Upstream Advanced Unit 6

“Work is an essential part of being alive. Your work is your destiny.”
Kay Stepkin (U.S. Baker)
“The only place where success comes before work is a dictionary.”
Vidal Sassoon (British hair stylist)
Unit 6 A Job Well Done
Absenteeism = regular absence from work or school without a good reason прогулы
Adamant = stubborn непреклонный, категоричный, твёрдый
Adjustable = sth that is adjustable can be changed or moved slightly to make it suitable for different purposes регулируемый, приспособляемый; передвижной, переносной, транспортабельный
Albeit = althoughхотя (и)
Application = a formal request for sth such as a job, place at university, or permission to do sthпросьба; заявление; форма заявления
Appraisal = a statement or opinion judging the worth, value, etc of sthоценка
Apprentice(ship) = someone who works for an employer for a fixed period of time in order to learn a particular skill or job подмастерье (ученичество)
Aptitude = natural ability or skill, especially in learning; talent способность
Arduous = involving a lot of strength and effort трудный, тяжёлый
Asset =sth or sb that is useful because they help you succeed or deal with problems ценное, полезное качество; ценный сотрудник
Awkward = making you feel embarrassed so that you do not know what to do or say неловкий
Backhanded = a backhanded remark or compliment seems to express praise or admiration but in fact is insulting двусмысленный, неискренний, сомнительный
Backlog = debt долг, задолженность
Badge значок
Beverage = a hot or cold drink напиток
Blunder = a mistake оплошность
Boardroom = a room where the directors of a company have meetings конференц-зал
Cartel = a group of companies who agree to set the price or the amount of sth they produce at a particular level in order to limit competition and increase their own profits картель
Commitment = sth that you have promised you will do or that you have to do обязанность, долг, обязательство
Conducive to (sth) = if a situation is conducive to sth such as work, rest etc, it provides conditions that make it easy for you to work etc: благоприятный, подходящий, способствующийCore = the most important or central part of sthядро, сердцевина; основной, центральный
Credentials = someone's education, achievements, experience etc that prove they have the ability to do sthверительные грамоты
Cubicle = a small part of a room that is separated from the rest of the room кабинет
Cynic = someone who is not willing to believe that people have good, honest, or sincere reasons for doing sthциник
Deviations = a noticeable difference from what is expected or acceptable отклонение
Disastrous = very bad, or ending in failure бедственный, гибельный, катастрофический
Disheartening = making you lose hope and determination обескураживающий
Distinctive = having a special quality, character, or appearance that is different and easy to recognize отличительный, характерный; особенный, особый
Dressing = a mixture of liquids, usu oil and vinegar, that you put on salad or raw vegetables приправа, соус
Entrepreneur = someone who starts a new business or arranges business deals in order to make money, often in a way that involves financial risks бизнесмен, делец, предприниматель
Facilitator = sb who helps a group of people discuss things with each other or do sth effectively помощник
Fare = the price you pay to travel somewhere by bus, train etc; food плата за проезд; еда
Frantic = extremely worried and frightened about a situation, so that you cannot control your feelings безумный, неистовый, яростный
Fulfilling = making you feel happy and satisfied because you are doing interesting, useful, or important things приносящий удовлетворение
Glamorous = attractive, exciting, and related to wealth and success привлекательный
Gourmet = someone who knows a lot about food and wine and who enjoys good food and wine гурман
Gruelling = very difficult and tiring истощающий, трудный
Hazardous = dangerous, esp to people's health or safety опасный
Indispensable = essential неотъемлемый, важный, необходимый
Ledge = a narrow flat piece of rock that sticks out on the side of a mountain or cliff выступ, борт, край
Legitimate = acceptable or allowed by law законный, легальный, легитимный
Letterhead = the name and address that is printed at the top of a sheet of writing paper шапка на бланке
