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It is not true, as pop star Bonnie Tyler suggests in
her hit song “Driving Me Wild,” that everyone loves
a mystery. While fictional enigmas exert an endur-
Seattle’s “Green River Killer,” blamed for the
7/27/09 12:07:40 PM
Spotsylvania, Virginia, in 1996–97;
ingly, by the scientific miracle of DNA profiling.
That said, what constitutes an unsolved case?
Typically, the term applies to a crime in which no
The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes
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7/27/09 12:07:41 PM
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ing. The gunmen were never identi ed, and the case
remains open today, with no realistic hope of solution.
assassination victim (1869)
A Republican member of Georgia’s state senate dur-
ing the troubled years of Reconstruction (1865–77),
Joseph Adkins was elected to his seat from Warren
County. White Democrats in the region (then known
as Conservatives) reviled Adkins for his “radical”
politics—i.e., support for black civil rights and
allegiance to the Union victors in the recent War
Actor-pilot Beverly “B. H.”
ing aerial acrobatics at Venice Beach, Califor-
magazine reported that half-inch
bolts in the wings of DeLay’s aircraft had been
collapse during  ight. Gunshots of unknown
origin had also been  red at DeLay days ear-
lier, during a performance in Santa Monica.
ADKINS, Joseph
7/27/09 12:10:10 PM
seven persons aboard. Witnesses reported hear-
and watching
AIRCRAFT CRASHES: accidents or murder?
7/27/09 12:10:10 PM
The Margo Commission, an investigative panel
rejected by the governments of Mozambique
AIRCRAFT CRASHES: accidents or murder?
7/27/09 12:10:10 PM
ALAMEDA County, California
unsolved murders (1983–84)
ALLEN, Louis
7/27/09 12:10:11 PM
him with the tire iron, Hurst declared, “I didn’t run. I
trigger unconsciously.” Hurst denied Lee’s civil rights
activity, dubbing his victim “a smart nigger” who
normally avoided con ict with whites.
Guilt-ridden by his false testimony, Allen confessed
ALLEN, Louis
7/27/09 12:10:11 PM
“Toledo Clubber”
“ALPHABET Murders”
Rochester, New York (1971–73)
and murdered over a three-year period. Eleven-year-
old Carmen Colon was the  rst to die, in 1971.
Wanda Walkowicz, age 10, followed a year later,
and 10-year-old Michelle Maenza was the last. The
AMTRAK derailment
7/27/09 12:10:11 PM
Throughout the early decades of the 20th century,
waves for the past 40 years, and President William
McKinley was assassinated by a self-proclaimed anar-
the usual culprits prior to 1917, when Russia’s Bol-
cal labor unions such as the Industrial Workers of the
World (IWW) engaged in 3,600 strikes from coast to
revolution was  nally at hand.
7/27/09 12:10:11 PM
3, 1919. This time they delivered their “infernal
7/27/09 12:10:12 PM
the longshoreman’s union. Anastasia committed his
rst known murder—of a fellow longshoremen—in
tasia’s trademark, expressed to underworld cohorts
as a simple motto: “If you ain’t got no witness, you
ain’t got no case.” In the late 1920s Anastasia aligned
of the underworld hit team dubbed Murder, Inc.Ž
7/27/09 12:10:12 PM
Chicago child
castration murders
ANN Arbor, Michigan
hospital murders (1975)
Over a six-week period in July and August 1975, 27
ANTHRAX murders
7/27/09 12:10:12 PM
ANTHRAX murders
for up to $2.5 million for information leading to the arrest
and conviction of the individuals responsible for mailing
7/27/09 12:10:13 PM
cerned, no charges were  led.
Ivins, a 62-year-old microbiologist who helped G-
was about to  le criminal charges against him for the
7/27/09 12:10:13 PM
ting his murders on Wednesdays and Thursdays. At
widows and one spinster. Each of the victims lived
alone in ground- oor lodgings, and all apparently
opened their doors voluntarily, leading police to sug-
throat, their wounds in icted variously with a knife,
an ice pick, or a screwdriver. Police also noted, for
ing on television at the time of each murder. Authori-
le their quarry as “a person 25 or
maltreated by his grandmother.” Thus far, no sus-
been added to the of cial body count.
AQUASH, Anna Mae Pictou
ons charges, and was questioned concerning the
Ridge. When she declined to answer, agents allegedly
a year.”
ed to Oregon, but she was traced and
AQUASH, Anna Mae Pictou
7/27/09 12:10:13 PM
ARNE, Peter
7/27/09 12:10:14 PM
ARNOLD, Maxine, and Gooderham, Terry
On December 22, 1989, 32-year-old Maxine Arnold
and her boyfriend of the moment, Terry Gooderham,
were found shot to death in Gooderham’s black Mer-
cedes Benz, parked beside a popular lover’s lane in
Epping Forest, outside London. Police discovered
that Gooderham was an accountant who divided his
ARNOLD, Maxine, and Gooderham, Terry
7/27/09 12:10:14 PM
result. Terrorism continued in Georgia through the
art theft (2000)
The crime scene resembled a Hollywood sound stage,
lms as
(1999). Unfor-
tunately, though, the action did not unfold on a sound
nes of the
Ashmolean Museum at Britain’s Oxford University.
Unseen by security guards or bystanders, a dar-
reworks display
7/27/09 12:10:14 PM
ATHERSTON, Thomas Weldon
murder victim (1910)
A minor British actor, born in 1863, Thomas Ather-
1910. A chauffeur, one Edward Noice, was driving
17 Clifton Gardens,  eeing on foot toward the River
and reported the incident. An of cer was dispatched
ATHERSTON, Thomas Weldon
7/27/09 12:10:14 PM
Twelve-year-old Angel Lenair was the 
rst recog-
4, she was found six days later, tied to a tree with
her hands bound behind her. The  rst female victim,
lodged in the girl’s throat.
One day after Lenair’s body was recovered, Jeffrey
ATLANTA, Georgia “child murders”
7/27/09 12:10:15 PM
café manager “her man” was dangerous—a killer, in
adult victim to their list of murdered and missing
children. He was 20-year-old Larry Rogers, linked to
several younger victims solely by the fact that he had
ATLANTA, Georgia “child murders”
7/27/09 12:10:15 PM
sworn af davit. A 15-year-old witness told the court
that Williams had once paid him two dollars for the
nal victim, 28-year-old John Porter, to the
of cial list of Atlanta’s dead and missing “children.”
Defense attorneys tried to balance the scales with
testimony from a woman who admitted having “nor-
mal sex” with Williams, but the prosecution won a
crucial victory when Judge Clarence Cooper (a long-
time friend of District Attorney Lewis Slaton) permit-
ted introduction of evidence concerning 10 “pattern”
murders, though Williams was charged with none of
those crimes. The additional victims included Alfred
Evans, Eric Middlebrooks, Charles Stephens, Wil-
liam Barrett, Terry Pue, John Porter, Lubie Geter,
Joseph Bell, Patrick Baltazar, and Larry Rogers. The
“pattern,” as described in court, included 15 separate
1. All victims were black males.
2. All came from poor families.
3. All were raised in broken homes.
4. None of the victims owned a car.
ATLANTA, Georgia “child murders”
7/27/09 12:10:15 PM
mony to avoid introduction of eyewitness statements
blaming another suspect for his death.) The remain-
ing seven cases, still open, reverted to Atlanta’s nor-
mal homicide detail and remain unsolved today.
Georgia’s Supreme Court reviewed the Williams
case in 1983, with Justice Richard Bell assigned to
draft the court’s opinion. Bell, a former prosecutor,
criticized Judge Cooper for admitting prosecution
“pattern” evidence, speci cally in regard to vic-
tims Baltazar, Evans, Middlebrooks, Porter, and Ste-
phens. As Bell explained in his draft, “There was no
evidence placing Williams with those 
ve victims
before their murders, and as in all the murders
linked to Williams, there were no eyewitnesses, no
confession, no murder weapons and no established
ve deaths, while somewhat simi-
lar to each other in technique, were unlike the two
for which Williams was tried.” After a review of
ngerprint, eyewitnesses to the Jones murder, appar-
ATLANTA, Georgia “child murders”
7/27/09 12:10:16 PM
Is the Klan conspiracy plausible? We know that
and Atlanta has been the Klan’s national Mecca since
defrocked preacher William Simmons revived the
order in 1915. The KKK’s grand dragon, one Samuel
Roper, led the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in the
As far as plotting “race war” goes, the theme has
liated neo-Nazi
groups since the mid-1960s, when long hot summers
ATLANTA, Georgia “child murders”
7/27/09 12:10:16 PM
ATLANTA, Georgia
“Lover’s Lane” murders (1977)
ATLANTA, Georgia
7/27/09 12:10:16 PM
ond most populous quarter, with some 52,000 resi-
(Saint Erik’s Plaza), named in honor of King Erik IX
(1120–60), who serves as Stockholm’s patron saint
and is depicted on the city’s coat of arms.
titute’s “stroll,” where commercial liaisons were eas-
ily arranged. On May 4 of that year, a 32-year-old
AVILA, Robert, and Davis, Raymond
7/27/09 12:10:16 PM
ed as 16-year-old Robert Avila, of Los
Angeles, and 13-year-old Raymond Davis, from
and his death was attributed to strangulation. Avila
lived 12 blocks from the home of Davis’s mother, but
ack from authori-
ing at King Abdul Aziz University, during 1976–79,
AYER, Dr. Benjamin
7/27/09 12:10:17 PM
unidenti ed serial killer (1976–77)
7/27/09 12:10:17 PM
Homicide investigators were convinced of a link
between three cases now, and they did not have long
to wait for a fourth. On March 16, 1977, 11-year-old
Timothy King vanished from Birmingham, his case
igniting a general panic throughout Oakland County.
Witnesses reported seeing King with a shaggy-haired
man, chatting beside a blue Gremlin compact car, but
no one remembered the auto’s license number. Appear-
ing on local television, King’s mother pleaded for his
safe return, promising that his favorite fried-chicken
dinner would be waiting when he came home.
of King’s body in a roadside ditch near Livonia. Suf-
BACON, David
7/27/09 12:10:17 PM
7/27/09 12:10:17 PM
a woman was the killer, but he failed to enumerate
in November 1951, when David Ware was jailed in
Bristol for attempted murder. In custody, Ware told
BALDI, Stefano
BANKER, Jaylene
Rawlins, Wyoming, rodeo
BARCOMB, Jill, and Robinson, Kathleen
A native of Syracuse, New York, born in 1959, Jill
T. Barcomb moved to Los Angeles at age 18. Her
resulting in a sentence of one year’s probation. Last
initially linked Barcomb’s death to the ongoing series
year-old Hollywood victim Judith Miller, found mur-
year-old Kathleen K. Robinson, was a Hollywood
in the Wilshire district. According to police reports,
BAKER, Catherine
7/27/09 12:10:18 PM
no evidence of sexual assault was found. Robinson’s
women were murdered in Bellingham, Washington.
t, collecting some £40,000 in
BARMORE, Seymour
7/27/09 12:10:18 PM
rmed, alleged that Barmore joined the KKK him-
Barmore’s police contacts never learned the names of
those included on the roster. The only legacy of Bar-
more’s last assignment was a Klan robe and mask,
BARNES, Angela Denise
BARNES, Anthony
Maryland gay murders
“Jack the Stripper”
BATES, Cheri Jo
BATTLE Creek, Michigan
unsolved murders (1982–83)
BARNES, Angela Denise
7/27/09 12:10:18 PM
BAUERDORF, Georgette Elise
7/27/09 12:10:18 PM
BAY Area child murders
7/27/09 12:10:19 PM
1988. Two of the tests were “inconclusive,” G-men
Binder’s denial of guilt.
BAY Area child murders
7/27/09 12:10:19 PM
tigator on the Campbell case who had researched
Binder’s background the previous spring, after Binder
BAY Area child murders
7/27/09 12:10:19 PM
California, Alameda County sheriff’s of
cers consid-
year-old Jennifer Lynn, but no charges have been 
in that case thus far, and attempts to link Shaw with
BENDER family
7/27/09 12:10:19 PM
earned money for the family, and young male mem-
7/27/09 12:10:20 PM
President Ronald Reagan supported the contra war
against Nicaragua’s elected government, comparing
Bermúdez and his men to America’s founding fathers
and using the contras as surrogate soldiers in a bid to
drive supposed agents of Russia’s “evil empire” from
the Western Hemisphere. The resultant Nicaraguan
civil war claimed at least 30,000 lives (some reports
say 50,000), while graphic reports of contra atrocities
and illicit cocaine smuggling drove Congress to ban
U.S. support for the rebels in early 1988. Reagan and
successor George H. W. Bush de
ed that ban, continu-
ing covert support for the contras through the Central
Intelligence Agency. Exposure of those crimes sparked
scandal in the States and led to conviction of several
Reagan-Bush aides (all of whom were pardoned by
paign in Nicaragua, climaxed with the electoral defeat
of Sandinista leaders in February 1990. President-elect
BHUTTO, Benazir
7/27/09 12:10:20 PM
deposed in a military coup. His successor, General
Zul kar Ali
a rival politician. Zul kar was convicted and, despite
Educated at Harvard and in England, Benazir
Bhutto won election as Pakistan’s prime minister in
November 1988, taking of ce on December 2. She
won the Liberal International’s Prize for Freedom in
Ishaq Khan removed her from of ce in 1990, citing
trial. Voters reelected her as prime minister in 1993,
but stiff opposition persisted. Bhutto’s brother, Mir
Murtaza, was murdered in 1996, even as fresh cor-
Bhutto entered self-imposed exile that year, after
led charges of money-laundering and
BHUTTO, Benazir
Mourners carry the cof“ n of assassination victim Benazir Bhutto, Pakistans former prime minister, in December
7/27/09 12:10:20 PM
Scotland Yard, and Israel’s Mossad.
