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Mevlana Bulvarı 145 06520 Balgat Çankaya ANKARA TÜRKİYE 850 455 982 .turkiyeburslari.o [email protected] Of fer of Scholarship Dear BEXULTAN BAGYTZHAN Reference : 2005196403 Fathe r’s Name : BAGITZHAN Date of Birth : 20.04.1996 Following your application Türkiye Scholarships and evaluations Selection Committee, are delighted confirm this formal of fer a study place with Türkiye Scholarships which has been granted for you follows: Level of Study : Undergraduate City :K ayseri University : Erciyes Üniversitesi Faculty : Mühendislik Fakültesi Department : Civil Engineering Language Instruction : Turkish We would like take this opportunity congratulate you, wishing all the very best your studies Türkiye. It our belief that a challenging academic environment and exciting experience Türkiye, the crossroad ancient civilizations, could well a turning point your life. a Türkiye Scholarships holde r, you will studying without any fee the programme you have chosen the most attractive universities Türkiye. Added this, the scholarship will cover monthly stipend (approx. 250 USD ), year free T urkish preparatory course, free accommodation, health insurance, and travel expenses for your first arrival Türkiye and when returning your home country after raduation. Here would like inform you several conditions about Türkiye Scholarships. This scholarship of fer only valid for the level stud y, university and department stated above. Even you have been admitted self funded, you cannot register study any other department and/or university with Türkiye Scholarships. In addition, you have commence your studies with Türkiye Scholarships 2013. Y cannot defer this of fer scholarship next yea r. In order confirm the take this scholarship of r, the first instance you must sign the Scholarship Agreement issued your name Mevlana Bulvarı 145 06520 Balgat Çankaya ANKARA TÜRKİYE 850 455 982 .turkiyeburslari.o [email protected] Kabul Mektubu Sayın BEXULTAN BAGYTZHAN Referans Numarası : 2005196403 Baba A : BAGITZHAN Doğum T arihi : 20.04.1996 Türkiye Burslarına yaptığınız başvuru değerlendirmeler

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