UNIT 2 — Reply to Enquiry, Incoterms, Offer

Replies to Enquiries
Read the information about the structure of a reply to an enquiry. Translate the text into Russian.
1 A reply1 to an enquiry from a regular customer2 is normally fairly brief3, and does not need to be more than polite4 and direct5. Provided the supplier6 is in a position to meet his correspondent's requirements7, his reply will generally: 1ответ
7отвечать требованиям
2 (a) Thank the writer of the letter of enquiry for the letter in question. 3 (b) Supply8 all the information requested9, and refer both to10 enclosures and to samples, catalogues and other items being sent by separate post. 8предоставить
10сделать ссылку на4 (c) Provide11 additional information, not specifically requested by the customer, so long as it is relevant. 11предоставить
5 (d) Conclude12 with one or two lines encouraging13 the customer to place orders14 and assuring15 him of good service. 12сделать заключение
14разместит заказ
Study these clichés. Suggest the Russian equivalents for them.
Opening lines
Many thanks for your enquiry of 3 April...
We are pleased to have your enquiry about...
We thank you for your letter of 6 January, in which you enquire about...
In reply to your telex of today ...
Replying to your enquiry of 2 June ...
... we are pleased to inform you that...
... we have pleasure in confirming that we can ...
... we can offer you immediately...
We thank you for your enquiry, and are pleased to inform you that our Brazilian agents hold stocks of all our products.
In reply to your enquiry of 8 August we are enclosing ...
...the brochures you requested.
... full particulars of our export models.
...our revised price-list.
We thank you for your letter of 4 July and have sent you today, by separate post,...... samples of all our wax polishes.
... patterns of our new silk fabrics.
... specimens of our latest ball-point pens.
...a full range of samples.
Concluding sentences
We look forward to receiving a trial order from you soon.
We shall be pleased to send you any further information you need.
Any orders you place with us will have our prompt attention.
Please let us know if you need any further details.
Read the following letters. Mind their structure and the clichés. Translate them into Russian.
Letter 1:
Dear Sirs
We thank you for your enquiry of 12 October, and appreciate your interest in our products.
Details of our export prices and terms of payment are enclosed, and we have arranged for a copy of our catalogue to be sent to you today.
Our representative for Europe, Mr J. Needham, will be in Paris from the 24th to the 30th of this month, and we have asked him to make an appointment to visit you during this period. He will have with him a full range of samples of our hand-made lines, and is authorised to discuss the terms of an order with you or to negotiate a contract.
We think our articles will be just what you want for the fashionable trade, and look forward to the opportunity of doing business with you.
Yours faithfully
S. Granville
Export Sales Manager
Letter 2:
Dear Sirs
We thank you for your letter of 25 June, and are glad to inform you that all the items listed in your enquiry are in stock. We are enclosing a pro-forma invoice for the aluminum fittings you are interested in: if you wish to place a firm order, will you please arrange for settlement of the invoice by draft through your bank, and advise us at the same time.
We can guarantee delivery in Melbourne within 3 weeks of receiving your instructions. If you require the items urgently, we will arrange for them to be sent by air, but this will, of course, entail higher freight charges.
We are enclosing details of our terms of payment, and would be happy to discuss discounts with you if you would kindly let us know how large your orders are likely to be.
We are also enclosing a copy of the report, which appeared in the March issue of The Metal Worker, on our ALUMOY fittings.
We are looking forward to hearing from you, and assure you that your orders will receive our immediate attention.
Yours faithfully
Letter 3:
Dear Sirs
In your letter of 1 May you ask us to send you samples of our rubberised floor coverings for use on rough surfaces. We appreciate your interest, and have today despatched a range of qualities which we have selected specially to meet your needs.
All of these materials are robust and hard-wearing, and we particularly recommend no. 7 – COMPO – which is a synthetic substance developed by our research department to withstand the wear and tear of rough and uneven floors.
Please give the samples any test you wish: we are confident that they will stand up to the roughest handling.
Our price-list is enclosed with this letter, together with our trade terms, as we think you will need these when you have completed your tests. It will be a pleasure to quote you terms for contract supplies, and our technical representatives are at your service at all times.
Yours faithfully
Letter 4:
Dear Sirs
Many thanks for your letter of 15 July, in which you ask us for an extra discount of 2½% over and above the usual trade discounts in connection with your order for 30.000 envelopes no. 2M.