“BIBLE John”
7/27/09 12:10:21 PM
Eleven weeks later, on the night of October 30,
1969, sisters Helen and Jeannie Puttock dropped by
the Barrowland Ballroom. Both wound up dancing
le” of their subject. Brit-
tain guessed that Bible John was under 35 years old,
an introspective man who shied away from social
contacts, sexually dysfunctional and suffering an
ambivalent love/hate relationship with his mother.
In fact, Brittain suggested, he might be a latent
BIGGS, Frank
7/27/09 12:10:21 PM
BIOFF, Willie Morris
in” uential friends, including Arizona senator Barry
7/27/09 12:10:21 PM
down to $1 million, payable over four years, but it
7/27/09 12:10:22 PM
There are multiple lacerations to the midfore-head, in
line. There are multiple tiny abrasions, linear in shape,
on the right face and forehead. There are two small
lacerations, 14” each in length, on each side of the nose
near the bridge. There is a deep laceration on the face 3”
long which extends laterally from the right corner of the
ish purple in color. There is a deep laceration 212” long
extending laterally from the left corner of the mouth. The
surrounding tissues are bluish purple in color. There are
ve linear lacerations in the right upper lip which extend
“BLACK Dahlia” Murder
7/27/09 12:10:22 PM
rm pleural
ed thickening of the ninth rib on the
gross pathology.
“BLACK Dahlia” Murder
cate, address
7/27/09 12:10:22 PM
with a
cut-and-paste message: “Here is Dahlia’s belongings.
“BLACK Dahlia” Murder
7/27/09 12:10:22 PM
7/27/09 12:10:23 PM
BLOCKER, Lateashia
Washington, D.C., mur-
St. Louis child murders
BOHN, Martine
“Butcher of Mons”
Columbus, Ohio,
mobster and murder victim (1977)
Born in 1905, Frank Bompensiero grew up tough
and crafty, earning a reputation as a fearsome killer
named the “Italian rope trick,” but he was not above
shooting his victims, stabbing them with ice picks,
or using any other means at hand to ful ll a mur-
der contract. While operating chie y from Southern
embarrassment. Bompensiero did his best to keep a
low pro le thereafter, sticking close to his Paci
c Beach
apartment except for short hikes to neighborhood
phone booths. He avoided trouble for a while, but one
night in February 1977 Bompensiero was ambushed
outside his apartment, shot four times in the head by
an unknown gunman. The crime remains unsolved
BORDEN, Andrew and Abby
7/27/09 12:10:23 PM
learning that Dr. Bowen was unavailable, Churchill
nd another
physician. Of cers at Fall River’s police station, situ-
ated some 400 yards from the Borden home, received
word of Andrew’s murder at 11:15
Still, Dr.
y examined
BORDEN, Andrew and Abby
international attention.
7/27/09 12:10:23 PM
BORDEN, Andrew and Abby
7/27/09 12:10:24 PM
bloody dress out of the house on her various runs
New York City gay
“BOSTON strangler”
reopened serial murder case (1963–64)
Ten years before the term
entered popular
usage, Boston was terrorized by an elusive predator
7/27/09 12:10:24 PM
by DeSalvo’s full confession to the Boston Strangler
In his statement, DeSalvo added two “new” victims,
year-old Mary Mullen, was found dead at her home on
June 28, 1962, her passing attributed to simple heart
failure. DeSalvo claimed that Mullen had collapsed
upon he left her body on the couch without continuing
his usual assault. Mary Brown, age 69, was stabbed
and beaten to death at her home on March 9, 1963,
again without a showing of the famous “strangler’s
It seemed like an open-and-shut case, but numer-
ous problems remained. The strangler’s sole surviving
victim, assaulted in February 1963, could not pick
DeSalvo out of a lineup. Neither could witnesses who
glimpsed a suspect near the Graff and Sullivan murder
“BOSTON strangler”
7/27/09 12:10:24 PM
never in the paper. He could describe the wallpaper in
their rooms.” Dr. Ames Robey, Bridgewater’s supervi-
ated DeSalvo, found the confessions less persuasive.
“He was a boaster,” Dr. Robey told reporters. “I never
In any case, the DNA discovery still stopped short of
solving Boston’s most famous murder case. Prof. Starrs
believes at least one of the DNA samples recovered
from Sullivan’s body belongs to her killer, but as he
admitted in December 2001, “We cannot tell you the
$64,000 question as to whose it is.” Casey Sherman,
a nephew of victim Mary Sullivan, announced his plan
lished a book dissecting evidence in the 1964 slaying
of victim Mary Sullivan (Sherman’s aunt). Collabo-
rating with members of the DeSalvo family, Sherman
revealed discrepancies in DeSalvo’s confession to the
Sullivan slaying and secured DNA test results that
cleared DeSalvo of that crime, at least. Sherman’s series
on the case, aired by WBZ-TV in Boston, earned him
an Emmy nomination, but no new charges have been
led to date and the Boston Strangler case remains
New Bedford, Massa
7/27/09 12:10:24 PM
on March 31, 1870, a party
of 20 to 30 masked men invaded the Eutaw tavern
at and
dragging Boyd from bed,  ring two point-blank pistol
shots into his forehead. Reports of the Thursday night
murder brought several hundred armed and outraged
freedmen into Eutaw on Saturday, April 2, calling for
“BOY in the Box”
the murder of Alexander Boyd, inspired this view of the
7/27/09 12:10:25 PM
Dr. Spelman’s report contained other intriguing
An attempt to glean mitochondrial DNA from the core
“BOY in the Box”
7/27/09 12:10:25 PM
maxed a life of brutal physical and sexual abuse, with
Jonathan forced to live in a cellar and sleep in an old
refrigerator box. According to the witness, Jonathan’s
biological parents had sold him to his killer and her
husband, some two years before he died. As of press
time for this volume, none of the reported information
has been veri ed by police.
Texas tri-county
San Diego murders
BRAUN, Donna
“Occult murders”
BRAZEAU, Pauline
“Highway Killer”
BRAZELL, Rashawn
York, born in April 1985, Rashawn Brazell was a
popular college student whose murder ranks among
New York City’s most gruesome unsolved crimes.
The case began on February 14, 2005, when Brazell
missed an appointment with his personal accountant
tives reported him missing, but the police response
was sluggish, since Brazell was a legal adult and an
on February 17, city transit workers
found two suspicious bags beside subway tracks at
Brooklyn’s Nostrand Avenue station. Persistent fear of
terrorist attacks prompted a closer look, revealing that
one bag—a black plastic trash bag with a blue trash
bag inside it—contained the dismembered remains of
a young black male. The second bag—beige and black,
tained bloody drill bits and other tools. More body
parts surfaced on February 23, at New York City’s
BRAZELL, Rashawn
7/27/09 12:10:25 PM
An Italian native, born in August 1949, Bresciano
ally in 1970. He adopted the ring name “Dino Bravo”
from an early 1960s wrestler who had teamed with
partner Dominic DeNucci as “the Bravo brothers.”
Bresciano learned the grappling trade from mentor
Gino Brito, who also worked as Bresciano’s tag team
partner and billed “Bravo” as his cousin. When that
rst with Tim
“Mr. Wrestling” Woods, then with Dominic DeNucci
7/27/09 12:10:25 PM
7/27/09 12:10:26 PM
On July 22, 1989, spokesmen for the New York City
BROOKS, Virginia
7/27/09 12:10:26 PM
Erie County district attorney Edward Cosgrove told
reporters, “This is the most bizarre thing I have ever
seen in my life. Any word I reach for to describe it is
land Bull purchased along the Vermont-Quebec bor-
der. Free- ight tests were later conducted on the island
of Barbados, where giant projectiles were lobbed over
BULL, Gerald Victor
7/27/09 12:10:26 PM
cial sponsors. Before the bitter end, Bull
ees scattered. Iraqi forces invaded neighboring Kuwait
on August 2, 1990, and U.S.-led forces responded with
aerial attacks in January 1991, climaxed by a swift
land offensive the following month. Bull’s superguns
ons inspectors in the wake of the Gulf War. No sus-
7/27/09 12:10:27 PM
BURKE, Richard
7/27/09 12:10:27 PM
40 blacks
of his personal experiences with the Greene County
Klan. Judge Reavis had been present on the night he
was initiated, Sanders swore under oath, and while the
question of Reavis’s Klan membership remained open,
it seems unlikely that outsiders would be welcomed to
BURKS, Diane
7/27/09 12:10:27 PM
been chopped into numerous pieces, none more than
Two of the Butcher’s victims have thus far been iden-
ed. Martine Bohn, a 43-year-old French transsexual
“BUTCHER of Mons”
7/27/09 12:10:27 PM
7/27/09 12:10:28 PM
CABO, Ronald
New York City gay
CADIEUX, Cynthia
CAIN, Jessica
CALVI, Roberto
A native of Milan, Roberto Calvi was the chairman of
Banco Ambrosiano, a Roman Catholic bank founded
in 1896 and named for Saint Ambrose, Milan’s fourth-
7/27/09 12:10:28 PM
CAMBI, Susanna
7/27/09 12:10:28 PM
Los Angeles drive-by
Washington, Pennsylvania,
CARFANO, Anthony
gangland murder victim (1959)
Little is known about the early life of mobster
7/27/09 12:10:28 PM
7/27/09 12:10:28 PM
ble for the November 1986 murder of 26-year-old
Jack Andrews, an Oklahoma native with a criminal
“CHAIN murders”
7/27/09 12:10:29 PM
the Labbankan Valley in 1994;
Zohreh Izadi, a medical student, killed in Teh-
Mohammad-Pour, a KDP activist killed in
Abdolkarim Jalali, KDP member, slain at Kooye
Kalleh Mameh, KDP member, murdered in Sar-
Islam, convicted of apostasy, abruptly released
from prison in July 1994, kidnapped and mur-
Ahmad Ruin-Tan, a KDP member killed in
Haik Hovseppian, Dibaj, and Mikhailian,
three Christian priests killed in Karaj, August
Esfandyar and Mehran Taheri, related KDP
Ghafur Mehdizadeh, KDP member, killed at
Sarajeddin Jajuri and Behruz Taghizadeh, a
arrested for criticizing Iran’s theocracy, found
Mohamad Said Jaderi, KDP member, killed at
Hossein Barazandeh, an engineer and friend of
exiled Iranian sociologist Dr. Ali Shariati, van-
ished from his Mashad home on January 2, 1995.
Police found his corpse near the local prison and
Mohammad Abdollahi and Jakardeh, KDP
Ebrahim Rahmani, KDP member, killed in
Asghar Rostami, KDP member, killed in Vilaj
Ahmad Mir-Alai’, a writer/translator who left
kidnapped en route from his of ce to home and
Farzineh Maghsud and her nephew, stabbed a
“CHAIN murders”
7/27/09 12:10:29 PM
Said Moradi, KDP member, killed at Bukan in
Ra’fat Hoseini, Seid Mansur Naseri, and Yad-
Fatemeh Ghaem-Maghami, murdered in
Hamid Haji Zadeh and her 9-year-old son,
Firuzeh Kalantari and Manuchehr Sanei’, victims
Majid Sharif, a writer who contributed to the
beside a road in Tehran on November 18, 1998;
in Tehran on November 21, 1998. Authorities
rst blamed their deaths on “heart failure,”
Mohammad Mokhtari, a writer, left his Tehran
lator, vanished after leaving his Tehran of
ce on
Mokhtari’s corpse was dumped;
Mohamad-Taghi Zehtabi, a historian and lin-
Piruz Davani, a writer, killed in January 1999;
and his wife, murdered at home in Tehran,
Javad Emami and Sonya Ale-Yasin, a Tehran
Dr. Jamshid Partovi, the cardiologist of Ahmad
Khomeini (son of Ayatollah Khomeini, who died
Hossein Fattapour, killed outside his Tehran
Ayatollah Khomeini blamed foreign powers, claim-
to block the progress of Iran’s Islamic system.” Fun-
cally, the Iraq-based
leniency, and under slogan of rule of law, support the
Revolution. . . . The revolutionary execution of Dariush
Forouhar, Parvaneh Eskandari, Mohammad Mokhtari
mercenary writers and their counter-value supporters
and promiscuity in the country and bringing back for-
On January 4, 1999, Iran’s Ministry of Infor-
criminal activities . . . under the in
uence of under-
“CHAIN murders”
7/27/09 12:10:29 PM
ening event the priority action for the Ministry. With
under the in uence of undercover rogue agents and act
On June 3, 1999, prosecutors accused Saeed
Information, with ordering the murders. Also
Khosro Basati, and Mostafa Kazemi. Strangely, the
7/27/09 12:10:29 PM
CHASE, Valentine, and Pope, Henry
7/27/09 12:10:30 PM
Pope’s Republican successor as sheriff was chased
from the parish a short time later, before the election.
in November, while Democratic votes increased from
Joyce Chiang was the daughter of Taiwanese immi-
as student body president in her senior year, then
moved to Washington, D.C. Chiang  rst worked as
an intern for California congressman Howard Ber-
man, then became a legislative aide on Berman’s staff
7/27/09 12:10:30 PM
rampant concerning Cook’s possible guilt in the three
CHICAGO, Illinois
holdup murders (1971–72)
six black “businessmen,” Chicago’s string of brutal
cago River. Those points aside, the crimes share one
more similarity: All six remain unsolved today.
Lee Wilson was the  rst to die, in September 1971.
Employed as a laborer in a meatpacking plant, Wilson
on September
2, Wilson started for home but never arrived. His
car was recovered later that day; Wilson’s body, with
CHICAGO, Illinois
7/27/09 12:10:30 PM
any major clues or suspects in the case. Perhaps the
sudden fanfare of publicity drove Chicago’s stalker
to another hunting ground, or maybe he was taken
CHILD Abductions
7/27/09 12:10:31 PM
CIUDAD Juárez, Mexico
7/27/09 12:10:31 PM
year-old Jose Juárez Rosales, was arrested in Dallas,
Texas, for skipping bond on a drunk-driving charge.
