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SUMMER UNIVERSITY WARSAW 2014 SUMMER UNIVERSITY WARSAW Summer University Warsaw (SUW) is an educative course concerning economics and management organized in English by Warsaw School of Economics (SGH ) . The program is organized during summer holidays, in July, in Warsaw, Poland . SUW is a chance for you to broaden your economic knowledge as well as to meet new cultures and people from different countries COME TO WARSAW ! SUW is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in meeting people from across the globe, having a lot of fun and finding out about the dynamic role Poland and Eastern Europe have in the 21 st century . Modu le 1. • Economies of Central European Countries Module 2. • Today's Business Environment - Polish and European Outlook Module 3. • Selected innovation issues of Poland and the Central Europe region ACADEMIC PROGRAMME Innovative Europe as an opportunity for development of a contemporary company. SUMMER UNIVERSITY WARSAW SUW is an unforgettable experience : a great project that gives you: • y ou will meet new students from various countries and business and economic schools from whole Europe . • t rips to famous cities and places like Cracow, Sandomierz , Wieliczka and Oswiecim will make toy know Polish culture better . • p artying in the best clubs and pubs in Warsaw will provide you an unforgettable experience . • c ommon meals, spending free time and sharing cultures will help you in making friendships for life! • 2 weeks of academic courses combining theoretical as well as practical approach • exam • p ossibility to take part in workshops prepared in cooperation with international companies . • o pportunity to meet the most influential people from Polish politic and economic life • e xceptional intercultural experience in one of the most rapidly developing countries in Europe INFORMATION Application deadline : 31 May Price : 599 EUR Course dates : 30 June - 11 July Check out on: Come to Warsaw and experience BEST HOLIDAYS you have ever had ! 12 days !

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