to hop on a plane/bus/train – to get on a plane after suddenly deciding to do so
to shoot off – to leave somewhere quickly or suddenly
to pop to – to go somewhere quickly or suddenly
a cash dispenser/ machine/ automated teller machine - a computerized device outside a bank that supplies cash or account information when the user inserts his cash card and keys in his identification number  
daily vitamins requirements – the amount of a particular macronutrient–essential fats, proteins, carbohydrates, or micronutrients–vitamins, minerals, needed by a person dayly 
polyunsaturated fats – a non-animal oil or fatty acid rich in unsaturated chemical bonds not associated with the formation of cholesterol in the blood.
to dispense with – to not use or do smth that people usually use or do because it is not necessary
a nourishment pill – any substance that nourishes and supports the life and growth of living organisms.
a manned mission to – launching a human into orbit or to astronomical destinations, such as planetary bodies or other star systems. 
a solar/petrol-powered car – a vehicle that uses a solar energy/petrol
to predict the earthquake – to say that trembling or shaking movement of the earth's surface will happen before it happens
a vaccine against AIDS – preparation containing either killed or weakened live microorganisms or their toxins, to stimulate production of antibodies against an infectious agenta hurricane-proof home – a house that is likely to withstand a hurricane
without prudence – without a sensible and careful attitude that makes you avoid unnecessary risks
an executioner – the name given to him who puts criminals to death, according to their sentence; a hangman. 
artificial intelligence – the ability of a computer or other machine to perform those activities that are normally thought to require intelligence.
to conjure up an image – to bring an imagine/thought/idea to smb’s mind
a chatty/batty robot – friendly and talkative/crasy and insane
a cheeky/chappy robot – impudent (not sensible or wise)/open
to hang over – a person is worried or anxious about something bad
to turn smth into the reality – the state of being real
to mimic – to copy or imitate closely, especially in speech, expression, and gesture; ape.
to fool –  to deceive or trick; dupeto earn one’s keep – to be worth time/money
a bitter feud/dispute – a bitter, often prolonged quarrel or state of enmity, especially such a state of hostilities between two families or clanshype – exaggerated or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotional materialto scour smth for – to look carefully and thoroughly in something for someone or something. 
a pragmatist/a visionary – a man who supports practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching or assessing situations or of solving problems/ not practicable or realizable; utopianto be wedded to – to believe strongly in a particular idea or way of doing things
to understand the workings of – to know the way a system or a piece of equipment works
a neural network/net – a set of computers that are connected to each other which share information and operate in a way that is supposed to be similar to the human brain
to vet – to check smb’s past activities, relationships in order to make sure that a person is suitable for a particular job, especially an important one
a ticketing system – a system of selling or printing tickets for planes, trains, concerts
to pull off – to succeed in doing smth difficult, to achieve
an even number – a number that can be divided into two ≠ an odd number
a prime number – a number that can not be divided only by itself and the number one
to hazard a conjecture – to say smth that is only a suggestion or guess that might not be correct
to cause a stir – to make smb have a strong feeling or reaction
endoscopic surgery – performing an operation with the help of a very small camera with a powerful lens which is pushed into the body through a very small hole and sends pictures back
to total up one/s bill – to find the total number of payment for services by adding
to be astounded – to be very surprised or shocked
to become obsolete – to be no longer useful because smth newer and better has been invented
traffic congestion – traffic jam
an urban sprawl – the spread of city buildings and houses into an area that used to be countryside
GM food (genetically modified) – smth that has had its genetic structure changed so that it is not affected by particular diseases or harmful insects
biological weapon – weapons that involve the use of living things including bacteria to harm other living things
to wreak havoc – to cause a lot of problems or problems
an outlet – a shop, company or organization through which products are sold
an outcome – the final result of smth when none knows what it will be until it actually happens
an outing – a short trip/excursion that a group of people take for pleasure
at/from the outset – at/from the beginning of a process/event
a feeling of outrage – a feeling of great anger or shock
an outbreak – a sudden start of smth/epidemic
a strain of flu – a new type of influenza (a common illness that makes you feel very tired and weak)
to recover one’s initial outlay – to get back an amount of money that smb has spent or lost
to immerse oneself in – to become completely involved in an activity
to be resistant to – not damaged or affected by smthto do ground-breaking research – making new discoveries using new methods
ambiguous words – words that are unclear, confusing
to break the mould – to change the situation completely by doing smth that has not been done before
to blind smb with science – to confuse or trick smb by using complicated language
to move with the times – to change the way you think and behave as society changes
to be smb’s guinea pig – smb who is used in a scientific test to see how successful or safe the product is
once in a blue moon – very rarely
to turn the clock back – to return to a good situation in the past or to make smb remember it
to come down to earth – to stop behaving or living in a way that is not practical
to reinvent the wheel – to waste time trying to find a way to do smth when smb else has already discovered the best way to do it
it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do smth – smth that is easy to do or understand
to stand the test of time – to be good or strong enough to last a long time
in the long run – later in the future ≠ in the short run – in the near future
in spite of – without being affected or prevented by smthin brief – in a few words

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