In custody, his 
ngerprints were matched to a 1996
tims, identi ed by DNA pro les, ranged in age from
jeopardizing the prosecution’s case against suspects
Garcia and Gonzales. Mexico’s  rst lady called for
ered in Ciudad Juárez on November 21, 2002. With
body count, prospects for a de nitive solution to the
CIUDAD Juárez, Mexico
7/27/09 12:10:31 PM
of September 2005, “In at least 30 of the 189 mur-
7/27/09 12:10:31 PM
sweeping background checks that led to dismissal
of drivers with criminal records, and strict new
guidelines for screening job applicants—taxi ser-
vice in the district was improved . . . but police did
not  nd the killer.
ers used female of cers as decoys in various Cla-
remont nightclubs, distributed questionnaires to
Several suspects have been identi ed in the Clare-
7/27/09 12:10:32 PM
Who is the man on tape? Sadly, the camera only
tape makes identi cation of clothing dubious, at
7/27/09 12:10:32 PM
the lower portion of a woman’s torso buried in sand
land. The victim’s legs were severed at the knees, her
tant portrait resembled none of Cleveland’s known
ed, police adding insult to injury with their
cial” victim
A year later, on September 23, 1935, boys play-
ing in Kingsbury Run found two headless male
corpses, nude but for the stockings worn by the
younger victim. Both had been emasculated, and
their severed heads were found nearby. Patholo-
7/27/09 12:10:32 PM
On April 8, 1938, a woman’s lower left leg was
shed out of the Cuyahoga River, behind Public
halves of the bisected torso were hauled ashore,
wrapped in burlap, on May 2, but the victim’s head,
the others, she remains unidenti ed today.
The last “of cial” victims—male and female,
killed at different times—were found on August
7/27/09 12:10:32 PM
In the Wake of the Butcher
es Ness’s suspect by name, but discredits much
of Fraley’s account in the process. Subject Francis
Edward Sweeney was not a medical student, but rather
a licensed physician, with a history of psychiatric
treatments dating from December 1933 (and possibly
CLIFFORD, Rochelle
7/27/09 12:10:32 PM
COLBY, Barbara
7/27/09 12:10:33 PM
character Mary Richards (Moore) is brie y jailed. That
episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing
in a Comedy Series, and the show’s producers recalled
Colby for a second episode in 1975, then offered her
COLE, Jessica
7/27/09 12:10:33 PM
who had claimed no veri ed victims since Novem-
ber 1888. Dr. Bagster Phillips, in his autopsy report,
found that Coles had been killed by a right-handed
man who passed a knife three times across her throat
from left to right, while she lay on the ground. None
of the Ripper’s characteristic abdominal mutilations
7/27/09 12:10:33 PM
7/27/09 12:10:34 PM
serial murders (1965–66)
On May 23, 1966, an unknown gunman ambushed
7/27/09 12:10:34 PM
minutes later and taxied to a distant runway, with
interior lights dimmed on Cooper’s order to frustrate
delivered the money and parachutes, whereupon
ight engineer H. E. Anderson, and Tina Mucklow
ransom while mechanics refueled the airliner, and the
7/27/09 12:10:34 PM
a New Jersey resident who mur-
dered  ve members of his family in November
7/27/09 12:10:34 PM
chutes in 1971, examined the relic and announced on
April 1, 2008, that it “absolutely, for sure” was not
one of those given to Cooper.
COTA, Celia
San Diego murders
“Valley Killer”
Robert Edward Crane was a Connecticut native, born
July 13, 1928. He quit high school in 1946 to become
a professional drummer, then switched careers in 1950
to work as a radio disc jockey. Early jobs in Hornell,
New York, and Bridgeport, Connecticut, led Crane
COTA, Celia
7/27/09 12:10:35 PM
answered Crane’s home phone and told Richards that
Crane was out. Five hours later, Crane quarreled with
his estranged wife on the phone, then joined Carpenter
at a local bar. Crane called his date from the previous
himself.” Unconvinced, the panel acquitted Carpenter,
CRATER, Joseph Force
missing person (1930)
A native of Easton, Pennsylvania, born in 1889, Joseph
CRATER, Joseph Force
7/27/09 12:10:35 PM
cial chambers on Fifth Avenue and
Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Initially appraised at
Company. Six weeks later, it sold for $2,850,000—a
tidy pro t of $2,775,000 for American Bond on the
Such indications of corruption notwithstanding, the
7/27/09 12:10:35 PM
noting that a rash of homicides and other terrorist
crimes soon followed Crossland’s death in Tuscaloosa
County. Simeon Brunson was driven from Alabama
7/27/09 12:10:35 PM
“mad killer” at large (1904–10)
The Cincinnati suburb of Cumminsville, Ohio, is nor-
mally a peaceful place, but in the six-year period from
1904 to 1910 it earned the grisly reputation of a “mur-
der zone” where women walked in fear and dreaded
7/27/09 12:10:36 PM
DANIELS, Jonathan Myrick
civil rights martyr (1965)
from Virginia Military Institute, moving on from
there to postgraduate study at Harvard University.
7/27/09 12:10:36 PM
DANIELS, Jonathan Myrick
a prison guard, but he was in the neighborhood,
armed with his trusty shotgun, and a hasty inquest
accepted his claim of self-defense.) Since then, Cole-
man’s son had become a state trooper and personal
bodyguard for Colonel Al Lingo, commander of the
state police and a self-proclaimed “good friend” of
the KKK. Lingo was also a friend of Tom Coleman;
so was Sheriff Jim Clark from Selma, whose “spe-
cial posse” included numerous Klansmen. Ten days
before the shooting, Coleman had confronted state
attorney general Richmond Flowers at the Haynev-
ille post of
ce, warning Flowers to “get off the Ku
Klux Klan and get on these out
ts down here trying
to get these niggers registered. If you don’t get off
this Klan investigation, we’ll get you off!”
for killing.” The group’s leader asked Flowers to
remove Perdue as prosecutor, but Flowers demurred
DANIELS, Jonathan Myrick
7/27/09 12:10:37 PM
7/27/09 12:10:37 PM
Wiltshire, England,
assassination victim (1871)
Mat Deason was the sheriff of Wilkinson County,
Georgia, during that state’s violent Reconstruction
era, following the Civil War. He was a Georgia
outed the state’s most hallowed tradi-
tions of racial separation, supremacy, and Demo-
ce as a “radical”
Republican, Sheriff Deason actively pursued racist
members of the Ku Klux Klan and Constitutional
Deason’s perilous domestic arrangement actually
ve chil-
“DEATH Angels”
7/27/09 12:10:37 PM
nally arrested in that crime spree; four were con-
de Death
California police have released no further infor-
mation on this troubling case, but the Death Angel
cult name resurfaced a decade later, on the far side
of the continent. This time, the label was applied to
armed enforcers of a sect ironically called the Tem-
ple of Love or Hebrew Israelites, founded in 1978
by ex-Muslim Hulon Mitchell, Jr. (a.k.a. “Yahweh
Ben Yahweh,” literally “God, son of God.”) By
October 1986 various Hebrew Israelites had been
linked to four Miami slayings and one in Chicago,
DELEON, Gloria
7/27/09 12:10:37 PM
Allen Trelease as “part of a white coup d’état, aimed
at seizing control of the city” from Republican
mayor William Sturgis and his subordinates. Many
of those present were Alabama Klansmen, described
DETROIT, Michigan
7/27/09 12:10:38 PM
plex: She had not been raped, and her expensive
DETROIT, Michigan
7/27/09 12:10:38 PM
DIAMOND, John, Jr. (“Legs”)
Jr. and Edward—to Brooklyn. The Diamond broth-
DIAMOND, John, Jr. (“Legs”)
of Congress)
7/27/09 12:10:38 PM
Albany speakeasy.
mond slipped away from the bar, allegedly to visit
a group of friendly reporters. In truth, however, he
DIAMOND, John, Jr. (“Legs”)
7/27/09 12:10:38 PM
of her husband’s 
agrant in
delity, but her grief at
ing her husband’s remains, Alice had the presence of
To say that I have striven, even to a loss of self-
respect, to do the best thing under the circumstances,
is but to tell the whole truth. If some particular infor-
P.S.—One of the colored men I mentioned died last
night, and I have held an inquest to-day. Verdict,
Unknown! Everybody in the county knows the mur-
derer; he has left for Alabama. I learn just now that
Dickinson’s luck ran out on the night of April
3, 1871. While walking home from his Marianna
ce at 10:00
, he was ambushed and killed
within a few yards of the spot where Dr. Finlayson
was murdered two years earlier. Local Democrats
ing from an interracial love affair. Circuit Judge T.
T. Long repeated that fable when he testi
ed before
congressional investigators in November 1871,
blaming the homicide on a black fugitive named
7/27/09 12:10:39 PM
ence, had occurred in “connection with some family
son] kept.” Unfortunately, Bryant mimicked Jack-
son County’s Klan assassins by eluding capture and
DIGGS, Frank
murder victim (1870)
A former slave, employed as a mail agent on the
Selma and Meridian Railroad, Frank Diggs faced
double danger in Reconstruction-era Alabama. He
was black,  rst of all, in a time and place where
contention over slavery and civil rights placed every
African American at risk; and he was an employee of
Dixon line for its efforts (however short-lived) to
eradicate the white-supremacist “Southern Way of
Life” that had prevailed before the Civil War. Sadly
for Diggs, his normal route required him to travel
DIGGS, Frank
7/27/09 12:10:39 PM
California serial killer (1974–75)
Years before the advent of AIDS, the gay community
DOWLER, Amanda Jane
7/27/09 12:10:39 PM
to kill her and claiming credit for Amanda’s
to screen Hughes’s outgoing mail and added
 ve years to his sentence.
of Tewksbury, Gloucestershire,
who made numerous phone calls to Dowler’s
family, her school, and the police, posing as
ve-month jail sentence
Gary Farr,
a schizophrenic mental patient in
DOWNS, Janine
7/27/09 12:10:40 PM
you could scarcely discern him hollow, so they said; and
Davis subsequently surrendered and turned state’s
evidence against the night riders, telling authorities at
Oxford, Mississippi, how the Klansmen had abducted
ogged him unmercifully, and “then cut him
open from the throat to the straddle, took out all
his insides, and then threw his body into McKinley’s
Creek.” A visit to the reported crime scene proved
fruitless, and while Dupree’s body was never found,
six Klansmen were indicted for his kidnapping and
for the murder of a second freedman, Aleck Page, also
men William Butler, Dudley Hutchinson, Barbour
Quarles, John Roberts, William Walton, and Plum-
mer Willis. (Davis also identi
ed four other Klansmen
who compelled him at knifepoint to join in the raid on
ve of the defendants, and in the atmo-
culty recruiting alibi
the accused were gathered for a party at William Wal-
ton’s home on the night Dupree vanished, and that
era Mississippi.) As to Page’s murder, a black witness
cially unsolved today.
DURKIN, Jeanne
“Frankford Slasher”
DURKIN, Jeanne
7/27/09 12:10:40 PM
7/27/09 12:10:40 PM
EBOLI, Thomas
gangland murder victim (1972)
A native of New York City, born in 1911, Thomas
7/27/09 12:10:40 PM
ELLISON, Collette
7/27/09 12:10:40 PM
death in a novel about another unsolved Los Angeles
murder, the 1947 slaying of
“Black Dahlia”
EYERLY, Sherry
7/27/09 12:10:40 PM
7/27/09 12:10:41 PM
Alameda County murders
FAGER, Phillip
murder victim (1987)
Strangler,” blamed for six unsolved
ed serial killer as a suspect in the Fager
Instead, Wichita police focused their attention on
William Butterworth, a local contractor arrested in
Florida on January 2, 1988, while driving Phillip
7/27/09 12:10:41 PM
meini. Some reports link Farrokhzad’s death to the
Chain Murders
” of dissidents within Iran during
1988–99, but no solid evidence has thus far been
“Astrological Murders”
FERRIN, Darlene
FEUSI, Nancy
“Occult murders”
holding of“ ce as a member of the radicalŽ Republican
7/27/09 12:10:41 PM
On the 30th anniversary of Finn’s slaying, police
sage of time they may feel inclined to come for-
7/27/09 12:10:41 PM
Yesterday, the 4th day of October, A.D. 1869, about
4 o’clock p.m., or a little later, I was visited by Arthur
A. Calhoun and John R. Ely, at my boarding-place
in Marianna . . . and Ely informed me that James P.
Coker, William D. Barnes, and John R. Ely wished
to see me at the store of James P. Coker on particular
business. I immediately repaired there. I waited there,
in company with John R. Ely and James P. Coker, till
nearly dark, when Coker told me that as Barnes had
failed to come I need not wait longer, and asked me if
I would come up again the next morning. I again went
ence in the county assembled. . . . Thomas M. Clark
7/27/09 12:10:41 PM
line: “We, the grand jury, have examined diligently
sic] the within case, and cannot  nd it a case of
“Jack the Stripper”
FOGGI, Giovanni
FORBES, Dennis
New York City taxi
FORD, Eric
Bell, California, murders
FORT Lauderdale, Florida
unsolved murders (1981)
ed African-American woman was found on the
FORT Worth, Texas
7/27/09 12:10:42 PM
7/27/09 12:10:42 PM
ited Uganda and experienced her 
rst encounter with
wild mountain gorillas.
