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Spirit Cultural Exchange
-Jobs America Program 2013
Premium Program Job Offer
Participant Name: Valentyn Strochek
Employer Information
Sending Office:
Company Name:McDonalds - JDML Group Inc - Granite Street
Emergency Phone:
1-800-390-0978 (Spirit)
Employer Contact Name:
Rebecca Lucovich
Type of Business:
Fast Food Restaurant
For more detailed information, refer to following pages of Job Offer.
Other Potential Work Locations: Participants may change work
locations during program depending on employer needs.
Below are additional restaurant locations where the participants may work:
- 14 Kingstown Road, Wyoming, Rhode Island 02898
Starting Hourly Wage at Least
This Job Offer contains 5 pages. See the following pages for housing options, area information and full position description.
McDonalds - JDML Group Inc - Granite Street is a viable bu
Worker's Compensation Insurance Company Name:
Besnard and Associates Insurance
Employer Identification Number (EIN):
Spirit Cultural Exchange. 137 North Oak Park Avenue. Suite 304. Oak Park. Illinois 60301 USA
Tel. 708.763.8940 Fax. 708.763.8949 Web. Email. [email protected]
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Spirit Cultural Exchange
Jobs America Program 2013
Valentyn Strochek
o Employer has been vetted according to Department of State regulations.
o Participant possesses sufficient proficiency in the English la
nguage to participate in his/her program as confirmed through
English exam and/or interview.
o Participant has sufficient finances to support themselves for their stay in the United States. Participant confirmed this o
n the Participant Agreement and either has a
Financial Sponsor or a bank account with at least $1000.
o At a minimum, Spirit will maintain a monthly check-in schedule of personal contact with participants. Participants who fail
to contact Spirit at least every 30 days will
have their programs terminated in SEVIS.
o The participant has a full-time job placement (an average of at least 30 hours per week).
o No monetary payment or incentives were provided to the employer to hire the participant.
Spirit (Sponsor)
Spirit confirms as the sponsor that this Job Offer is approved and that:
Spirit Representative Signature
Printed Name:Kathleen Gault
o Employer has reviewed, approv
ed and will follow this Job Offer.
o Employer agreed to all terms described in the Employer Agreement and risks having participants removed from its employment
if terms are not followed.
o Employer has agreed to notify Spirit (1) when participant arrives at the work site to begin program; (2) regarding any conc
erns about, changes in, or deviations from the
Job Offer or participant performance; and (3) in the event of any emergency involving a summer work travel participant.
Employer Representative Signature:
These electronic signatures indicate that the employer has given
Spirit verbal or written consen
t to offer a position to the ab
ove named participant within the terms of this Job
Participant Responsibilities a
nd Acceptance of Job Offer
Decline of Job Offer
I decline the above listed job offer from Spirit Cultural Exchange and its cooperating employer. (Please choose one option bel
I will identify my own employment before arrival in the U.S.A.
I will send a copy of the Independent Job Offer to my sending a
gent at least 6 weeks before my
program start date.
I am requesting a replacement Job Offer and meet the requir
ements described on the Participation Agreement to qualify.
Participant Signature __________________________________________________________ Date ______________________
I agree to the following (please initial each point):
I understand that housing deposits may be required before or upon arrival at the employer and I accept and will abide by the ho
using terms listed on the
following pages. I have enough money available to cover these deposits, ground transportation to the employer and daily living
expenses for at least two
weeks after arrival in the USA, up to or exceeding $1000USD.
I understand that if business is slow, the employer may need to reduce my hours and that I may be laid off after arrival for un
foreseen business reasons. In
case of such layoff, Spirit will assist me to identify alternative employment. If I am fired for insufficient performance or b
ad behavior, my program may be
I understand that by accepting this job offer I am agreeing to work at the above named employer per the terms listed on the fol
lowing pages of this
document. I understand that I must contact Spirit in case I have any trouble with my employer or housing that I cannot reconci
le on my own.
I understand that I must validate my program by checking in with Spirit after arrival at my employer in the U.S.A. I understan
d that I can validate my
program by completing a SEVIS Update form online at I understand that failure to arrive to my employer
and complete a SEVIS
Update within 7 days of my arrival in the US will result in program termination.
I agree to provide flight information to my
sending office and arrival information to
my employer no later than 2 weeks prior t
o my arrival in the USA. I
agree to return to my home country no later than 30 days after the end date listed on my DS-2019 form and within the date param
Tel. 708.763.8940 Fax. 708.763.8949 Web. Email. [email protected]
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Spirit Cultural Exchange
Jobs America Program 2013
Valentyn Strochek
Cost of Housing:
Employer does not provide housing. See Spirit recommendation below.
Deposit Amount:
Varies by location
Deposit Due:
Depends on Location
Deposit Terms:
Deposit may be refunded at the end of the program period
and only if participants
leave housing in good, clean
Total Amount Due Upon Arrival:
Varies by location Includes: Varies by location
Transportation To Work:
Walk, bike, or bus
Transportation Cost To Work:
$0 - $5, depending on
accommodation. Buses are $2.00 -
$2.50 each way or $62 for a monthly
pass. Employer provides bus schedule
at orientation.
OFFER. Failure to reserve housing immedi
ately upon receipt of job offer may result
in more expensive housing costs or no
housing availability upon arrival. Housing terms are subject to
change. Contact housing provid
ers below for the most up-to-dat
rate information.
The Sand Dollar Inn Westerly
171 Post Road
Westerly, RI 02891
Motel rooms available for rent that include heat, air conditio
ning, TV, a refrigerator, a micr
owave, and a private bathroom. Co
of rent is approximately $254.25 per week ($127.13 per person if
2 people share the room). Daily rates are also available.
