Upstream Advanced Unit 7

“The sovereign invigorator of the body is exercise, and of all exercises walking is the best.”
Thomas Jefferson (US president)
“Health is a blessing that money cannot buy.”
Izaak Walton (English writer)
Unit 7 Fit For Life
Accelerated = to happen faster than usual or sooner than you expect ускоренный
Adam’s apple = the lump at the front of your neck that moves when you talk or swallow кадык
Affable = friendly and easy to talk to; pleasant приветливый
Airway = the passage in your throat that you breathe through дыхательный путь
Altimeter = an instrument in an aircraft that tells you how high you are альтиметр, высотомер
Amenities = sth that makes a place comfortable or easy to live in; facility удобства
Angling = the sport of catching fish with a fishing rod рыбалка
Archery = the sport of shooting arrows from a bow стрельба из лука
Awed = if you are awed by someone or sth, you feel great respect and liking for them, and are often slightly afraid of them трепетать, благоговеть
Baton = a short light stick that is passed from one person to another during a race эстафетная палочка
Bandage = a narrow piece of cloth that you tie around a wound or around a part of the body that has been injured повязка, бинт
Blister = a swelling on your skin containing clear liquid, caused by a burn or continuous rubbing волдырь
Bloodshot = when the parts of your eye that are normally white turn red or pink налитый кровью
Blotch = a pink or red mark on the skin, or a coloured mark on sthпятно
Bone fracture = if a bone fractures, it breaks or cracks перелом
Breastbone = a long flat bone in the front of your chest which is connected to the top seven pairs of ribs; sternum грудина
Brisk = quick and full of energy живой, оживлённый; проворный
Bulk = the size of sth or someone; a big mass or shape of sthобъем, размер
Chants = a regularly repeated tune, often with many words sung on one note, esp used for religious prayers песнь, песнопение; напев, хорал
Collarbone = one of the pair of bones that go from the bottom part of your neck to your shoulders ключица
Concussion = a small amount of damage to the brain that makes you lose consciousness or feel sick for a short time, usu caused by sth hitting your head сотрясение
Contagious = infectious заразный
Contravention = when someone does sth that is not allowed by a law or rule; violation нарушение
Cornea = the transparent protective covering on the outer surface of your eye роговая оболочка
Coverage = when a subject or event is reported on television or radio освещение
Detergent = a liquid or powder used for washing clothes, dishes etc моющее средство
Dilation = the act of becoming wider расширение
Diligent = someone who works hard and is careful and thorough примерный
Drip = a piece of equipment used in hospitals for putting liquids directly into your blood капельница
Ear lobe = the soft piece of flesh at the bottom of your ear мочка
Eardrum = a tight thin piece of skin over the inside of your ear which allows you to hear sound барабанная перепонка
Eczema = a condition in which your skin becomes dry, red, and swollen экзема
Efficacious = working in the way you intended; effective эффективный
Excruciating = extremely painful; agonizingмучительный
Fan = a flat object that you wave with your hand which makes the air cooler веер
Fatigue = very great tiredness; exhaustion усталость
Feat = achievement подвиг, достижение
Footing = the conditions or arrangements on which sth is based положение, опора, основаFungus = a simple type of plant that has no leaves or flowers and that grows on plants or other surfaces гриб
Grail = sth that people want very much, but which is very difficult or impossible to achieve грааль, цель поиска, к которой стремятся
Graze = a wound caused by rubbing that slightly breaks the surface of your skin лёгкая рана, царапина
Gum = the two areas of firm pink flesh in which your teeth are fixed десна
Harness = a set of leather bands used to control a horse or to attach it to a vehicle it is pulling; a set of bands used to hold someone in a place or to stop them from falling упряжь, стропы
Hazy = vague, not clear туманный, мутный
Hoarseness = to speak in a low rough voice хриплость
Incisor = one of the eight flat teeth at the front of your mouth резец
Inclination = tendency склонность; тенденция; предпочтение
Inflammation = swelling and pain in part of your body, which is often red and feels hot воспаление
Insomnia = if you suffer from insomnia, you are not able to sleep бессонница
Knee cap = the bone at the front of your knee коленная чашечка
Lesion = damage to someone's skin or part of their body such as their stomach or brain, caused by injury or illness повреждение
Locker = a small cupboard with a lock in a school, office etc шкафчик, кабинка
Lore = knowledge or information about a subject, that is not written down but is passed from person to person знания
Lozenge = a small flat sweet, esp one that contains medicine леденец
Merely = only, just только, просто
Miraculous = very good, completely unexpected, and often very lucky чудесный