(AP Photo)
7/27/09 12:10:42 PM
her scienti c credentials. Three years later, after poach-
ers killed and mutilated “Digit,” one of her favorite
gorillas, she created the Digit Fund (now the Dian
servation. In 1980, Fossey accepted a post as visiting
7/27/09 12:10:43 PM
with refugees. Today, a remnant of her cabin stands
FOUNTAIN, Albert Jennings
A New York native, born on Staten Island in Octo-
Anglicized version of his mother’s surname for rea-
sons still unclear. As Albert Fountain, he studied law
attack on Fort Sumter, Fountain joined the Union
army as a junior of cer and helped defeat rebel sym-
pathizers in the Arizona Territory. Discharged as a
brood of children to El Paso, Texas, where he served
ing off former Confederate property. Fountain’s per-
then as an election judge, and  nally as assessor and
collector of revenue for western Texas.
FOUNTAIN, Albert Jennings
7/27/09 12:10:43 PM
December 1941. Oliver Lee Memorial State Park is
named in his honor.
Philadelphia serial killer (1985–90)
Philadelphia’s Frankford district is the hardscrabble
7/27/09 12:10:43 PM
Another 15 months elapsed before the slasher
struck again. Patrolman Dan Johnson was cruising
his beat in the predawn hours of April 28, 1990,
when he saw a woman’s nude, eviscerated corpse
in the alley behind a Frankford Avenue 
7/27/09 12:10:43 PM
ing trial in December, the Frankford Slasher struck
on September 8, 1990,
7/27/09 12:10:44 PM
of an arrest. Black Washington was up in arms,
demanding a solution to the case, many intent on
proving that a white racist killer was responsible,
FRENCH, Jeanne Thomas
7/27/09 12:10:44 PM
but French’s shoes had been “carefully arranged” on
FRIED, Ellen
7/27/09 12:10:44 PM
GALANTE, Carmine
gangland murder victim (1979)
sherman who immigrated to
New York, born in 1910, Carmine Galante logged
rst arrest at age 11 and may have committed
his  rst murder around the same time. As leader of
7/27/09 12:10:44 PM
both barrels into his face and chest. He died with a
GALLO, Joseph
7/27/09 12:10:44 PM
Profaci family. In 1970, after his son’s indictment on
7/27/09 12:10:45 PM
Days Inn murders
GILL, Mary
Days Inn murders
GILMORE Lane Convalescent Hospital
cials were already investigating the cases of 38
7/27/09 12:10:45 PM
to Osaka. A second of cer was waiting for their train
In 1678, Godfrey became embroiled with the
“Popish Plot” hysteria sparked by anti-Catholic
activist Titus Oates (1649–1705). The affair began
author Israel Tonge warned Charles II of a sup-
posed Roman Catholic revolutionary plot. Oates
had proof of the conspiracy, subsequently accusing
treason. Godfrey collected depositions from Tonge
accused suspects—queen’s physician Edward Cole-
man—of the charges  led against him.
GODFREY, Sir Edmund Berry
7/27/09 12:10:45 PM
GOLETA Murders
7/27/09 12:10:46 PM
Way, several blocks from the second crime scene,
using a tool obtained from a backyard shed. Inside
the home, he shot Gregory Sanchez, then bound
Cheri Domingo and bludgeoned both victims to
Manning case, neighbors heard the gunshot but
Evidence linking the crimes includes identical
footprints found in the  rst and second cases, Ger-
used to bind victims in the  rst two attacks. None of
7/27/09 12:10:46 PM
and was deported to the United States in 1985, one
ed into exile with his wife and
stolen millions.
mercial salesman for Video Professor, Gorman read
Jack Herer’s book
GOSCH, John David
7/27/09 12:10:46 PM
ed at U.S. Senate hearings on organized crime,
in Johnny’s abduction. As if to con
rm that opinion,
Noreen Gosch began receiving anonymous death
paper boy—13-year-old Eugene Wade Martin—van-
ished from his delivery route on the city’s south side.
a companion, his older stepbrother, who failed to
GOSCH, John David
7/27/09 12:10:46 PM
7/27/09 12:10:47 PM
7/27/09 12:10:47 PM
dictably denied involvement in Garza’s death,
and his DNA pro le failed to match that of
semen recovered from Garza’s body.
GREEN, Howard, and Marron, Carol
7/27/09 12:10:47 PM
sentence. While most authors blame the Four Joes
or Chicago alone, FBI informer Jimmy Fratianno
ngered Meyer Lansky for the murder, insisting that
Greenbaum’s death was “Meyer’s contract.” No
one was ever charged in the double slaying, and the
truth remains unknown today.
GREEN Bicycle Case
British subject Bella Wright was born in 1898, the
man living near Leicester, England. She quit school
ve miles from
dating Archie Ward, a stoker in the Royal Navy, and
On July 5, 1919, Wright rode her bicycle from
nearby Gaulby. She arrived with a man unknown to
GREEN Bicycle Case
power in Las Vegas until drug addiction made him
7/27/09 12:10:47 PM
from the pool of blood around her body, which led
eld. Searchers
GREEN Bicycle Case
7/27/09 12:10:48 PM
accidentally while showing her his pistol, rests on a
tendent Levi Bowley three days after Light’s acquit-
tal. That note, still unauthenticated, claims that Light
Light was tried. Why Bowley would have kept such
GRIFFIN, Richard
7/27/09 12:10:48 PM
GRIMES, Barbara and Patricia
child murders
GROSS, Christy
Rawlins, Wyoming, rodeo
serial murderer (1991–92)
GRIMES, Barbara and Patricia
7/27/09 12:10:48 PM
dozer. When the smoke cleared next morning, 158
her children. Gunness is suspected of killing up to 15 men
7/27/09 12:10:48 PM
rst, in 1896. Two years later, Axel, Belle’s 
rst son,
Mads Sorenson died at home on July 30, 1900,
ing. Belle admitted giving her husband “a powder,”
but the family’s physician did not request an autopsy.
With Mads under treatment for an enlarged heart, his
death was automatically attributed to natural causes.
The widow Sorenson collected her insurance money
7/27/09 12:10:49 PM
lessly about the case, crediting Belle with 49 murders
7/27/09 12:10:49 PM
7/27/09 12:10:49 PM
HA, Oanh
“Highway Killer”
Cumminsville murders
HAGERMAN, Amber Renee
Nine-year-old Amber Hagerman was riding her bicy-
cle in the parking lot of an Arlington, Texas, super-
7/27/09 12:10:49 PM
companion three times; the woman’s throat was also
cut from ear to ear. Her head lay on the man’s right
posed in death. The man’s pale face was covered by a
the heel of the dead man’s left shoe. Scattered around
the corpses were torn shreds of paper, a .32-caliber
cartridge, and a two-foot piece of iron pipe. A man’s
HALL, Edward, and Mills, Eleanor
7/27/09 12:10:49 PM
HALL, Edward, and Mills, Eleanor
7/27/09 12:10:50 PM
1922, and that Stevens had  red two warning shots
to scare him away (thus contradicting the Pig Woman
ed William Stevens’s print from
cation. A former state trooper, Henry Dick-
military deserter. Jane Gibson arrived in court on a
HALL, Edwin
7/27/09 12:10:50 PM
link to May’s riots or Ita’s work as a human rights
advocate. The net result, according to civil rights cam-
paigner Ester Indahyani Jusuf Lubis, was that “people
will now be afraid to tell anyone what happened dur-
ing the riots. This is terrorizing Indonesia’s ethnic
Albert Hasibuan, a leader of Indonesia’s National
judgment when he publicly blamed Ita’s murder on
press reports of mass rapes in Jakarta. Subsequently,
Lieutenant Colonel Imam Haryatna, head of Jakar-
ta’s central police precinct, reversed his department’s
original statement, announcing that robbery had
been ruled out as a motive for Ita’s slaying.
The ink was barely dry on that press release
cers arrested a neighbor of Ita’s, a young
man named Suryadi, who allegedly was found in
possession of Ita’s jewelry and some of her blood-
stained clothing. Waf ing once again, Major Gen-
eral Noegroho Djajoesman of the Indonesian army
announced that Suryadi was a drug addict who
esman’s statement 
atly contradicted those of Albert
ing any political motive for Haryono’s death.
Virtually no one appears to believe the latest gov-
ernment story. Muslim opposition leaders in Jakarta
now describe Haryono’s slaying as a sign of the
government’s fatal decadence. Abdurrahman Wahid,
cials in Jakarta showed no further inclination to
HAUSER, Kaspar
HAUSER, Kaspar
7/27/09 12:10:50 PM
mark, rare enough in those days to suggest upper-class
origins. The boy played with a coin he was given,
repeatedly saying, “Horse! Horse!” When handed pen
and paper, though, he wrote the name Kaspar Hauser
HAUSER, Kaspar
7/27/09 12:10:50 PM
from a British aristocrat—Philip Henry, Lord Stan-
hope—who apparently believed that Hauser was
the hereditary prince of Baden, born on September
hope lavished gifts on Hauser, furnished money for
ship. Despite public promises that he would move
Hauser to England, however, Stanhope soon lost
interest in his charge, and in December 1831 left
Hauser at Ansbach, 50 miles from Nuremberg, with
tutor Johann Georg Meyer. Stanhope left Germany
on January 9, 1832, and never saw Hauser again,
nancial support.
described Dr. Meyer as a strict, mean-spirited man
who seemed obsessed with Hauser’s conversion to
Meyer’s brand of straitlaced Christianity. Hauser
submitted to baptism, but never matched Meyer’s
law of ce, but his relationship with Meyer suffered
Meanwhile, rumors of Hauser’s supposed royal
Hauser. Feuerbach came to believe that Hauser was the
ing that he possessed proof of that theory. A year later,
been poisoned on orders from Baden’s royal family.
Feuerbach’s grandson later claimed that three more rel-
sins. Strangely, some sources claim that Feuerbach also
codger, a rogue, a good-for-nothing that ought to be
On December 9, 1833, Hauser had one last raging
quarrel with Johann Meyer. Five days later, Hauser
lurched home with a wound in his chest, gasping,
“Man . . . stabbed . . . knife . . . Hofgarten . . . gave
purse . . . Go look quickly.” Suspecting deception,
Meyer delayed calling a doctor. By the time one was
summoned and found that the wound had punctured
Hauser’s lung and liver, Hauser could not be saved.
HAUSER, Kaspar
7/27/09 12:10:51 PM
Munich’s Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic
son of Hauser’s supposed DNA failed to match sam-
ples obtained from members of Baden’s royal family,
In 2002, the University of Münster’s Institute
of Legal Medicine procured locks of Hauser’s hair
cantly from
von Medinger, a known descendant of Stéphanie
rming Hauser’s
royal ancestry.
HAWKINS, John Edward
A Houston, Texas, native born in November 1969,
the stage names “Big Hawk” and “H.A.W.K.” In
Patrick Hawkins
Pat”) and fellow artist Robert Earl Davis Jr. (a.k.a.
of Houston’s Martin Luther King Boulevard where
Tragedy followed, beginning with the still-unsolved
murder of “Fat Pat” in 1998 and DJ Screw’s death
late brother, but police have not identi
ed a suspect
HAWKINS, Patrick Lamont
Born in 1970, Texas rap singer Patrick “Fat Pat”
John Edward
, known in the trade as “Big Hawk.” They
may have resulted in his brother’s unsolved slaying
eight years later. Houston police spokesmen have no
public opinion on the matter.
Wreckshop Records released Fat Pat’s 
rst solo
HAWKINS, John Edward
7/27/09 12:10:51 PM
worst counties, thereby removing authority from
local of cials who were either allied with, or cowed
by, the KKK. Capt. Haynes served in Crittenden
County, under Col. E. M. Main, until martial law
was lifted by executive order, on March 21, 1869.
Shortly thereafter, pro-Klan Democrats announced
le murder charges against Haynes
and Main, relating to the deaths of several night
any earthly authority. One afternoon in July 1869 he
“HIGHWAY Killer(s)”
7/27/09 12:10:51 PM
September 26, 1979, 12-year-old Susan Duff went
7/27/09 12:10:52 PM
Second Mississippi Infantry. He missed the Battle of
Buena Vista by one day in February 1847, then joined
the long march into Mexico that saw 167 members of
his troop die from disease or guerrilla attacks, while
38 others deserted. Hindman’s brother Robert was
discharged after contracting smallpox, but Thomas,
Jr., stayed on to the end, released from service in 1848
Back in Mississippi, Hindman studied law, but his
family’s luck had soured. Brother Robert died in a
duel with opponent William Falkner, who had black-
of Temperance. Jurors acquitted Falkner of murder
Hindman family. Thomas, Jr., subsequently faced
With that feud behind him, Hindman served brie
y in
Mississippi’s state legislature (1853–54), then moved
political career.
as “pestilent fanatics.” With law partner John Palmer,
to oppose Know-Nothing bigotry. He also joined
with colleagues Patrick Cleburne and William Weath-
erly to buy and run a newspaper, the
HINDMAN, Thomas Carmichael, Jr.
7/27/09 12:10:52 PM
for the Ku Klux Klan’s lynching of black activist Lee
HINDS, James M.
assassination victim (1868)
cers of the new
unabated in some districts, with more than 200 mur-
One of those victims was James Hinds, a native
of Washington County, New York, born December
5, 1833. Hinds had migrated to Little Rock after
the Civil War and won election to the U.S. House of
Representatives. He was therefore doubly despised
by Arkansas Klansmen as a Republican and a “car-
Southern politics, sparked by crimes like the murder of
James Hinds.
HINDS, James M.
7/27/09 12:10:52 PM
cle, to the nearby village of Wangen, where he alerted
the mayor. Police summoned from Munich reached
the farm to  nd dozens of curiosity seekers milling
around the property, contaminating the crime scene,
Despite that interference, and the primitive state
of forensic science in 1922, investigators made cer-
cian, Dr. Johann Baptist Aumüller, performed his
autopsies in the Gruber barn on April 5, reporting
that all six victims were slain with a pickaxe on the
night of March 31–April 1. Young Cäzilia had sur-
vived for several hours after being wounded, tearing
clumps of hair from her scalp as she lay dying in the
barn, beside other corpses. Dr. Aumüller removed
all six heads and sent them to Munich for further
study—including an alleged examination by clair-
voyants—but no further information was deduced.
maid. While robbery was  rst suspected, police
nding large sums of cash
the farm for several days, eating Gruber’s food, feed-
While frightened villagers scoured the countryside
ers, police collected information about the victims.