While we appreciate your order, we feel we must point out that our prices have already been cut to the minimum possible, and that envelopes are unobtainable elsewhere at these rates.
However, we would be willing to allow you a special 2½% discount if you could see your way to increasing your order to 50,000.
We await your reply.
Yours faithfully
Read the letters again. What phrases do the suppliers use to thank the prospective customer and to encourage him to place an order?
An enquiry has come to your company, a firm of watchmakers, from a British retailer. Write a reply to send with your price-list. Quote your terms, and add any information you consider might induce your correspondent to place orders with you.
trial order – пробный заказ
pro-forma invoice – счет-проформа, предварительный счет
firm order – твердый заказ
settlement – уплата, оплата (счета)
invoice – счет-фактура
draft – переводной вексель, тратта
advise – уведомить
delivery – доставка
freight charges – стоимость транспортировки груза
terms of payment – условия платежа
discounts – скидки
despatch, dispatch (-ed) – отправлять, посылать
trade terms – условия продажи
IncotermsRead the information about the Incoterms. Translate the text into Russian.
The Incoterms rules or International Commercial terms are a series of pre-defined1 commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce2 (ICC) widely used in international commercial transactions3. A series of three-letter trade terms related to4 common sales practices, the Incoterms rules are intended primarily to clearly communicate5 the tasks, costs and risks associated with the transportation and delivery of goods. The Incoterms rules are accepted6 by governments, legal authorities7 and practitioners8 worldwide for the interpretation of most commonly used terms in international trade. They are intended to reduce9 or remove10 altogether uncertainties11 arising from different interpretation of the rules in different countries. First published in 1936, the Incoterms rules have been periodically updated12, with the eighth version – Incoterms 2010 – having been published on January 1, 2011. “Incoterms” is a registered trademark of the ICC.
To see the list of Incoterms 2010 go to the Supplement13. 1определенный
2Международная торговая палата
3торговые сделки, коммерческие операции
5передавать, сообщать
7правовой документ
8практикующий специалист
Read the information below. In what way does an unsolicited order differ from a solicited one?
In many types of business it is the practice of the seller to offer goods to his regular customers and to others who may be interested, without waiting for an enquiry. Similarly, suppliers regularly make special offers of goods when prices are particularly favourable. In these cases the customer’s interest has to be aroused.
Study these clichés. Suggest the Russian for them.
Opening lines
We have pleasure in ...
... quoting as follows for...
...submitting the following quotation ...
... offering you the following goods ...
.... enclosing our estimate for the supply of...
.... sending you our latest catalogue ...
You will be interested (in) (to hear that)...
You will find enclosed with this letter a sample of...
We are pleased to inform you ...
As a result of the favourable supply situation we are able to offer you firm, for immediate delivery ...
Prices and terms
Our prices are quoted ...
... f.o.b. Liverpool/f.a.s. Liverpool.
... c.i.f. Hamburg/c.i.f. London.
Our prices include packing and carriage.
Freight and packing cases are included in the price.
Price includes delivery to nearest railhead.
Our (quotations) (prices) are subject to 2½% discount for cash.
The prices quoted are net.
For quantities of 1 gross and over, we can offer a discount of 12½% on list prices.
We can quote you (£2.50 per litre) (£1.15 per dozen) (£1.65 per metre) (£ 1.75 per sq. metre) (£3.50 per 5 litre drum).
Prices for the quality you mention range from 75p to £5.
Prices have (risen) (fallen) (remained steady).
Owing to the slump in commodity prices we can offer you these goods...
... at below market price.
... at less than cost.
... at the very special price of...
... on very favourable terms.
... at cost price.
Our terms are (net cash) (spot cash) (cash within 7 days) (cash on delivery) (cash with order).
Our terms are payment on invoice.
Our terms are (monthly) (quarterly) settlement.
Our terms are 331/3% discount to approved accounts, with 2½% for settlement within 15 days of date of invoice.
Our terms and conditions of sale as printed on our invoices must be strictly observed.
Our terms of payment are settlement by last day of month of receipt of our statement.
Payment by (banker's draft) (irrevocable letter of credit) (bill of exchange) is requested.
Payment for an initial order would be required on pro-forma invoice.
We should require payment by banker's draft on acceptance of your order.