Morsel = a very small amount of sth, esp a small piece of food; scrap очень маленькое кол-во чего-л.; отрывочек, фрагмент
Mould = a soft green, grey, or black substance that grows on food which has been kept too long плесень
Mute = someone who is mute does not speak, or refuses to speak; silent немой; безмолвный, молчаливый
Nagging = making you worry or feel pain slightly all the time ноющий
Nonpathogenic = not causing diseases не вызывающий болезни
Nostril = one of the two holes at the end of your nose, through which you breathe and smell things ноздря
Oblivion = when sth is completely forgotten or no longer important забвение
Obscure = not well known and usu not very important; difficult to understand малоизвестный; непонятный; невразумительный, неясныйOintment = a soft cream that you rub into your skin, esp as a medical treatment мазь
Pimple = a small raised red spot on your skin, esp on your face прыщ
Piste= slope склон
Property = quality, characteristicсвойство
Puck = a hard flat circular piece of rubber that you hit with the stick in the game of ice hockey шайба
Pupil = the small black round area in the middle of your eye зрачок
Rack = a frame or shelf that has bars or hooks on which you can put things полка, подставка; сетка для вещей; стеллаж
Rattle = a baby's toy that makes a noise when it is shaken погремушка
Refectory = cafeteria столовая
Respectable = someone behaves in a way that is considered socially acceptable приличный
Rib cage (Thorax) = the structure of ribs in your chest грудная клетка
Riddle = puzzle загадка
Rigorous = careful, thorough, and exact; very severe or strict строгий
Rowing = the sport or activity of making a boat move through water with oars гребля
Rugged = land that is rugged is rough and uneven пересеченная (местность)
Shin = the front part of your leg between your knee and your foot голень
Shuttlecock = a small object that you hit over the net in badminton; birdie волан
Snooker = billiardsбильярд
Softball = a game similar to baseball but played on a smaller field with a slightly larger and softer ball софтбол (разновидность бейсбола)
Spine = the row of bones down the centre of your back that supports your body позвоночник
Stopwatch = a watch used for measuring the exact time it takes to do sth, esp to finish a race секундомер
Stunned = too surprised or shocked to speak ошеломлённый, потрясённыйTarmac = black substance, thick and sticky when hot but hard when cold, used esp for making road surfaces гудрон
Tendon = a thick strong string-like part of your body that connects a muscle to a bone сухожилие
Tint = a small amount of a particular colour; shade, hue оттенок
To abseil = to go down a cliff or a rock by sliding down a rope and pushing against the rock with your feet; to rappel лазить по веревке
To acknowledge = to admit or accept sthсознавать; допускать, признаватьTo alter = to change, or to make someone or sth change изменять, переделывать
To baffle = to puzzle озадачивать
To batter = to hit someone or sth again and again колотить
To blink = to shut and open your eyes quickly моргать
To botch = to do sth badly, because you have been careless or because you do not have the skill to do it properly неумело латать, делать небрежно; портить
To bump = to hit or knock against sthударить(ся), столкнуться
To clinch = to finally agree on sth or get sth after trying very hard урегулировать, окончательно решать; вырвать победу в последнюю секунду
To debunk = to show that an idea or belief is false опровергать
To disintegrate = to break up, or make sth break up, into very small pieces распадаться
To dispel = to make sth go away, esp a belief, idea, or feeling рассеивать
To dissolve = if a solid dissolves, or if you dissolve it, it mixes with a liquid and becomes part of it растворять(ся)
To dull = to make sth become less sharp or clear притуплять
To inhale = to breathe in air, smoke, or gas вдыхать
To invigorate = to make sb feel healthier, stronger and have more energy оживлять
To jab= to push sth into or towards sth else with short quick movements толкать
To pant = to gasp задыхаться, часто и тяжело дышать
To propel = to move, drive, or push sth forward приводить в движение
To quiver = to shake slightly because you are cold, or because you feel very afraid, angry, excited etc; to tremble дрожать мелкой дрожью; трястись; колыхаться; трепетать
To shamble = to walk slowly and awkwardly, not lifting your feet much; to shuffle волочить ноги, тащиться; шаркать
To smack = to hit someone with your open hand; to slap шлепнуть
To swell = to become larger and rounder than normal опухать
To thrash = to defeat someone very easily in a game победить, одержать верх
To throb = if your heart throbs, it beats faster than usual пульсировать, биться
To trigger = to make sth happen very quickly, esp a series of events вызывать
To waive = to state officially that a right, rule etc can be ignored отказывать(ся)
To wheeze = to breathe with difficulty, making a noise in your throat and chest хрипеть, сопеть
To yearn for = to long for тосковать по….