Inspector Georg Reingruber, from Munich, learned
that Andreas Gruber had complained to neighbors
of mysterious events around the farm for weeks
before the massacre. Maria Baumgartner’s predeces-
sor had quit her job six months earlier, saying that
the Gruber farm was haunted, while Andreas spoke
of footsteps in the attic, unfamiliar footprints in the
snow, a strange newspaper left at the farm, and the
disappearance of his keys. A neighbor offered his
revolver to Andreas, for defense against intruders,
HOEY, Evelyn
7/27/09 12:10:52 PM
Vanderbilt Revue
and S. J. Perelman’s
Walk a Little
to Lester,
Hoey’s promising career ended abruptly on Sep-
senior director Henry Rogers, Sr. Also present in
disappearing act in 1975.
HOFFA, James Riddle
7/27/09 12:10:53 PM
ve years later he took control
from disgraced Teamster president Dave Beck (impris-
oned for skimming $370,000 from the Western Con-
ference of Teamsters).
HOFFA, James Riddle
7/27/09 12:10:53 PM
31, and relatives  led a missing-person report with
eld police. FBI agents took charge of
the case two days later and obtained a search war-
rant for Hoffa’s car on August 8, 1975. That search
revealed  ngerprints from Hoffa’s “foster son,”
Teamster Charles O’Brien, on a soda bottle under
the passenger’s seat and on papers found in the glove
compartment. Two weeks later, tracking dogs alleg-
edly found Hoffa’s scent in the backseat of a car
Tony Pro). A grand jury convened on September 2,
1975, but failed to indict any suspects in Hoffa’s
to Hoffa’s case,  ling some 16,000 pages of reports.
Six suspects in the disappearance were convicted
on unrelated charges, including Tony Giacalone and
tors that Hoffa was killed on Provenzano’s orders,
Florida and thrown into a swamp.” Seven years later,
another confessed hit man, Donald (Tony the Greek)
Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, but G-men
7/27/09 12:10:53 PM
ing knowledge of Natalee’s whereabouts, stating that
Natalee was well but refused to speak with her mother.
The caller claimed that Natalee was hiding in a local
This poster, prepared and released by the Holloway
family, was part of a massive search effort for Natalee
HOLLOWAY, Natalee Ann
7/27/09 12:10:53 PM
offended you in any way.” Twitty later said that her
accusation was based, in part, on a videotaped inter-
HOLLOWAY, Natalee Ann
7/27/09 12:10:54 PM
Dutch National Police began their formal investigation
“HONOLULU Strangler”
7/27/09 12:10:54 PM
day. On May 3 her body was found at Sand Island,
arms bound behind her back, the cause of death once
HOPE, Edward
7/27/09 12:10:54 PM
On March 22, 1981, with the locker searches under
way, another baby died on the cardiac ward at Sick
Children. Justin Cook is generally named as the last
uted to a massive digoxin overdose in icted by persons
unknown. Three days later, police arrested nurse Susan
Nelles on one count of murder, adding three identical
charges to the list on March 27. As evidence of her
involvement in the crimes, of cers referred to certain
“odd” remarks and facial expressions mentioned by
other nurses, further noting that 24 of the suspicious
7/27/09 12:10:54 PM
HUGHES, Denise
“Honolulu Strangler”
Minnesota native Jodi Huisentruit was born at Long
Prairie on June 5, 1968. She excelled at golf in high
school, winning statewide Class A tournaments in
1985 and 1986, then moved on to St. Cloud State
University. In 1990, Huisentruit earned her bachelor’s
cation, working brie y for Northwest Airlines before
she took a job at KGAN-TV, Channel 2, in Cedar
Rapids, Iowa. She subsequently worked for KSAX-TV
in Alexandria, Minnesota, then for KIMT-TV, Channel
3, in Mason City, Iowa.
Huisentruit was employed as KIMT’s news anchor
dawn hours of June 27, 1995. Before leaving home
that morning, she spoke by telephone with KIMT
When Huisentruit
had not reached the station two hours later, Kuns
lled in for her on the station’s
show, then
cers drove to Huisentruit’s apartment, where
they found her car still in the parking lot. Scattered
around the vehicle lay car keys, earrings, a woman’s
red dress shoes, a blow drier and a bottle of hair spray.
Neighbors recalled hearing an early-morning scream,
HUGHES, Denise
7/27/09 12:10:55 PM
I-35 murders
Texas (1976–81)
Interstate Highway 35 traverses some 740 miles
7/27/09 12:10:55 PM
commuted Lucas’s death sentence to life imprison-
ment, a strange compromise if he truly believed Lucas
innocent of the murder.) Texas authorities remain
divided on the subject of Lucas and Toole’s confes-
sions in the other I-35 cases, and both suspects are
now deceased, making further investigation of their
I-45 murders
Texas (1982–97)
I-45 murders
7/27/09 12:10:55 PM
I-70/I-35 murders
7/27/09 12:10:55 PM
dancewear shop, Texas authorities described a link to
the I-70 murder series as “de nitely possible.” Before
nessed the murder of a fourth Texas victim, this time
“INDEPENDENCE Avenue Killer”
7/27/09 12:10:56 PM
on July 12, when 50-year-old Charles Nixon drove his
ISABELLA Stewart Gardner Museum
7/27/09 12:10:56 PM
ed smaller rewards are offered for the recov-
ery of individual items from the robbery.
ISFORD, Jennifer
Toronto rape-murders
gay murders (1997)
ISFORD, Jennifer
7/27/09 12:10:56 PM
JACK, Monica
“Highway Killer”
Portland, Oregon,
JACKSON, Mississippi
unsolved murders (1994–95)
Mishandling of critical evidence by the Federal
Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) crime lab in Wash-
and shipped the lot off to Washington for examina-
by August 1996, when police told Virginia Swann
(Garcia’s mother) that the suspect in her daughter’s
slaying “had been turned loose because there wasn’t
told reporters, “I just don’t understand it. I don’t feel
7/27/09 12:12:08 PM
Pressure from the NAACP and other civil rights
groups forced Armstrong’s all-white Natchez man-
agement to revise hiring strategies by early 1967.
Jackson was offered a promotion to the higher-pay-
ing job of chemical mixer, normally reserved for
whites. He accepted the post despite threats from
the Ku Klux Klan that any blacks promoted to
“white men’s jobs” would not live to enjoy them.
With the extra 17 cents per hour, Jackson told
friends in Natchez, “My wife and children should
JACKSON, Wharlest
of the KKKs Silver Dollar Group,Ž also blamed (but
7/27/09 12:12:09 PM
ed beyond general refer-
ences to the KKK.
“JACK the Ripper”
“JACK the Ripper”
7/27/09 12:12:09 PM
“JACK the Ripper”
7/27/09 12:12:09 PM
severed at the shoulder, while both legs were 
esh suspended from the nails
Whitechapel murderer.” An alternative theory,
Skinner, casts Druitt as both killer and victim,
murdered by af uent associates to avert poten-
Druitt as a 41-year-old doctor; no evidence
links Druitt to the crimes; no incriminating
employed in London as a hairdresser, the second
of Macnaghten’s suspects was allegedly driven
con ned to a lunatic asylum in 1891.
“JACK the Ripper”
7/27/09 12:12:09 PM
“JACK the Ripper”
7/27/09 12:12:10 PM
the text; Scotland Yard denies providing Abra-
ton broker, allegedly the author of the “Rip-
“JACK the Ripper”
7/27/09 12:12:10 PM
PROBLEM: No evidence ties Feigenbaum to
the Whitechapel crimes.
author Charles van Onselen in 2007. Van
Onselen claims that Silver—another Polish Jew,
“JACK the Ripper”
7/27/09 12:12:10 PM
members of his family called him in from play at
A hasty search was organized, uncovering
his mutilated body tucked beneath a staircase in
the family’s First Avenue tenement. Police respond-
ing to the call announced that Murray’s killer
“very likely” was the same man who had slashed
Lenora Cohn on March 19. The latest victim’s sis-
ter, Mamie, offered a description of the killer, but
police eventually dismissed it as the product of a
child’s imagination.
“JACK the Ripper”
7/27/09 12:12:10 PM
“JACK the Stripper”
7/27/09 12:12:11 PM
7/27/09 12:12:11 PM
ed after being removed to Augusta. The
rmed, but no suspects were
December 1869 assassination attempt, but he sur-
JENSEN, Betty Lou
7/27/09 12:12:11 PM
7/27/09 12:12:11 PM
7/27/09 12:12:12 PM
years later, in October 2001, authorities at Mount
20-year-old Nombovumo Mvinjana, whom they say
in that case included the victim’s husband and uncle,
JOHNSON, Darlenia Denise
7/27/09 12:12:12 PM
7/27/09 12:12:12 PM
7/27/09 12:12:12 PM
John F. Kennedy.” He never wavered from
that judgment, and the Warren Commission echoed
Hoover’s  ndings when its report was presented to
Pronouncement of the lone-assassin theory
ever, as any critical reader of the commission’s report
soon discovered. Multiple witnesses to Kennedy’s
assassination had reported gunshots  red from a
“grassy knoll” in front of the president’s limousine,
rather than from the Texas Book Depository building
behind Kennedy, where Oswald allegedly lay in wait.
“entrance wound” in Kennedy’s throat. FBI marks-
they could  re the ri
e; even then, it was incapable
of  ring three aimed shots within the narrow time
lms and audio recordings of the
The Warren Commission’s greatest leap of faith—
KENNEDY, John Fitzgerald
appointed to investigate Kennedys assassination.
7/27/09 12:12:13 PM
the fatal head shot captured in Abraham Zapruder’s
KENNEDY, John Fitzgerald
7/27/09 12:12:13 PM
majority of Americans questioned the Warren Com-
mission’s lone-assassin verdict. A year later, New
City. Oswald had lived in New Orleans for a time, in
KENNEDY, John Fitzgerald
7/27/09 12:12:13 PM
ous attempts on Castro’s life by the CIA, Ma
that Castro  nally tired of the murder attempts
KENNEDY, John Fitzgerald
7/27/09 12:12:13 PM
with various mobsters on the Kennedy hit list,
accepting cash, free vacations, and no-loss guar-
anteed investment tips over a 30-year period,
during which he staunchly denied the existence
of organized crime in America. If Hoover did
not call the shots in Dallas, he was certainly
well placed to aid a cover-up. His primary inter-
est was revealed on November 24, 1963, when
he told White House aide Walter Jenkins, “The
thing I am most concerned about . . . is having
known associate of Texas oilmen—and so was
Lyndon Johnson.
KENNEDY, Robert Francis
assassination victim (1968)
Robert Kennedy ranks among America’s most con-
John Kennedy
KENNEDY, Robert Francis
7/27/09 12:12:14 PM
that he told an aide, “Those people don’t work for
Kennedy soon found another political of
ce to 
elected as a U.S. Senator from New York in November
1964. His eyes were on the White House, and in 1968
he had an issue, running hard for the Democratic
nomination as an opponent of the Vietnam War. By
that time, a majority of Americans questioned the
government’s lone-assassin verdict in President Ken-
nedy’s death, and some observers believed RFK would
use his presidential powers to 
nd—and punish—his
brother’s killers. RFK was one step closer to that goal
on June 4, 1968, when he won California’s Demo-
cratic primary election. At midnight he delivered a
brief victory speech to some 1,800 supporters at the
Ambassador Hotel, in Los Angeles. By 12:15
surrounded by his entourage, Kennedy was en route
through the hotel’s basement to a scheduled press
conference in the nearby Colonial Room.
ve others. More than 70 persons
were present as Kennedy’s bodyguards disarmed the
shooter, a Jordanian immigrant named Sirhan Bis-
years earlier, the Los Angeles murder seemed to be
lled with
maniacal scrawls of “RFK must die!” In custody,
he claimed to hate Kennedy because the senator
Open-and-shut . . . but not quite. The second pub-
ve years produced
immediate suggestions of conspiracy, and examination
Ballistics was an instant problem, as in Dallas.
Sirhan’s .22-caliber revolver held eight cartridges,
but when the wounds and bullet holes were all
accounted for, it was apparent that a minimum of
13 shots were 
red inside the Ambassador’s kitchen.
Police resolved that issue with a modi
ed “magic
bullet theory”—claiming one slug had somehow
drilled two different ceiling panels before striking
a bystander in the forehead—and by stripping the
kitchen of bullet-scarred panels and door frames.
Photographs remained, however, forcing yet another
wriggle as authorities described the pictured bullet
marks as “nail holes.” The prosecution’s ballistic
evidence took another hit, years later, when a Los
Angeles police technician admitted test-
ring the
wrong pistol prior to Sirhan’s trial. In 1975 bal-
listics expert DeWayne Wolfer testi
ed under oath
that he had matched the murder bullets to a revolver
with the serial number H-18602, whereas the serial
number on Sirhan’s weapon was H-53725. (Wolfer
blamed a bystander in his lab, whose name he could
not recall, for giving him the “incorrect” serial num-
ber. By the time he admitted the error, both pistols
had been destroyed.)
Aside from the number of gunshots, there was also
a critical problem of range and direction. Kennedy’s
autopsy revealed that he was shot three times: once
behind his right ear (the killing shot) and twice below
his right arm, with the wounds 1.5 inches apart. A
KENNEDY, Robert Francis
1968 presidential campaign.
