To offer

To offer/ to suggest
глагол значение примеры
To offer Предлагать взять, давать, вручать
2.Предлагать (свои услуги), вызываться что-то сделать (самому) The shop assistant offered Martin a jersey.
My friend offered to help me with my grammar.
My friend offered me her help.
To suggest Предлагать, вносить идею ( чтобы сделать вместе или чтобы кто-либо другой сделал) I suggest a visit to the shops.
I suggested going home.
The man suggested that people should give something to help the poor.
Mrs. Priestley ______________that her husband should buy a new suit.
Martin _______ the cashier three ten-pound notes.
“I _______ visiting the Kremlin this afternoon”, Kate said to her aunt
“We are tired. That is why George ______ that we should spend a few days on the river.”
It was very nice of our neighbor ______ to look after the children while we were out.
Boris ______ that we should see the New Year in at his place and we agreed gladly.
Я предлагаю пойти в театр
Продавщица предложила мне примерить сапоги
Друг предложил помочь мне с переводом
Предлагаю ехать поездом
Хозяйка предложила нам салат
Кто предложил почистить ботинки зубной щеткой?

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