8732 Fruitridge Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95826
Fax:(916) 244-2678
Date: 2/16/2015
Dear Sir or Madam:
RVS LINE LLC provides an excellent job and training opportunity for all J-1 applicants.
A J-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States to exchange visitors participating in programs that promote cultural exchange, especially to obtain business training within the U.S. The J-1 Visa provides countless opportunities for international candidates looking to travel and gain experience in the United States. The multifaceted programs enable foreign nationals to come to the U.S. to study, demonstrate special skills or receive on the job training for periods ranging from a few weeks to several years.
J-1 students are eligible to apply for social security number and have a part-time, full-time job while studying in the US.
RVS LINE LLC offers:
Sponsored training and subsequent hiring in transportation business.
Positions available:
Office Cleaner
Accounting Assistant
Commercial Driver

Besides RVS LINE LLC offers all necessary opportunities for international students during the whole period of studying and residence in the US, such as accommodation, sponsorship for training, as well as hiring for the named positions. While being in the US all students will be guaranteed a job with our company and will be able to support themselves.
RVS Line LLC is involved in multiple business since May, 2008. We specialize in the following types of industry:
Freight delivery
Vehicle registration
Parking Service
Auto Repair Service
Driver Training
As a trucking company we are in permanent need of qualified employees too. Trucking industry as it is proven by the statistics has a deficit of professionals approximately 4% throughout the US. Trucking wages are the most stable in the US and vary from $4,000 to $6,000 a month. To meet our desperate demand for employees we are looking for specialists in variety of occupations related to transportation in the US as well as outside the country.Take your chance to get your job with RVS LINE LLC!
Call us at (888) 860-9959!
Very truly yours,
Roman Solovyev

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