7/27/09 12:12:14 PM
KENNEDY, Robert Francis
7/27/09 12:12:14 PM
indeed the lone gunman in Kennedy’s murder, while
be innocent) possessed “motive, means and oppor-
tunity” for the slaying. Ted Charach disagreed and
devoted years to tracing Cesar’s .22-caliber pistol,
nally dredging the weapon (serial number Y-13332)
KING, Martin Luther, Jr.
7/27/09 12:12:15 PM
, but a series of spurious CB radio broadcasts
lured them to the west side of town—while the
killer, they would later say, 
ed southward into Ala-
The hunt for Dr. King’s killer began on South
KING, Martin Luther, Jr.
7/27/09 12:12:15 PM
discovered, he had  ed once more to Canada, where
ew from
Toronto to London, and on from there to Lisbon,
KING, Martin Luther, Jr.
stabbed him during a public appearance.
Authors collection)
7/27/09 12:12:15 PM
There was evidence of an accomplice in King’s mur-
KING, Martin Luther, Jr.
7/27/09 12:12:15 PM
That “unfortunate” result is traceable to one
man: King’s mortal enemy, FBI Director J. Edgar
Hoover. Indeed, there is persuasive evidence that
G-men never seriously looked for evidence of a
conspiracy in King’s death. According to ex-Agent
Arthur Murtagh, FBI employees at the Atlanta
eld of
ce cheered reports of King’s murder, and
those farther a eld were actively discouraged from
ered the Bureau’s lone-assassin verdict to Attorney
General Ramsey Clark in a memo dated June 20,
1968, less than two weeks after Ray was arrested
KISS, Bela
7/27/09 12:12:16 PM
7/27/09 12:12:16 PM
On August 27, 2001, media reports from Abdijan,
capital of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) announced that
25 persons had died at Labokro, 18 miles away, after
eating porridge (or stew; reports vary) laced with an
ed poison. At least 110 persons consumed
the food that afternoon, all of them afterward suffering
symptoms that included nausea, diarrhea, and severe
the meal was prepared by a woman whose
mother, husband, and two children were numbered
among the dead. Eighty other victims of the deadly
feast were hospitalized for treatment, but they later
military police were assigned to investigate the case,
7/27/09 12:12:16 PM
name of the victim came across my desk,” Mead said,
ruefully admitting that “the only way that case is going
to be solved is if someone is near their death and wants
7/27/09 12:12:16 PM
tured facial bones, a broken jaw, and major bruising
to his face. Police were baf ed by the crime, and they
identi ed no suspects.
In 1972, on the 12th anniversary of the slaughter,
ed) had killed himself, leaving a note that claimed
he was the murderer. Police con rmed that on the
day of the attacks, he worked at a lakeside kiosk and
sold lemonade to the victims, subsequently expressing
LAMPLUGH, Susannah
7/27/09 12:12:17 PM
LANDCRAFT, Elizabeth
7/27/09 12:12:17 PM
LEE, George Washington
7/27/09 12:12:17 PM
c fatality.”
By May 27 G-men had found one witness to the mur-
der hiding in St. Louis, where he described the killers’
white coroner’s jury  nally abandoned the untenable
“car crash” scenario and blamed Lee’s death on “hem-
orrhage and probable asphyxiation from a wound, the
cause of which is not clear.” Sheriff Shelton accepted
the report, telling reporters, “This is one of the most
puzzling cases I have ever had. If Lee was shot, it was
probably by some jealous nigger. He was quite a ladies’
man.” Strangely, the announcement of that theory did
not prompt Shelton to question Lee’s wife—or anyone
else. Dr. McCoy, addressing a packed house at Lee’s
funeral on May 22, raised a warning  ag for local law
Instead of frightening us, this shocking tragedy has served
as a stimulus. Sheriff Shelton is sitting outside that door
right now, he and his boys. Came back from his 
LEECH, Alexander
7/27/09 12:12:17 PM
were soon erased by the congressman’s belated confes-
sion, but he still denied involvement in her disappear-
ance, and Condit reportedly passed a polygraph test
arranged by his personal attorney. The revelations of
illicit sex would end his political career, as reports of
Condit’s “tomcat reputation” soured the born-again
voters at home, and a Washington police spokesman
LEVY, Chandra
7/27/09 12:12:18 PM
ve presumed
victims of a presumed Washington serial slayer span-
murder’s religious signi cance, they disagreed on
motives. Yunguyo had been punished by torrential rains
before Limachi’s death, and human sacri ce was still a
LIMACHI Sihuayro, Clemente
7/27/09 12:12:18 PM
LINDBERGH kidnapping
7/27/09 12:12:18 PM
from the Lindbergh estate. Police had searched the
forest thoroughly in March, but if one accepts the
prosecution’s story, they had somehow missed the
body. The child’s skull was fractured; its left arm was
missing, as was the left leg below the knee and various
internal organs. Decomposition was so advanced, in
then stored the rest for safekeeping in case Fisch’s rela-
Authorities were naturally skeptical of Hauptmann’s
“Fisch story,” and New York police went to work
LINDBERGH kidnapping
Hauptmann did not kill Charles Lindbergh, Jr.
7/27/09 12:12:19 PM
A review of the prosecution’s evidence, coupled with
FBI documents declassi ed in the 1990s, reveals a bla-
(1) New York cabbie Joseph Perrone,
in 1932, repeatedly told police that he could not
recognize the stranger who gave him a note for
delivery to Dr. Condon since “I didn’t pay atten-
tion to anything.” At the time, Col. Schwarzkopf
labeled Perrone “a totally unreliable witness,”
but he was trusted at trial to identify Hauptmann
as the note-passer. (2) Impoverished Lindbergh
neighbor Millard Whited twice told authorities
in 1932 that he had seen no strangers in the area
before the kidnapping; by 1934, with reward
money in hand and promises of more, Whited
“positively identi ed Hauptmann as the man he
had twice seen in the vicinity of the Lindbergh
estate.” (3) Col. Schwarzkopf also lied under
oath, stating falsely that Whited had described
the lurking stranger on March 2, 1932. (4) Dr.
Condon spent two years denying any glimpse of
LINDBERGH kidnapping
7/27/09 12:12:19 PM
Eagle’s affection. In Behn’s unveri ed account, Charles
Lindbergh then devised the kidnap story to avoid a
up to spare his family from social stigma. Today, the
only certainty about the Lindbergh case is that police
and prosecutors conspired to frame Bruno Hauptmann
Heated controversy still surrounds the Lindbergh
kidnapping. Widow Anna Hauptmann fought for six
decades to clear her husband’s name, without suc-
cess. In 1982 she  led a $100 million wrongful-death
claim against the State of New Jersey, plus various
ex-policemen and reporters. In 1983 she accused the
federal trial judge of bias against her, but the U.S.
Supreme Court refused Anna’s request to disqualify the
judge—who dismissed her claims in 1984. A year later,
more than 23,000 pages of police documents related to
the Lindbergh case surfaced in a garage once owned by
late governor Hoffman. Also found at the same time
were 30,000 pages of FBI reports never introduced at
trial, which prosecution critics feel may have prompted
jurors to acquit Hauptmann. Governor Jim Florio
“LISBON Ripper”
7/27/09 12:12:19 PM
LONG Island, New York
7/27/09 12:12:19 PM
was found, searchers discovered an abandoned cellar,
side, some articles of clothing were found, described
by Martarella’s parents as “very similar” to items she
John Kogut steadfastly refused to discuss the cult
rumors, while freely admitting his role in the rape
and murder of Theresa Fusco. After she was raped, he
said, the girl threatened to tell police, whereupon one
of Kogut’s cronies handed him a rope and told him,
ties went public with their theory that a gang of 12
associates were linked to three known murders and at
least four rapes in which the victims survived. By June
21, 30-year-old Dennis Halstead and 26-year-old John
rst-degree rape
and second-degree murder in the Fusco case. Kogut
was convicted and sentenced to life for that crime in
May 1986, with Halstead and Restivo joining him in
prison before year’s end. Prior to Kogut’s trial, a teen-
ed to Kogut’s Satanism and
involvement in commercial pornography—one Bob
LÓPEZ, Jorge Juilo
7/27/09 12:12:20 PM
7/27/09 12:12:20 PM
money and refused to pay their debts, but Lowther’s
time labor for a white woman of dubious reputation.
7/27/09 12:12:20 PM
lands, born in 1967, who emigrated to Australia with
her family at age 20. Three years later she vanished
without a trace, and while police assume that she is
7/27/09 12:12:20 PM
chanting, “Acid is groovy. Kill the pigs.”
in Los Angeles and Dr. MacDonald’s extensive work
7/27/09 12:12:21 PM
An unidenti ed bloody palm print on the foot-
ber from the bed’s foot-
Two unidenti
ed human hairs from the foot-
Two unidenti ed hairs from the master bed-
An unidenti ed hair found on a fragment of
7/27/09 12:12:21 PM
ber evidence in MacDonald’s case. (Spe-
cally, Malone testi
ed that the FBI’s “standard
bers could not be used
in human wigs; in fact, two of the leading source
books in the bureau’s lab stated the exact opposite.)
Despite such revelations of suspicious activity on
the prosecution’s part, all appeals in MacDonald’s
case have thus far been denied. The effort to secure
a new trial for MacDonald continues, despite a
“Bible John”
MACLEOD, Frank and Willie
Valley murders
New York City gay
mur ders
MACRAE, Renee and Andrew
On November 12, 1976, she delivered nine-year-old
Gordon Jr. to his father’s residence, then drove south
on the A9 motorway toward Perth, with three-year-
old Andrew. Renee planned to visit her sister, but
neer saw MacRae’s BMW sedan engulfed by 
at a highway rest stop. Police answered the call and
found the car unoccupied, with bloodstains on its
7/27/09 12:12:21 PM
Maryland murders
MALCOLM, Roger and Dorothy
murder victims (1946)
Race relations are notoriously volatile in the American
South, and especially in Georgia—America’s all-time
leader in unsolved lynchings and national headquar-
ters of the Ku Klux Klan from 1915 to 1961. Some
Georgians hoped the situation would improve after
World War II, with federal civil rights initiatives and
mists reckoned without hard-line white supremacist
Governor Eugene Talmadge and a violent rebirth of
the Klan under “Grand Dragon” Samuel Green. Tal-
madge—a proud “former” Klansman who boasted of
ogging blacks—staffed his administration with KKK
“uppity” blacks. On July 17, 1946, after Talmadge’s
ce, terrorists murdered the only
black man who had dared to vote in Newton County.
The same day, rioters sacked a newspaper of
ce in
MALCOLM, Roger and Dorothy
7/27/09 12:12:21 PM
gered surrounding Harrison’s role in the slaughter.
ourished—never documented—that he had
the murder of Robert Mallard. Here, state attorney general Dan Duke chastises Talmadge for pardoning convicted racist
7/27/09 12:12:22 PM
7/27/09 12:12:22 PM
during that troubled era, with scores of victims mur-
One who fell in the struggle to gain equal rights
for his people was James Martin, a prominent black
Republican in Greene County, Alabama. On the night
of March 31, 1870, Martin was shot by unknown
gunmen near his home, at Union. A physician tried
MARTIN, Michelle
7/27/09 12:12:22 PM
Another “pattern” victim, 20-year-old Janice
Morton, was found in a northeast Washington
alley on January 15, 1987; she had been stripped,
beaten, and strangled to death. That investigation
was still in progress on April 5, when a nude “Jane
MCCANN, Madeleine Beth
7/27/09 12:12:22 PM
Portugal’s Algarve region. On the evening of May
from their ground- oor apartment. The McCanns
the children at approximate half-hour intervals.
companion Dr. Matthew Old eld at 9:30. When
Madeleine’s bed empty and a nearby window open.
Her cries of “Madeleine’s gone! They’ve taken her!”
within 10 minutes of Kate’s discovery, but Lieu-
gal’s gendarmerie, the National Republican Guard,
maintained that of cers were not called until 11:50
, with a report that Madeleine had vanished
cers of the Judi-
ciary Police (Portugal’s primary criminal investiga-
MCCANN, Madeleine Beth
7/27/09 12:12:23 PM
cers questioned
Murat’s son Robert, age 33, and formally branded
him a suspect on May 15, while admitting they
had insuf cient grounds for an arrest. Three dinner
vanished, but Murat’s mother corroborated his alibi.
Police also questioned 22-year-old Russian expatriate
Sergey Malinka, without  ling charges. Several other
suspects remain unidenti ed, including:
MCCOWN, Marilyn Renee
7/27/09 12:12:23 PM
without result on TV’s
two of McCown’s sisters—Michelle Lester and Terri
MCCOWN, Michael
7/27/09 12:12:23 PM
local coroner’s jury ignored Trena’s sworn testimony,
One early victim of the violence, killed three months
before the general slaughter began, was William Mead-
tional convention as a representative from Claiborne
Parish, therefore doubly despised by local terrorists,
Meadows was gunned down by “persons unknown”
on May 6, 1868. Around the same time, newly-elected
Republican congressman W. Jasper Blackburn moved
from Claiborne Parish to New Orleans, following
threats on his life, and the local Freedmen’s Bureau
agent was advised to leave the district or die. Masked
raiders struck numerous black homes in the dead of
ogging their inhabitants, and
rioters destroyed the presses of the area’s only Repub-
lican newspaper, the Homer
in July 1868. Local
authorities professed themselves unable to identify the
terrorists responsible, and the crime wave continued
without arrests or indictments until November, when
Democratic votes carried the state by a margin of
MEADOWS, William R.
