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BUSINESS DEVELOPEMENT ASSISTANT You will be in charge of developing the marketing strategy and the company’s communication plans managing community management, by creating and participating to events, conducting campaigns, creating partnerships and parti cipating to the client prospects and development. JOB RESPONSIBILITIE S  Working in collaboration with the local institutes, universities, language schools  Presentation of our foreign partners’ offers (language schools, board schools, colleges, universities)  Dealing with clients  Suggest, advice, and carry out client’s registration  Administrative work related to your activities  International professional & education Programs (Work & Travel, Work & Study, Language Schools, High Schools, University abroad) aware ness  Participating to the company’s community management SKILLS REQUIRED  Business educated  At least one successful/practical experience in sales/marketing  Negotiation skills and ide ally international experience  Dyn amic, proactive and motivated  Innovative & Ambitious  Hard worker & Independent  Dynam ic, motivated and independent  Open - minded and curious 3 Bolshaya Morskaya Street Business Centre "Lidval", office №529 Saint - Petersburg, Russia +7 812 926 10 16 [email protected] - www.ambassadors -

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