Menial = menial work is boring, needs no skill, and is not important чёрный (о работе,не требующей высокого мастерства)
Meticulous = very careful about small details, and always making sure that everything is done correctly тщательный
Mike = a microphoneмикрофон
Misconception = an idea which is wrong or untrue, but which people believe because they do not understand the subject properly; fallacy ложное представление
Morale = the level of confidence and positive feelings that people have, esp people who work together, who belong to the same team etc моральное состояние; боевой дух
Mundane = ordinary and not interesting or exciting; boring однообразный, скучный
Open-plan = an open-plan office, school etc does not have walls dividing it into separate rooms имеющий свободную, открытую планировку (без перегородок)
Outlandish = strange and unusualдиковинный
Plant = a factory or building where an industrial process happens завод
Ploy = a clever and dishonest way of tricking someone so that you can get an advantage уловка, ухищрение, хитрость
Prerequisite = sth that is necessary before sth else can happen or be done пердпосылкаProvince = one of the large areas into which some countries are divided, and which usu has its own local government область, район, территорияReadily = quickly, willingly an easily охотно, легко
Reference = a letter containing info about you that is written by someone who knows you well, and is usu intended for a new employer отзыв, рекомендация; поручительство
Remuneration = the pay you give someone for sth they have done for you вознаграждение
Rim = the outside edge of something circular обод, оправа; край
Roll-out = an occasion when a new product is made available for people to buy or use выпуск новых товаров на рынок
Second best = not quite as good as the best one второго сорта, занимающий второе место
Sporadic(ally) = happening fairly often, but not regularly единичный, отдельный, случайный; выборочно
Statutory = fixed or controlled by law; mandatory установленный, предписанный (законом)
Steelworks = a factory where steel is made сталелитейный завод
Stimulating = exciting or full of new ideas; making you feel more active побудительный, активный
Stopgap = sth or sb that you use for a short time until you can replace it with sth better временная заменаStrenuous = needing a lot of effort or strength энергичный, активный, рьяный, усердный
Template = sth that is used as a model for another thing лекало, образец, трафарет, шаблон
Tenacious = determined to do sth and unwilling to stop trying even when the situation becomes difficult цепкий
Thud = the low sound made by a heavy object hitting sth else глухой звук, стук
To abolish = to officially end a law, system etc, esp one that has existed for a long time ликвидировать, отменять, упразднять
To align = to arrange things in a line; to publicly support a political group, country, or person that you agree with выстраивать в линию; присоединяться к (какому-л. движению), поддерживать
To allocate = to use sth for a particular purpose, give sth to a particular person etc, esp after an official decision has been made распределять
To bolt = to dash броситься
To brave = to deal with a difficult, dangerous, or unpleasant situation покорять
To capitalize on sth= to use a situation or sth good that you have, in order to get an advantage for yourself извлекать выгоду из чего-л., использовать для собственной выгоды
To comply with = to do what you have to do or are asked to do подчиняться
To confide = to trust sbверить, доверять, полагаться
To debunk = to show that an idea or belief is false опровергнуть; разоблачать
To deduct = to take away an amount or part from a total; to subtract вычитать, отнимать; удерживать; сбавлять
To depose = to remove a leader or ruler from a position of power свергнуть, сместить
To deregulate = to remove government rules and controls from some types of business activity прекращать регулирование
To devise = to plan or invent a new way of doing sthразрабатывать, продумывать, изобретать
To dub = to give sth or sb a name that describes them in some way прозвать
To enlist = to persuade someone to help you to do sth; to join the army, navy etc вербовать/ добровольно поступать на военную службу; заручиться поддержкой; привлечь на свою сторону (в чём-л.)