Track & field = sports such as running and jumping; athletics легкая атлетика
Truly = reallyпо-настоящему; в полном смысле слова
Tumultuous = very loud because people are happy and excited шумный, буйный, бурный
Ulcer = a sore area on your skin or inside your body that may bleed or produce poisonous substances язва
Unpretentious = not trying to seem better, more important etc than you really are простой, без претензий
Valve = a part of a tube or pipe that opens and shuts like a door to control the flow of liquid, gas, air etc passing through it клапан
Vessel = a vein in your body сосуд
Weary = tired усталый, изнурённый, утомлённый
Willow = a type of tree with long thin branches that grows near water ива
Wrench = a strong feeling of sadness that you get when you leave a person or place that you love; a spanner тоска, боль; гаечный ключ
A rule of thumb = a rough figure or method of calculation, based on practical experience приближённый подсчёт, практический способ, метод (в отличие от научного)
Be black and blue = to be covered with bruises as a result of being hit весь в синяках
Be fit as a fiddle = very fitв прекрасной физической форме
Be given a clean bill of health = to officially state that someone is in good health or that sth is working correctly свидетельство о здоровье; карантинный сертификат
Be of sound mind and body = to be mentally and physically healthy быть в ясном уме и полном здравии
Be over the hill = no longer young, and therefore no longer attractive or good at doing things не в юном возрасте
Cost sb dearly = to make someone suffer a lot or to lose sth important дорого «заплатить» за что-то
Have butterflies in one’s stomach = to feel very nervous before doing sthволноваться
Have nerves of steel = the ability to be brave and calm in a dangerous or difficult situation железные нервы
Keep a stiff upper lip = the ability to stay calm and not show your feelings in a difficult or upsetting situation не терять мужества, сохранять присутствие духа
Kick up one’s heels = to enjoy yourself a lot at a party, event etc танцевать; веселиться
Scare the life out of sb= scare someone very muchнапугать до смерти
Phrasal Verbs
Clear away = remove очищать, удалить, устранить
Clear out = empty освобождать, расчищать
Clear up = cure (an infection/a skin problem) проходить (о болезни)
Hold back = suppress сдерживать, прятать (чувства)
Hold off = delay задерживать
Hold out =extend протягивать, вытянуть (руку)
Hold up = rob грабить; обирать
A dead end = a situation from which no more progress is possible тупик
All the same = nevertheless всё же, всё-таки, тем не менее
At one’s wits end = desperate в отчаяние
Be laced with sth= to have some of a quality обладать каким-то качеством
In the flesh = in person лично
To be riddle with = very full of sth bad or unpleasant пронизывать; содержаться в большом количестве; изобиловать
To dress a wound = to nurse a wound обработать рану
To inflict defeat = to make someone lose in a game, competition etc наносить поражение
Catch Develop Contract Suffer
√ √ a cold
√ √ a fever
√ a heart attack
√ √ meningitis
√ the flu
√ √ pneumonia
√ liver trouble
√ a stomach bug
√ √ hepatitis
√ a mental breakdown
√ √ whooping cough
√ √ measles

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