know he … not … for a new job. So, he is unlikely to be interested in your offer.
a) is … looking
b) does … look
c) hasn’t looked
ЗверховскаяTechnology … its way into our lives.
a) makes
b) made
c) is making I … abroad this winter.
a) am going
b) go
c) have gone
Natural English. You … always … a lot of noise. Can you be a bit quieter?
a) is … making
b) do … make
c) are … making
Grammar way 2 16 James … football in the garden right now.
a) play
b) plays
c) has played
d) is playing
Jenny Dooley Grammar way I hope you … your holiday.
a) enjoy
b) are enjoying
c) enjoyed
ЗверховскаяHis friend … better.
a) is getting
b) gets
c) got Max … to Paris tomorrow morning.
a) fly
b) is flying
c) flays
d) has flown
Jenny Dooley Grammarway17 Run downstairs. You sister … for you.
a) wait
b) waits
c) is waiting
d) has waited
Jenny Dooley Grammar way I … in Scotland for the present.
a) ‘m living
b) live
c) have lived
ЗверховскаяThings … more and more expensive.
a) get
b) got
c) are getting
Rising Star I a Pre – First… My parents … to a party tonight.
a) used to go
b) goes
c) are going
d) has gone
Jenny Dooley GrammarwayI don’t like him. He … horrible stories.
a) always tells
b) is always telling
c) always told
Тартаева. Тесы по грамматике. 18 Granny is in the kitchen. She … a plum-cake.
a) make
b) makes
c) is making
d) has made
Jenny Dooley Grammar way Bobby … now to use a computer at present.
a) learn
b) learns
c) is learning
d) learned
Jenny Dooley Grammar way We .. at 10 o’clock tonight.
a) meet
b) are meeting
c) is meeting
Grammar Work 1 What a naughty boy! He … with somebody.
a) always fights
b) is always fighting
c) has always fought
Тартаева. Тесы по грамматике. 19 I … for my glasses. Where are they?
a) look
b) looks
c) is looking
d) am looking
Jenny Dooley Grammar way I … at 9 o’clock on Friday morning.
a) leave
b) am leaving
c) left
Grammar Work 1 He … annoying questions!
a) constantly ask
b) is constantly asking
c) has constantly asked
Тартаева. Тесы по грамматике. 20 Please don’t make so much noise. I … .
a) study
b) studies
c) am studingMurphy Grammar in use Alan … with us tomorrow.
a) doesn’t come
b) don’t come
c) isn’t coming
Grammar Work 1 Why … they … all the time?
a) are … chewing
b) do … chew
c) did … chew
Гуревич 21 Let’s go out now. It … any more.
a) doesn’t rain
b) isn’t raining
c) don’t rain
Murphy Grammar in use We … to London tomorrow.
a) fly
b) are flying
c) have flown
Гуревич You … constantly … to your classmates!
a) are … talking
b) have … talked
c) do … talk
Гуревич 22 “What … you … look at?” – “A strange bird.”
a)are … looking
b) do … look
c) is … looking
How English works Grammar Practice book Michael Swan Catherine Walter Mother … tomorrow and I’m going to meet her at the station.
a) returns
b) returned
c) is returning
Гуревич Why … you always … at the lessons?
a) are … talking
b) do … talk
c) have … talked
Гуревич 23 Look, it … outside.
a) is snowing
b) snows
c) snow
Rising Star I a Pre – First… We … for Italy tomorrow.
a) leave
b) are leaving
c) left
КомаровскаяYou are untidy! You … always … you clothes about the room.
a) are … throwing
b) have … thrown
c) do … throw
Гуревич 24 It’s stopped raining – the sun … .
a) is shining
b) shines
c) is shine
Rising Star I a Pre – First… I … to a new flat at the weekend. Perhaps you can help me if you don’t do anything special.
a) am moving
b) move
c) moved
ЗверховскаяYou … everything. I don’t want to give you the book.
a) are always losing
b) always lose
c) have always lost
Гуревич 25 It … outside – why don’t you wait till it stops?
a) is raining
b) rains
c) rained
Rising Star I a Pre – First… He … from his business trip in a few days.
a) comes back
b) is coming back
c) come back
ЗверховскаяHe … his key.
a) is always looking for
b) always looks for
c) always looked for
26 What’s the problem? Something … horribly wrong.
a) has gone
b) is going
c) goes
Rising Star I a Pre – First…
So, you … for Kiev on Tuesday, aren’t you?
a) leave
b) have left
c) are leaving
ЗверховскаяYou … late! Don’t you realize it’s not polite.
a) are always coming
b) always come
c) always came
Истомина 27 It’s eight o’clock. Kate, … you … ready for school?
a) do … get
b) are … getting
c) did get
Тартаева. Тесы по грамматике. Tom and Nelly … to the cinema next weekend.
a) go
b) are going
c) went
КомаровскаяYou … constantly … about your problems!
a) are … talking
b) do .. talk
c) are … talk
Истомина 28 I … you this for the last time.
a) am telling
b) tell
c) told
Истомина What time … you … him?
a) are … meeting
b) do … meet
c) have you met
КомаровскаяMy grandmother … always … .
a) is … grumbling
b) does … grumble
c) has … grumbled
Истомина 29 You … in the dark again! – But I don’t think it’s dark.
a) read
b) are reading
c) have read
ЗверховскаяWe … to Dubai on Friday.
a) fly
b) are flying
c) flew
КомаровскаяBrian is a trouble maker. He ... people.
a) constantly bothers
b) is constantly bothering
c) constantly bothered
Истомина 30 I can’t stand her. She … her things about the room.
a) is constantly throwing
b) constantly throws
c) constantly threw
Зверховская31 Yana is so absent-minded. She … things.
a) constantly loses
b) is constantly losing
c) constantly lost
Зверховская32 He … people. It is so annoying!
a) always interrupts
b) is always interrupting
c) always interrupted
Зверховская 33 He … about his health.
a) always complains
b) always complained
c) is always complaining
Зверховская34 She … from me and she never remembers to pay me back.
a) always borrows
b) is always borrowing
c) always borrowed
Зверховская35 These workmen are never satisfied, they … .
a) always complain
b) are always complaining
c) always complained
English Grammar Practice Tenses 36 You … cigarettes, Paul. How many do you smoke a day?
a) are always buying
b) always buy
c) always bought
English Grammar Practice Tenses

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