7/27/09 12:12:23 PM
“Honolulu Strangler”
New Bedford, Mas
7/27/09 12:12:24 PM
sination, Mary Meyer was shot and killed while
strolling along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
7/27/09 12:12:24 PM
New York Times
that Dalquist’s party
was waiting for a taxi outside the bar, when Dalquist
not to wait for her, Dalquist “walked away with this
man,” whom her friends did not know. No introduc-
tions were made, no names mentioned. Witnesses
vaguely described Dalquist’s last known companion
7/27/09 12:12:24 PM
had been found in Crow Wing County. Chief Bolduc
“We have not found her or any evidence of her loca-
MILLER, Dorothy
7/27/09 12:12:24 PM
“Valley Killer”
terrorist murder victim (1930)
of America’s Deep South states after 1877, isolated
7/27/09 12:12:25 PM
their dead adversary, but we doubt there being anyone
to congratulate them on their splendid victory. They
They laid siege upon the stronghold of S. S. Mincey.
of the  ght. They have won, and to them shall go the
laurel wreath of victory. Even now there must be rejoic-
Goddess Victory hovers over their forces. The enemy
To this fortunate soul will go the heritage of the dead
Negro leader. Upon his honored brow will be placed
We do not know who took this Negro’s life or how
will curse you until your dying day and your children’s
7/27/09 12:12:25 PM
Art. Modafferi was scheduled to begin her Berkeley
studies on Tuesday, June 24, 1997, but she never made
it to class. One day earlier, at 3:00
on June 23, she
left Spinelli’s after work and vanished without a trace.
Police and relatives discount the possibility that
Modafferi may have disappeared voluntarily. She was
known to have a close relationship with her parents
ing her studies in North Carolina. Furthermore, she
rst class at Berke-
li’s Coffee Shop. While acknowledging a possibility
that Modafferi may have suffered an accidental head
injury, “causing amnesia or some other mental trauma
that has incapacitated her to the point that she can’t
remember her past,” authorities and family believe she
7/27/09 12:12:25 PM
a,” but he neglected to mention that G-men were
also bugging the actor’s residence. JFK reportedly saw
Monroe for the last time on May 19, 1962, in New
York City.
The break-up did not signal an end to Monroe’s
links with the Kennedy clan, however. She soon pro-
claimed herself in love with the president’s brother,
Robert Kennedy
the high and mighty, Monroe told friends that the
director, but the move had been postponed until after
JFK won reelection in 1964. Monroe’s housekeeper
roe’s home on June 27, 1962. Six weeks later, on
reported as accidental, suicide, or murder.
Monroe’s death was rife with suspicious circum-
MONROE, Marilyn
7/27/09 12:12:25 PM
Twenty years after the fact, driver Ken Hunter
rmed the
MONROE, Marilyn
Although the death of actress Marilyn Monroe was of“ cially deemed suicide, many nagging doubts remain.
7/27/09 12:12:26 PM
outside the house and peered through Monroe’s
bedroom window, seeing the actress nude and
her story, telling BBC news that she found Mon-
Dr. Greenson arrived and entered
Monroe’s bedroom after smashing a window.
ercely” clutching
Dr. Engleberg arrived on the scene.
One of Monroe’s attorneys, Milton
MONROE, Marilyn
7/27/09 12:12:26 PM
a Kennedy telephone number was found at Monroe’s
bedside, then suppressed to spare the president from
scandal. Columnist Walter Winchell, a frequent recipi-
ent of classi ed FBI material, penned an article virtu-
ally accusing Robert Kennedy of Monroe’s murder,
cana claimed that Giancana ordered Monroe’s death in
a bid to embarrass Robert Kennedy. The young attor-
The Florence slayer’s  rst appearance was recorded
adulterous lover, one Antonio Lo Bianco, were shot
beside a rural lane. In the backseat, Locci’s six-year-
a silencer. Despite a paucity of evidence, the crime
appeared routine to local homicide investigators,
and Locci’s husband was convicted of the murders
7/27/09 12:12:26 PM
rst “mistake”: instead of
from Germany, Horst Meyer and Uwe Rusch Sens.
“MONSTER of Florence”
7/27/09 12:12:27 PM
Defense attorneys for defendants Lotti and Vanni
MONTEIRO, Christine
7/27/09 12:12:27 PM
gay murders (1988–93)
Montreal’s homosexual community has been
plagued for years by rumors of a serial stalker at
ng victims to death in their homes after
MOORE, Harry Tyson
jeopardy during the 1940s and early 1950s.
7/27/09 12:12:27 PM
drive-by shootings, and whippings throughout central
Florida. Governor Fuller Warren, supported by Moore
in 1948 for his promise to curb racial violence, was
MOORE, Harry Tyson
his wife in their home.
7/27/09 12:12:27 PM
a former Marine and demolition expert, hired by the
KKK in 1951 to plant a “contact bomb” under Harry
Moore’s bed. After watching the blast, Henry said, he
MOORE, Harry Tyson
Harry Moores murder, but no evidence was ever found.
7/27/09 12:12:28 PM
MOORE, Lynda
7/27/09 12:12:28 PM
town, Mississippi, 20 miles northeast of Bogalusa.
Walthall County’s sheriff reported that McElveen’s
pickup matched the broadcast description, and that he
MOORE, William L.
7/27/09 12:12:28 PM
MOORE, William L.
William Moore.
7/27/09 12:12:28 PM
to his store he was bursting to tell everybody about the Jesus Christ sign. He seemed to have missed entirely its point that if Jesus were alive today,
3:30 Fellow says my walk mentioned in today’s Birming-
ham Post Herald a couple of men who had talked to me
before drove up and questioned my religious and political
beliefs. “Now I know what you are” and one was sure I’d
be killed for them, such as my Jesus poster on my buggy.
He was right. That evening, while Moore rested
beside Highway 11 near Reece City, he was shot twice
7/27/09 12:12:29 PM
be killed for the good of the syndicate. Anastasia, an
ally, reportedly agreed with Genovese that a “mercy
killing” was in order, but that it should be conducted
MORGAN, Corinne
7/27/09 12:12:29 PM
varied, 10 of the victims were killed on the city’s north
“MR. Cruel”
7/27/09 12:12:29 PM
He cut telephone lines to the house, bound both par-
“MR. Cruel”
7/27/09 12:12:30 PM
Cumminsville, Ohio,
Riverdell Hospital
MUIR, Ruth
San Diego murders
MULATTO Axe Murders
Louisiana and Texas (1911–12)
MULATTO Axe Murders
7/27/09 12:12:30 PM
suspect in the case. It may be sheer coincidence that an
“Jack the Ripper”
ers murdered 20 black women in Atlanta, Georgia,
during the same period when the South’s night-prowl-
Nahanni Valley murders
Hospital for Sick Children
MURRAY, Charles
“Jack the Ripper”
¯ is the red-light district of Tokyo’s Shin-
juku neighborhood, known since the late 1940s for its
nightclubs, “hostess” bars, and “love hotels” where
prostitutes ply their trade without police interference.
Locals call Kabukicho¯ “Sleepless Town,” for its non-
stop action, and tourists visit in hopes of glimpsing
Japan’s notorious Yakuza mobsters at work or play.
on September 1, 2001, an explosion
rocked the four-story Myojo 56 building in Kabukicho
also known as Meisei 56, and  ames swept through the
structure’s top two 
oors, engul
ng a mah-jongg parlor
and a hostess bar. Fire ghters recovered the corpses of
32 men and 12 women from the ruins, most of whom
died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Three other
persons suffered nonfatal injuries while leaping from
Rumors instantly spread through Kabukicho¯ that
the building had been  rebombed by some unnamed
Frances Coles.
individual author’s imagination.
New Orleans Axeman
has received similar
treatment, beginning soon after his  rst two murders
in 1918. Local reporters suddenly “remembered” a
series of similar crimes in 1911, garbling names, dates,
7/27/09 12:12:30 PM
More disturbing than the careless in ation of body
ars) are the instances wherein various authors produce
books or articles on “unsolved” cases that have been
MYTHICAL unsolved murders
7/27/09 12:12:30 PM
MYTHICAL unsolved murders
7/27/09 12:12:31 PM
NAHANNI Valley, Canada
unsolved murders (1910–46)
A mystery of near-supernatural aspect haunts the
beautiful but sinister Nahanni Valley, located in the
southern part of the Mackenzie mountain range,
in Canada’s vast Northwest Territories. Published
reports differ on the number of victims slain in
victims, while others disappeared entirely. A com-
pilation of the Nahanni Valley cases, drawn from
Brothers Frank and Willie MacLeod, of Fort
Encyclopedia of World Crime,
with their severed skulls found three years
Martin Jorgensen, found decapitated in a
the Nahanni Valley, circa 1926.
Two unnamed prospectors reported missing
nearly severed from his body.
Another prospector, John Patterson, who missed
A 1950 magazine article on the Nahanni Valley
Mulholland, from Minnesota; Bill Espler of Win-
nipeg; Yukon Fischer; Edwin Hall; Andy Hays; and
7/27/09 12:12:31 PM
“Valley Killer”
eld, England, on October 29, 1989. At age three,
Southern Sporades. Ben’s mother, Kerry Needham,
and two younger brothers. To that end, Kerry found
On July 24, Kerry Needham left Ben with her par-
missing as a toddler in Greece in 1991.
AP Images)
7/27/09 12:12:31 PM
and learned that the boy’s friends called him “the
blond one,” to distinguish him from dark-haired
and procured a sample of his hair, but DNA analysis
and presentation of the boy’s Greek birth certi
Kerry Needham left Kos after Ben’s disappear-
youth photographed by tourists in Turkey during
1999. While Crosby  ew off to Kos with Kerry’s
brother Daniel, seeking leads they never found,
Great Britain’s South Yorkshire police produced new
her son, but she remains con dent that they will be
NEW Bedford, Massachusetts
Created in October 2007, this computer-rendered image
shows how Ben Needham was expected to look at age 18,
7/27/09 12:12:31 PM
ed by
ngerprints, which matched her record of arrests
NEW Bedford, Massachusetts
7/27/09 12:12:32 PM
sat in jail until July 1991, when he  nally made bond
custody, DeGrazia committed suicide with an over-
Long before that time, however, local police and
NEW Bedford, Massachusetts
7/27/09 12:12:32 PM
in May 2007, when police dug up the driveway of
NEWCASTLE, Australia
7/27/09 12:12:32 PM
NEW Haven, Connecticut
7/27/09 12:12:32 PM
was in custody.) A Florida cellmate told police that
April 1994, leaving New Haven’s riddle without a
NEW Jersey
unsolved murders (1965–66)
NEW Jersey
7/27/09 12:12:33 PM
slayings remain shrouded in mystery.
Examination of New Orleans coroner’s records and
police reports for 1911 reveal no Crutis or Schiambras
listed as deceased from any cause, while the death of
NEW Orleans, Louisiana
7/27/09 12:12:33 PM
NEW Orleans, Louisiana
7/27/09 12:12:33 PM

ed. Some of the victims were strangled, asphyxiated,
or drowned; in several cases, advanced decomposi-
NEW Orleans, Louisiana
7/27/09 12:12:33 PM
middle-aged Caucasian—bore no resemblance to the
NEW Orleans, Louisiana
7/27/09 12:12:34 PM
the self-incriminating statements on Ellwood’s crav-
NEW York City
7/27/09 12:12:34 PM
NEW York City
7/27/09 12:12:34 PM
The  rst known victim in the murder series, 37-
year-old Anton Jones, was found dead in his cab at
year-old cabbie Muhammad Salim was found dead
in his taxi, shot once behind the left ear, in the West
Bronx district of Tremont. Death had come suddenly
NEW York City
7/27/09 12:12:34 PM
been clubbed to death with a hammer or other blunt
7/27/09 12:12:35 PM
buying himself an expensive new car. Police ques-
Nitribitt’s slaying, but jurors acquitted him in July
to chart the temperature in Nitribitt’s apartment, thus
culprits were responsible for Nitribitt’s murder, or at
ed her killer. In January 1966, another high-class
NIX, Tanya
Richland, Georgia, murders
NIXON, Charles
Indianapolis taxi murders
New York City strangulation
terrorist murder victim (1934)
The struggle of America’s labor unions has been a
long and bloody one, marked by strife and violence
from the mid-19th century to the present day. In the
early 1930s President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal
offered a glimmer of hope to labor organizers whose
unions had been systematically persecuted for decades.
and private reactionary groups such as the American
Legion and the Ku Klux Klan. In Florida, where battle
treatment from the region’s agribusiness moguls.
ogged in
Polk County and neighboring Orange County dur-
ing 1933–34, but Norman persevered, campaigning
for the union until his opponents agreed that he
7/27/09 12:12:35 PM
One night in 1934 three men appeared at Nor-
man’s door around dinnertime. One introduced him-
ings per capita—and that a card bearing Norman’s
7/27/09 12:12:35 PM
OAKES, Sir Harry
murder victim (1943)
uent par-
adventure in pursuit of gold. A graduate of Maine’s
exclusive Foxcroft Academy, Oakes enrolled as a
and later attended Syracuse Medical School. His
7/27/09 12:12:35 PM
Bahamian unemployment and built a new wing on the
Nassau children’s hospital. He provided transporta-
tion for his thousands of employees and furnished free
milk to their children. In 1939 his efforts won Oakes a
knighthood, bestowed by En gland’s monarch.
By the time he was knighted, Sir Harry’s list of Nas-
sau neighbors and acquaintances included a mixed bag
of the famous and notorious. The expatriate Duke of
Windsor, once King Edward VIII of En
moner, Wallis Simpson. While serving as 
rst Royal
Governor and commander-in-chief of the Bahamas,
Edward sympathized with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime
cessor after World War II erupted in September 1939).