Conditions and qualifications
This offer is (firm for 3 days) (subject to contract).
This offer must be withdrawn if not accepted within 7 days.
This is a special offer and is not subject to our usual discounts.
Please let us have your order by 31 January, as this price concession will not apply after that date.
This is a special offer and cannot be repeated.
Supply and demand
In view of the heavy demand for this line, we advise you to order at once.
This article is in great demand.
Owing to the increased demand for this type of car, our stocks have run very low.
There is no demand here for such goods.
Tropical fruit is in good supply just now.
We shall be unable to obtain further supplies.
We should be pleased to supply you on a consignment basis.
As we have a good supply of these machines we can effect shipment within 5 days.
The model you ask for is out of production, but we can supply ... instead.
We can offer you a wide (range) (choice) (selection) of sizes and types from stock.
These goods are available immediately from stock.
We advise you to stock up while supplies are available.
We cannot promise delivery before 1st January unless your order reaches us within 7 days.
These shirts can now be had in assorted colours and sizes.
Our comprehensive stocks enable us to execute all orders promptly and to our customers' specifications.
Asking for instructions
Will you kindly let us have an early decision.Please send us your instructions by (cable) (telex).
Please (wire) (cable) (telephone) your order.
Kindly confirm your order at the price quoted.
We await your instructions by return.
If you accept our quotation, please advise us by telex.
Your reply by return would be appreciated.
Please let us know your wishes by (Friday next) (Friday without fail).
Please quote Catalogue no. and colour required when you order.
If you let us have your instructions by midday Thursday at the latest we could ship your order by S.S. Orion, which sails on 23 August.
Kindly use the enclosed order form when you make out your order as this will facilitate prompt and accurate execution.
If our proposal is acceptable to you, please confirm by return.
Concluding sentences
Our whole experience is at your service. We hope you will make use of it.
We think we have covered every point of your enquiry. If not, please do not hesitate to write to us again. It will be a pleasure to give you an immediate reply.
We should appreciate the opportunity of showing you how efficiently we can serve you.
The enclosed catalogue will give you all the essential facts about our lines, but it cannot answer all your personal questions. It will be a pleasure for us to do that if you will write to us.
You may rely on us to give your requirements immediate attention.
We are sure that these goods will meet your requirements, and we look forward to your first order.
We will hold a quantity in reserve for you, as we feel sure you would not wish to miss such an opportunity.
We look forward to the pleasure of serving you.
An early reply would help us to help you.
If you think our offer meets your requirements, please let us have your order at an early date, as supplies are limited.
As we execute all orders in strict rotation, we strongly advise you to order early.
Our services are at your disposal.
Read the following letters. Mind their structure and the clichés. Translate them into Russian
Letter 1:
Dear Sirs
You will be interested to hear that we have been able to obtain a further supply of Brazilian coffee of the same quality as that we supplied you with last year. The total consignment is only 10,000 kg., and we are pleased to offer it to you at 60p per kg. With the increases in freight charges which become effective next month, the next consignment will be rather dearer, so we recommend you to take advantage of this offer, which is firm for five days only, and to telex your order without delay.
Yours faithfully
Letter 2:
Dear Sirs
Messrs. Hankinson and Co. of Towgate St., with whom we have been doing
business for a number of years, have informed us that you will probably be
replenishing your stocks of French white wines in the near future.
You will already know that we had an exceptionally good season in 1973, and
that the fine quality of our white vintages of that year is renowned both in your
country and in ours.
We are now shipping these wines, and would be very glad to welcome you as
customers. Our full export price-list is enclosed, but we would like to draw
your attention particularly to our
White Bordeaux @ £60.00 per gross bottles, and
Saulerne @ £70.00 ” ” ”

These wines have always sold very well in Britain, and the prices quoted above
for bulk purchase will enable you to sell at highly competitive prices, while
obtaining a good margin of profit.
We will be pleased to supply you with a first order against settlement within 30
days of date of invoice, and with 2½% discount. Immediate shipment from
Bordeaux is guaranteed.
We advise you to place your order promptly, since we expect considerable
response from other foreign customers to this special offer.
Yours faithfully
Letter 3:
Dear Sir or Madam
On 1 June this year we are moving to larger and more modern premises at nos. 50-55 Oxford Street. Our business has grown so considerably in recent years that we can no longer provide our customers with the service we are used to giving them in our present building.