All rooms are non-smoking. Motel location is 0.8 miles from Post
Road work location, 2.7 miles fro
m Granite Street work locatio
Additional Employer and Area Information
Public Transportation:
Community Type:
Small/Medium Town
Penalties for early move out of housing:
Loss of already paid rent and deposit.
Co-ed Housing:
Number per room:
Varies by location
Housing distance from worksite:
Varies by location
Physical address of housing:
Varies by location
Number of International Employees:
Total Number of Employees:
Community Amenities:
Westerly is a beach community in southern Rhode Island
with access to several large cities. Westerly also has
opportunities to shop, dine, and visit the cinema.
Utilities Included:
Varies by location
Furniture Included:
Varies by location
Telephone Included:
Varies by location
Bed Linens Included:
Varies by location
Cultural Activities:
The beaches of Westerly have many activities such as; pi
g roasts, luaus, art festivals,
and concerts. The Atlantic
Beach Park features dining, rides, and various
attractions. For more information, visit:
Cooking Facilities Available:
Varies by location
Number of Bathrooms:
Varies by
Number per Apartment/House:
Varies by location
Payroll Deducted?
Transportation Cost Payroll Deducted
Spirit Cultural Exchange. 137 North Oak Park Avenue. Suite 304. Oak Park. Illinois 60301 USA
Tel. 708.763.8940 Fax. 708.763.8949 Web. Email. [email protected]
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Spirit Cultural Exchange
Jobs America Program 2013
Valentyn Strochek
Community Info Website:
Participants can apply for their Social Security
number before or after arrival at employer.
Not Applicable
Social Security Information
Nearest Social Security Office to Employer:
2 Shaws Cove, New London, Connecticut 06320
(also see
Travel Instructions to Employer
Closest Airport to Employer:
New York City, New York
Airport Code:
Arrival Instructions:
Employer does not provide pick up from airport. From city
of entry, take an Amtrak train to Westerly, Rhode Island.
See train instructions below.
Closest Bus Station to Employer:
Not Applicable
Arrival Instructions:
Not Applicable
Closest Train Station to Employer:Westerly, Rhode Island
Arrival Instructions:
Employer does not provide pick up from train station. If flying into New York City, New York, or Boston,
Massachusetts, take the Northeast Regional train to Westerly, Rhode Island (WLY). For fares and schedules, see Upon arrival to Westerly, Rhode Island,
take a taxi, bus or walk to prearranged accommodation.
To take a taxi, call 1-401-789-0400 upon arrival. The taxi
will cost approximately $7. To take the bus, call 1-877-
906-3539 Monday through Friday, from 8:30am-4:30pm, at le
ast 48 hours in advance to make your reservation.
The bus should cost approximately $2. Contact employer at
least two weeks before arrival to share travel plans.
(also see
(also see
Participant must contact Rebecca Lucovich at 1-860-535-0421 or
[email protected] to confirm arrival plans at least two
weeks before arrival.
May participants start working before their Social Security Number is issued?:
Are participants able to receive a paycheck before their Social Security Number is issued?:
2nd Job Availability:
Limited Availability
Other fast food restaurants
Willing to Pick Up?:
Suggested Arrival Time:
Not Applicable
Willing to Pick Up?:
Suggested Arrival Time:
Willing to Pick Up?:
Not Available
Train Company
Wilcox Park is a famous public park and arboretum in
Westerly. In addition to the park's numerous memorials,
monuments, and beautiful landscapes, th
e park also hosts several events thro
ughout the summer such as; concerts,
firework displays, and art festivals. For more
information, visit: www.
Volunteer opportunities can be found at the Jonnycake Cent
er of Westerly, a non-profit charitable organization
that provides food, clothing, household goods and financ
ial assistance to qualified residents of Charlestown,
Hopkinton, Richmond and Westerly, Rhode
Island. For more information, visit:
Position Description
Specific task assignments will be made after arrival and terms
are subject to change. Additional duties may be assigned. Part
icipant must be
comfortable executing any or all of the tasks listed below.
Participants will work at the drive-thru, front counter, and
grill. Employees working in the driv
e-thru and at the front counte
responsible for greeting customers, taking
orders, taking payment, assembling and pr
esenting orders, thanking the customers
and asking them to come again. Employees working at the grill
are responsible for preparing and assembling all the finished
menu items that are served to customers. General daily cleaning
tasks are required in the kitchen and service areas, as well as
outside of the restaurant. Other duties may
be assigned by supervisor as necessary.
Crew Member
Average hours per week:
Spirit Cultural Exchange. 137 North Oak Park Avenue. Suite 304. Oak Park. Illinois 60301 USA
Tel. 708.763.8940 Fax. 708.763.8949 Web. Email. [email protected]
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Spirit Cultural Exchange
Jobs America Program 2013
Valentyn Strochek
Required Qualifications:
Starting Wage:
$7.75 per hour
Overtime Rate/Terms:
1.5 x wage after 40 hours per week. Overtime hours not available.
Participants must be dependable, hardworking,
and have the ability to follow instructions and
team player are all necessary traits.
Uniform Requirements:
Uniform is provided by employer at no cost. Partic
ipants must bring black, slip-resistant, closed-toed
Work Schedule:
To be determined after arrival.
Days Off are:
Spirit Cultural Exchange. 137 North Oak Park Avenue. Suite 304. Oak Park. Illinois 60301 USA
Tel. 708.763.8940 Fax. 708.763.8949 Web. Email. [email protected]
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