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info review 80 pages. High quality print. Modelling Full Ahead is a new series of short books about naval modelling. The aim is to concentrate on a specific ship in depth. From pictures showing all the angles of the ship, to the model kits you can use and, of course, a detailed step by step on how to transform your modelship in an outstanding artwork. For this first issue Fran Romero, wellknown naval modelling master, with the collabora tion of the italian modeller Luciano Rizzato, will guide us through the difficult but ex citing way of modelling a Knox / Baleares Class frigate. Follow Fran and Luciano in their journey around the Knox/Baleares Class, from standard kits to 4 outstanding models, with different levels of weathering, and learn in an easy and practical way their master modelling techniques. A book from modellers for modellers, a ‘must’ have to im prove your naval modelling skills. SAMPLE 2 info review SAMPLE 4

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