CHI W&T Self Place Job Offer 2011 FIllable

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Company Name Company Address (mailing) Work Site Address Worker's Comp Policy Dates Supervisor / Manager CULTURAL HOMESTAY INTERNATIONAL ——————— Tel.: (800) 432-4643 Nearest Bus Station Is transportation for the Airport/Bus Station to employer provided? Each student participant employee will be guaranteed the hours of work already listed on this contract per week, beginnin Participants must be paid at least every two weeks. No deductions from paychecks for transportation, housing, or other fees are allowed without the participant’s express, writte Upon commencement of employment, Employer will provide each participant and CHI with its written policy in regard Participants must be paid at least the same amount paid to American employees in the same job category. Location of work: Employer will use its best efforts to have participants work at only one location and may not mov Should any aspect of the job offer change, you should inform CHI immedately. As the employer, you are obligated to provide the participant(s Regulations governing the Summer Work & Travel program require that sponsors shall advise program participants regarding Federa Minimum Wage requirements and shall ensure that the participants receive pay and benefits commensurate with those offered to thei I understand and fully agree to the terms of employment as outlined in this job offer document. I have reviewed all information related to this positions provided to me by the employer. I further understand that the conditions of my employment may change based on the needs of m employer and any other unavoidable circumstances. I will adhere to all CHI Work &Travel program rules regarding employment and program participation, including the Terms and Conditions/ Participant Agreement sections of my program application. Violation of any CHI o Participant's Signature Date SOCIAL SECURITY TRANSPORTATION TERMS & CONDITIONS EMPLOYER AGREEMENT PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT TO TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT Date

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