Way_Ahead_TB_Sample_Unit_1_Level 6

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Page 4Page 3 Teaching aids1 Verbs ( 1 Write the past participles É) had, written, seen, been, received, eaten ( 2 Page 5Page 4 Teaching aid1 Writing ( 1 Make questions as in the example.) Page 6Page 5 Page 7Page 6 Divide the class into two teams, A and B . Make three columns on the board (1, 2 and 3) and write be , was and been beneath. Then write received under was in column 2. Team A now has to Þll in one of the other columns ( receive or received ) and Team B the remaining column. Write another verb form (e.g. have in column 1) and continue. Score 1 point for each correct answer. Pronunciation ( 1 Listen and speak.) ed ending makes (d/, t/, I d/). Then play Tape 3. Tape 3 Presenter: Listen! climbed É climbed ( 2 Listen and Þnd.) , children say Egypt ; USA / Bill Codes RFP tape reading it to help them predict what it is about. If you wish to 1 Give children a moment or two to read the title, look at the pictures and read the labels. (In this text the title and the 2 Ask what they expect to read about in the text. Write their 3 Tell them to look at the text quickly for a moment, but not 4 Ask if they have noticed any words that give them more Tell me about the pigeon post/ hieroglyphs/ smoke signals information about the subject.

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