Light Years Ahead

Light Years Ahead
This article is about the problem with the electricity in Uganda, and about the one of the possible solutions of this problem-solar energy. From this text we found out an information about people: one of them is Fred Kajubi-the electrician, who has created a company in Uganda, that company sell the cheap solar panels; another one is Graham Knight, a former inventor, who produce the cheap solar panels in England, and then deliver them to such people as Mr. Kajubi.
But, most of the people in Uganda can’t buy these panels in the reason of their poverty. However, solar energy is cheaper than other sources, Uganda’s government do not hurry to subsidy this ambitious project. Even more, they prefer to invest money in very expensive projects, as the dam on the river Nile. But such kind of power plant can’t solve the problem with electricity in the small poor villages.
But now Mr. Kajubi’s project has the support of the World Bank. And also Mr. Kajubi try to to make his idea more attractive, and more effective. Also, he makes trips through Uganda to advertise his panels.

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