In view of this move we are selling off our entire stock at greatly reduced prices to save us the trouble and expense of packing and removal. Come and visit us any day next week. The sale will last for 7days only – less if stocks are cleared sooner. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to obtain real bargains: reductions range from 15% to 30%, while certain surplus lines will be going at up to 50% off list prices.
Don't miss this chance! Our doors open at 9 a.m. on Monday 20 May.
Yours faithfully
Letter 4:
Dear Mr Morton
You wish to modernise your store-rooms with the most up-to-date shelving system yet devised: that is clear because you asked for our catalogue, which was sent to you earlier this month.
The next step lies, of course, with you. You could have a demonstration of the fitting of the LOCKSHELF system in your own store-room, or see the combined units here in our showrooms.
You could test for yourself the wonderful adaptability of our system to all storage problems, by sending us a trial order for one 5 metre section, which comprises three units. Or if you have any special problems, you are welcome to our advice without any obligation.
You may be sure that whichever of our services you decide to use, you will receive our immediate attention.
Yours sincerely
Fill in the missing words:
Thank you …your … … I6 November, … which you enquire … toys imported … Hong Kong. We are … to hear that there is a … for goods … this type … Northern Ireland.
We are … our price list and terms of …, and our catalogue has already been …. …. separate post.
As you will notice, our prices are extremely…, and since we hold large … of all models … all times, we can promise delivery … a week … receipt … orders.
We hope to … from you soon, and … forward … … business … you.
Your company is a textile importer. Write a circular letter offering your wholesale customers your old season's stock at reduced prices, and explaining why you are able to do so.
favourable – благоприятный
quote – устанавливать цену
packing – упаковка
carriage – перевозка груза
freight – перевозка груза, фрахт
at cost price – по себестоимости, по цене производстаnet cash – платеж наличными без скидки
spot cash – немедленный платеж наличными
payment on invoice – оплата при получении счета
approved accounts – одобренные счета
banker's draft – переводной вексель, тратта
statement – выписка из банковского счёта
letter of credit – аккредитив
irrevocable – безотзывный
bill of exchange – переводной вексель, тратта
concession – уступка
consignment – груз, партия товара
effect – осуществлять
shipment – отправка, отсылка
from stock – из запасов
confirm – подтверждать
execution – выполнение
by return – в ответном письме
meet requirements – соответствовать требованиям
become effective – вступить в силу
replenish – пополнять запасы
bulk purchase – массовая закупка
surplus lines – избыточный ассортимент
SUPPLEMENT1: Incoterms 2010 – Meaning
Any Modes of Transport
(любые виды транспорта)
EXW Ex Works (named place)
Франко завод (...название места)
FCA Free Carrier (named place) Франко перевозчик
(...название места)
CPT Carriage Paid To (named place of destination) Фрахт/перевозка оплачены до (...название места назначения)
CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid Тo (... named place of destination)
Фрахт/перевозка и страхование оплачены до (...название места назначения)
DAT Delivered At Terminal (... named terminal of destination) Поставка на терминале (... назва-ние терминала)
DAP Delivered At Place (... named place of destination) Поставка в пункте
(... название пункта)
DDP Delivered Duty Paid (... named place of destination) Поставка с оплатой пошлины (... название места назначения)
Rules for Sea and Inland Waterway Transport
(морской и внутренний водный транспорт)
FAS Free Alongside Ship
(... named port of shipment) Франко вдоль борта судна (... название порта отгрузки)
FOB Free On Board
(... named port of shipment) Франко борт
(... название порта отгрузки)
CFR Cost and Freight
(... named port of destination) Стоимость и фрахт
(... название порта назначения)
CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight (... named port of destination)
Стоимость, страхование и фрахт (...название порта назначения)
Previous terms from Incoterms 2000
that were eliminated from Incoterms 2010
(Исключен из Инкотермс 2010)
Any Modes of Transport
DAF Delivered At Frontier (... named place) Поставка до границы (... название места поставки)
DES Delivered Ex Ship (... named port of destination) Поставка с судна (... название порта назначения)
DEQ Delivered Ex Quay (... named port of destination) Поставка с пристани (... название порта назначения)
DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid (... named place of destination) Поставка без оплаты пошлины (... название места назначения)
SUPPLEMENT 2: Incoterms 2010 – Duties of Seller

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