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Central ideas of our pedagogy are a holistic, project
oriented, interdisciplinary and mixed
education, learner
centered, action
oriented and eager to keep up the joy of learning. (See
w.jenaplan.at or http://www.schome.ac.uk/wiki/Jenaplan).
It is due to the learner
centered way of teaching, that we are looking for an encouraged and
pedagogically interested person to support us
respectively our pupils. We are looking for a
volunteer w
ho loves working with children (teenagers), and who is interested in helping and
supporting them with their questions and assignments. Who is eager to support pupils and
teachers in easy assignments like gardening, cooking, arts, handcraft and others. Who
will like to
tell and teach us about her or his own cultural background, and maybe even his or her language.
Another reason why we wish to have an European volunteer among us: Our school is very
openminded, our teachers come from or used to live and work
in other European countries, BUT
due to the fact that we as a school are situated in the middle of the countryside, „Europe“ is not
part of our pupils` everyday life. They don`t really have opportunities to get in touch with people
from foreign countries a
nd cultures.
That`s what we would like to change with the help integration of an evs volunteer supporting us
in our school activities. We would like our pupils to really get in touch with Europe! We would
like to open their eyes to the fact that nowadays
we don`t live in isolated countries any more
and that our real borders are those in our minds.
We believe that a European volunteer will be an enrichment for our school
and we wish to be
the same for our future volunteer.
+ OPTION 3: The evs host
project „ Sonnenhaus Leibnitz“ (at the moment in the
accreditation line within E+:JIA), situated in the town Leibnitz (11.000 inhabitants) about
30 km in the south from the capital Graz/www.graz.at is a private non
profit school and
is looking for o
volunteer from 1st of January 2016 to 30th of June 2016. Please find
here the description:
The Verein Elemente Werkstatt runs a school ("Sonnenhaus") for children aged 6
14 years, based
on principles of progressive education, esp. Montessori and no
nviolent communication. With our
school, we aim at supporting and guiding children on their way to responsible
minded, confident
and open
minded persons. Furthermore we try to deepen contacts and intensify common activities
with other educational instituti
ons and establish a centre for progessive education in the region
and across the close border to Slovenia.
Currently, there are 26 children attending our school, which started in 2010. Since autumn 2014,
our new school building in the city of Leibnitz i
s finished.
volunteers to accompany the children in their process of learning, but also in after school care.
volunteers will become acquainted with the prepared environment and the respective learning
materials, always supported by the qualified teachers.
We see volunteers and their personal, cultural and lingual background as an enrichment to our
school and th
e education of our children, so we aim at using their knowledge and personality
actively. Therefore we would welcome an active volunteer´s participation in school. This should
include sharing language skills and experiences from the volunteer´s personal ba

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