Petrova Masha, SPP, 1162

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Feeling and perceptionPetrova Masha, SPP, 1162 Emergence of photoreceptors Neurone Visual feeling - the individual perception of the visual irritant arising at hit of straight lines and rays of light reflected from subjects, reaching a certain threshold intensity. The real visual object being under review, causes a complex of the feelings which integration forms perception of object.Visual feelings Acoustical feeling - individual perception of various sound signals. The acoustical feeling grows out of activation of acoustical system at achievement of intensity of a sound of threshold size. The person is capable to feel sound incentive in the range of frequencies of 20-20'000 Hz.Acoustical feelings Flavoring receptors react to four versions of irritants: sour, salty, sweet and bitter. For perception of all variety of flavoring feelings which the person receives in the course of food acceptance, tactile and temperature receptors of an oral cavity and visual signals have essential value olfactory, and also. Flavoring receptors react only to the substances dissolved in water, and insoluble substances of taste have no.Flavoring feelings Sense of smell - perception of smells. At the person and the highest animals it is carried out by means of the olfactory analyzer (receptor nervous cages of a mucous membrane of a nasal cavity, olfactory nerves and the olfactory centers of a brain). Serves animals for search and a choice of food, production tracing …Sense of smell TOUCH, perception animals and person of a touch, pressure, stretching. At the heart of touch the irritation of various receptors of the skin, some mucous membranes (on lips, language, etc.) and transformation by cells of a cerebral cortex of received information to the corresponding type of sensitivity lies. By means of touch the form of subjects, size, a consistence etc. is defined. At the people deprived of sight and hearing, touch - the main source of information on the outside world.Touch Sight (visual system).Hearing (audialny system)Taste.Smell.Skin sensitivity (tactile feelings).The internal – muscular, feeling in a stomach, warmly.Perception channels

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