To enrol = to officially arrange to join a school, university, or course, or to arrange for someone else to do this становиться членом (какой-л. организации), записываться; вносить в список, регистрировать
To expose = to show sth that is usually covered or hidden разоблачать, раскрывать
To groom = to prepare someone for an important job or position in society by training them over a long period готовить к определенной должности, карьере
To incur = if you incur sth unpleasant, it happens to you because of sth you have done навлекать на себя
To nurture = to cultivate воспитывать, обучать
To recite = to say a poem, piece of literature etc that you have learned, for people to listen to декламировать; читать вслух
To recount = to tell someone a story or describe a series of events рассказывать, излагать подробно, пересказывать
To rectify = to correct sth that is wrong ; to put right исправлять, поправлять
To stifle = to stop sth from happening or developing подавить, заглушить
To stomach = to endure терпеть
To unpick = to examine the different parts of a subject, deal etc, esp in order to find faults производить детальный анализ
To utilise = to use sth for a particular purpose использовать
Trade = a particular job, esp one needing special skill with your hands профессия, ремесло
Truffle = a soft creamy sweet made with chocolate трюфель
Turbulent = a turbulent situation or period of time is one in which there are a lot of sudden changes буйный; беспокойный; непокорный
Turnover = the amount of business done during a particular period товарооборот
Untapped = an untapped supply, market, or talent is available but has not yet been used неиспользованный, нетронутый
Velocity = the speed of sth that is moving in a particular direction скорость
Sb is no spring chicken = used to say that someone is no longer young кто-то уже не так молод
Beaver away at sth= to work very hard, esp at writing or calculating sthкорпеть над чем-то
Keep one’s mind on the job = быть сосредоточенным только на своей работе
Mean business = to be determined to do sthбыть серьезно настроенным
Make ends meet = to have only just enough money to buy the things you need сводить концы с концами
Get sth off the ground = to start to be successful стать успешным
Be someone’s right-hand man = the person who supports and helps you the most, esp in your job быть чьей-то правой рукой
Call the shots = to be in a position of authority so that you can give orders and make decisions командовать, распоряжаться
Have time on one’s hands = a lot of free time иметь в распоряжении много свободного времени
Keep one’s nose to the grindstone = to work very hard, without stopping to rest работать без устали
Be an inside job = done by someone who works for the company where the crime happens кража в организации, совершённая своими же сотрудниками
To make the best of a bad job = to accept a situation which is not very good, and do whatever you can to make it better исправить сложную ситуацию насколько это возможно
To be just the job = exactly what is needed for a particular purpose or situation то самое, как раз то, что требуется
To have one’s work cut out for oneself = used to say that it will be very difficult to do sth иметь трудную задачу, трудное дело
To work your fingers to the bone = to work very hardработать не покладая рук, работать день и ночь
A bad workman always blames its tools плохому танцору ноги мешают
Elbow grease = hard work and effort, esp when cleaning or polishing sthтяжелый руд
By the sweat of sb’s brow = the hard effort that someone has made in their work работать на пределе возможностей
New blood = new members of a group or organization who will bring new ideas and be full of energy свежая кровь
Phrasal Verbs
Get across = convey достучаться до, поговорить с кем-то
Get ahead = succeed/make progress преуспеть, идти вперед
Get around =overcome/avoid (a difficulty/an obstacle) преодолеть, избежать
Get sb down = depress sbогорчать кого-то
Work into = find time for вставлять, включать
Work off = eliminate устранить, избавиться от
Work out = calculate/solve (a problem) вычислять; решать
Work up = cause to be upset загнать себя в какое-то состояние
Work to rule = to protest about a situation at work by doing your job slowly, with the excuse that you must obey all the rules exactly работать медленно, не в полную силу
On picket line = a group of people who stand outside a factory and try to prevent people from going in or coming out during a strike заслон пикетчиков, кордон пикетов
The whiz = someone who is very fast, intelligent, or skilled in a particular activity знаток (чего-л.), мастер; дока, спецThe paper-shuffler человек, занимающийся исключительно перебиранием бумаг
The gossip = someone who likes talking about other people's private lives сплетник
The stirrer = someone who likes to cause trouble between people by spreading false or secret information возмутитель спокойствия
The workaholic = someone who chooses to work a lot, so that they do not have time to do anything else трудоголикThe slave driver = someone who makes people work very hard надсмотрщик
The yes-man = someone who always agrees with and obeys their employer, leader etc in order to gain some advantage подпевала, подхалимOn the verge of = about to do/happen на грани
On offer = available в наличии
On the basis of = due to на основании…
On the dole = receiving unemployment benefit получать пособие по безработице
On the level = honest честно, откровенно
On hold = waiting в процессе ожидания
On a roll = winning быть в списке лучшихOn and on = continuously продолжительное время
On and off = intermittently прерывисто
On demand = when needed по требованию
To take its toll on sth= a very bad effect that sth has on sthсказываться на…
To ram sth home = to make sure someone fully understands sth by emphasizing it and by providing a lot of examples, proof etc втолковать кому-л. какую-л. мысль
To have a bash at sth= to try to do sth, esp when you are not sure that you will succeed попробовать что-то
The odds are stacked against somebody = someone faces great difficulties обстоятельства складываются не в пользу кого-то
Sore point/spot/subject = sth that is likely to make someone upset or angry when you talk about it больное место

make/miss a deadline
desk/steady job
area/stage manager
long/irregular hours
overtime/severance pay
productivity/Christmas bonus
weekly/packed schedule
managerial/administrative post

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