Axel Wenner-Gren, a pro-Nazi Swedish industrialist
schooled in Germany, reportedly provided Edward
with more than $2 million to support the royal couple’s
extravagant lifestyle. Wenner-Gren’s family occupied a
Nassau estate dubbed Shangri-La, where he entertained
the governor and Sir Harry at lavish parties (while
under surveillance by British and U.S. intelligence
agents). Harold Christie, Nassau’s most prominent real
estate broker, was a native Bahamian who made mil-
lions selling land to Harry Oakes. Commerce led to
friendship, and Christie may have introduced Oakes to
some of his other wealthy customers—including New
York mobsters Meyer Lansky and Charles (“Lucky”)
Luciano. The mob saw Nassau’s potential as a Carib-
bean gambling resort, although the plan would not be
Another recent arrival, 33-year-old Count Marie
Alfred Fouquereaux de Marigny, was a wealthy
native of Mauritius who preferred the nickname
“Freddie.” Yacht racing and romantic affairs were
his two specialties, though Marigny also found
Oakes’s eldest daughter, 17-year-old Nancy. Soon
after her 18th birthday, they eloped to New York and
OAKES, Sir Harry
7/27/09 12:12:35 PM
private investigator, Raymond Schindler, to clear her
husband’s name, and Schindler recruited Professor
Leonard Keeler (inventor of the polygraph) to assist
in the case. On arrival at the Oakes estate, Schindler
and Keeler found Nassau police scrubbing the walls of
Sir Harry’s bedroom, obliterating all forensic evidence.
The bloody handprint, already gone, would never be
OAKES, Sir Harry
7/27/09 12:12:36 PM
he had lifted de Marigny’s 
ngerprint from a water
it falsely as evidence from the crime scene. Barker’s
ngerprinted all visitors to
and was unable to explain Capt. Melchen’s memory
ngerprint identi cation. Jurors
nally placed no credence in the prosecution’s case.
Marigny, after deliberating for less than two hours.
So the question remains: If Freddie de Marigny did
not kill Sir Harry Oakes, who did? Various theories—
have named the killer (or at least the conspiracy’s
ringleader) as the Duke of Windsor, Axel Wenner-Gren,
and Harold Christie. Another scenario, supported by
various true-crime writers, suggests a murder carried
out by the Lansky-Luciano gambling syndicate. In that
version Sir Harry emerges as a principled opponent
tion of lavish casinos in Nassau. His removal is said to
have paved the way for the Bahamas’ present tourist
OAKLAND, California
7/27/09 12:12:36 PM
Chicago’s foremost Irish-American gangster, unof-
 cial boss of the city’s North Side.
O’Bannion’s dual personality survived into adult-
hood. He was a loyal husband and father who
shunned gangland’s nightlife and preferred to stay
“OCCULT murders”
7/27/09 12:12:36 PM
was nude upon discovery three weeks later, and the
cause of death was listed as a broken neck. Jursa
still had wire loops in her earlobes, but her earrings
strangling Rosa Vasquez and dumping her nude
corpse on May 29, 1973. Fifteen-year-old Yvonne
Quilintang received similar treatment on June 9.
death on July 2. Eleven days later, Nancy Gidley was
away from Shasta County, she was last seen thumb-
Weber had been discovered seven months earlier. On
the bank above her body, searchers found a strange
ery of Laura O’Dell’s nude, strangled corpse. Theresa
Walsh, age 22, was hitching rides from Malibu to
OCHOA y Plácido, Digna
7/27/09 12:12:36 PM
union activists at the state attorney general’s of
abductors as state police of cers and accused them of
rape, but Veracruz authorities declined to investigate
Five years after her  rst abduction, in 1991, Ochoa
took a break from politics and traveled to Texas,
of Charity of the Incarnate Word. She remained clois-
7/27/09 12:12:37 PM
error, of cers would say only that their suspect bore a
“striking” resemblance to the innocent Corey.
ed their prime suspect in the
OLZEF, Susan
7/27/09 12:12:37 PM
tures. The Harringtons were newlyweds at the time of
their slaying, married only three months earlier.
crime, striking in Irvine, 94 miles from Ventura, on
victim: 28-year-old Manuela Witthuhn was married,
murder. As in previous crimes, Witthuhn was tied up,
a bungled burglary. Police noted that Patrice Har-
7/27/09 12:12:37 PM
pant in his state. Speaking from the editorial page
of his own newspaper, the Raleigh
Holden warned Washington: “We tell the [federal]
government that unless it means to allow all that was
accomplished by the war to be undone, that it must
crush out the Ku Klux and those who aid them, or hell
will be a place of rest and peace compared with the
South.” Still, it was May 1870 before Congress passed
tion naturally applied only to crimes committed after
In Alamance County, meanwhile, the troops
one. (Most of Outlaw’s slayers had 
ed the county
re from his own state legislature,
nally lifted the Alamance County
of exceeding his authority, expelling Holden from
of ce on March 22, 1871.
Nine months later, Judge Albion Tourgee 
18 Klansmen on charges related to Wyatt Outlaw’s
murder. One of those charged was the KKK’s county
worry. None of them was ever brought to trial, and
7/27/09 12:12:37 PM
PAIVA, Nancy
New Bedford, Massa-
7/27/09 12:12:38 PM
were commuted to life imprisonment, then to time
served, thereby releasing the accused from custody.
Peiper was freed in December 1956, but still faced
charges for the massacre of 45 civilians at Boves, Italy,
ber 1968, when Germany’s minister of justice declared
Thus absolved of any crimes committed as a war-
report his wife missing. Of cers were sent to check
7/27/09 12:12:38 PM
open from within. Cautiously, he stepped inside the
aimed toward the sanctuary’s altar. She was nude
PERRY, Arlis
7/27/09 12:12:38 PM
she was killed. Ask them how. Ask
7/27/09 12:12:38 PM
PERTH, Australia
serial murders (1996–97)
Authorities in Perth, Western Australia, describe the
7/27/09 12:12:39 PM
Forty-three months later, Stacy’s disappear-
ance prompted Savio’s kin to reopen the case. On
November 18, 2007, Savio’s corpse was exhumed
and reexamined by Dr. Michael Baden, former chief
medical examiner for New York City, at the request
of Savio’s family and Fox News. Dr. Baden con-
cluded that Savio drowned following a struggle,
when her body was placed in the bathtub. While
7/27/09 12:12:39 PM
style  rearms. A local judge rejected that plea on July
7/27/09 12:12:39 PM
serial murders (1983–84)
While the search for Seattle’s “Green River Killer”
was under way, police were brie y distracted by a
pardon on charges that he staged the 1916 Preparedness
7/27/09 12:12:39 PM
teers who hoped for a 
nancial killing
if America entered the war. Several days before the
7/27/09 12:12:40 PM
Swanson and Fickert found two new witnesses—
7/27/09 12:12:40 PM
ing Friend Richardson (1923–27), Clement Young
(1927–31), James Rolph (1931–34), and Frank Mer-
introduced a resolution calling on Governor Mer-
In November 1938 Culbert Olson was elected
as California’s next governor—and the 
rst Demo-
ce in 44 years. Soon after his
PRIEST Murders
7/27/09 12:12:40 PM
sistent with a brutal beating, but the medical examiner
PRINCE Georges Hospital
7/27/09 12:12:40 PM
istrative probe of what of cials called “a pattern of
by police after 33 hours of grilling without an attor-
fession and lacking any witnesses, the prosecution
ted on all counts. The case of the Prince Georges
unsolved murders (1989)
New York Times
announced that authorities in Mercer County, New
Jersey, were seeking a possible serial killer blamed
7/27/09 12:12:41 PM
of their victims.” Sadly, that psychological insight fell
Costa Rican serial killer (1987–??)
In 1997 Costa Rican authorities announced that
had been more modest, pegging the killer’s body
ling the
7/27/09 12:12:41 PM
murder victim (1993)
Seven-year-old Stacey Queripel was found strangled
Stacey’s mother, 34-year-old Gilliane Queripel, was
Hill Park where Stacey’s corpse was discovered.
Mrs. Queripel denied any part in Stacey’s death.
Speaking to her lawyer, she claimed that she was
she went to check on Stacey and Stacey’s half sis-
7/27/09 12:12:41 PM
short time later, as recalled by witnesses, Quinn and
involved in a minor traf c accident. Whatever the
Asheville police suspect foul play in Quinn’s disap-
charges, due to lack of solid evidence. Quinn’s rela-
tives point the  nger of suspicion at Robert Owens,
merits examination. Aside from the obvious fact
QUINN, Zebb Wayne
7/27/09 12:12:41 PM
Sweden (1948)
An apparent case of serial murder was reported
ve victims,
seemingly chosen at random, were pushed from
pick-up of your daughter.
immediate execution of your daughter. You will also be
to anyone about your situation, such as Police, F.B.I.,
7/27/09 12:12:41 PM
RAMSEY, JonBenét
7/27/09 12:12:42 PM
RAMSEY, JonBenét
7/27/09 12:12:42 PM
experienced,” Douglas told reporters, “I’d say they
were not involved.” Ex-agent Robert Ressler, once
las’s boss in the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit,
emphatically disagreed, describing the kidnap scenario
Benét’s killer. As an afterthought, Ressler also panned
league as “a Hollywood kind of guy.”
The Ramseys, in their published version of the case,
led their daughter’s slayer as a pedophile and psy-
chopath, aged 25 to 35, either an ex-convict of someone
who associates with hardened criminals. The numeral
cance to him,” but it remains unexplained. They state
correctly that the conscience of a psychopath “does
not operate well, if at all,” then seem to contradict
themselves on the very next page, stating as fact that
RAMSEY, JonBenét
7/27/09 12:12:42 PM
was only 14 when this took place, so I went along with
RAMSEY, JonBenét
7/27/09 12:12:42 PM
deeply sorry.” Surviving members of JonBenét’s fam-
ily are now of cially absolved of participation in her
murder, and the case remains unsolved.
RAWLINS, Wyoming
rodeo murders (1974)
The Rawlins, Wyoming, rodeo murders occurred in
cation of a homicidal “sig-
The  rst two victims were 19-year-old friends,
Carlene Brown of Rawlins and Christy Gross from
RAWLINS, Wyoming
7/27/09 12:12:43 PM
To date, neither the Jane Doe redhead victims nor
ed by authori-
rst one
ed: 45-year-old Delia Trauernicht—was found
in Giles County, Tennessee, on April 30, 1990, but
leads. Another 26 months passed before Tennessee
RELES, Abraham
7/27/09 12:12:43 PM
dow of his suite at Coney Island’s Half Moon Hotel,
7/27/09 12:12:43 PM
say ‘Well, okay. So there was.’” Cutter noted that
the  re, as Rienbolt once said, it should have been
western University in Evanston, Illinois. Protess
Paris police had missed those witnesses, along
seven three-gallon cans. One hour later, the Rhoads
home was in  ames.
was a big guy with blond hair,” she said, “and the
dark hair. They were just standing there looking
toward Dyke and Karen’s house.” The following
white car with Florida plates. “It would just go by,
turn in front of Dyke and Karen’s house, stop,” she
continuously. Why would anyone be doing that?”
7/27/09 12:12:43 PM
RITTER, Brenda
Washington, Pennsylvania,
RITTER, Rosemarie
San Diego, California,
mur ders
RIVERDELL Hospital murders
New Jersey (1965–66)
Jersey. In each case patients were admitted to the hos-
cation and trial of a suspect on murder charges, this
Seventy-three-year-old Carl Rohrbeck was the 
to die, admitted for hernia surgery on December 12,
1965, and lost to a diagnosed “coronary occlusion”
the next day. Four-year-old Nancy Savino was signed
in for an appendectomy on March 19, 1966, her
RITTER, Brenda
on charges of murdering patients with curare at
7/27/09 12:12:44 PM
swept through the four-car garage of Brown County
resident Clarence Roberts, near the small town of
Bean Blossom. Volunteer 
ghters answered the call
, when
nally extinguished. Geneva Roberts and her
However, a pathologist from Indianapolis, Dr. James
Benz, reported that the corpse found in Beam Blossom
had no soot in its trachea or lungs, proof that death
occurred before the  re. Dental records, blood typing,
and a missing kidney subsequently con rmed that the
system of Roberts’s truck, found in the burned-out
Roberts had gassed some unknown look-alike in
an attempt to stage his death for pro t. Local wit-
nesses seemed to support that theory, claiming that
7/27/09 12:12:44 PM
in autumn 1992, when four women with criminal
records for drug abuse and prostitution were found
murdered in northwestern Monroe County, their
bodies discarded within a few miles of one another.
New York Times
claimed that corpses of 10 more women with similar
backgrounds had been found “elsewhere” since 1989
(the year Shawcross was arrested), and that police
Gambler and “ xerŽ Arnold Rothstein was known to
7/27/09 12:12:44 PM
ics traf cking. Some say the national crime syndicate
forged by Lansky, Luciano, and others in the years
scheme become reality.
RUSH, Susan
7/27/09 12:12:45 PM
7/27/09 12:12:45 PM
ST. LOUIS, Missouri
unsolved murders (1993)
On the afternoon of November 18, 1993, nine-year-
7/27/09 12:12:45 PM
rape, and armed criminal action in September 1995,
Brooks was sentenced to die. (His sister, 29-year-old
Cassandra Quinn, received a two-year prison term
ST. VALENTINE’S Day Massacre
7/27/09 12:12:45 PM
Weiss tradition of hijacking Capone’s liquor ship-
ments at every opportunity. Finally, Capone took
ST. VALENTINE’S Day Massacre
7/27/09 12:12:45 PM
Inside the garage Dr. Schwimmer and his com-
storm of  re from .45-caliber Thompson submachine
guns cut them down. Two of the dead or dying men
re, followed by the
mournful howling of James May’s German shepherd,
ST. VALENTINE’S Day Massacre
7/27/09 12:12:46 PM
an Illinois native who served as an army pilot dur-
ing World War I and later studied medicine at the
University of Illinois. His scholastic efforts were
SALEM, Oregon
7/27/09 12:12:46 PM
weeks elapsed before the  nal outrage, on March 8,
1983, when 32-year-old Laurel Wilson and her nine-
year-old daughter Erika were shot to death in their
beds by an unknown home invader.
Without a suspect, authorities refused to speculate
Washington’s elusive “Green River Killer” (
ed in 2001), since none of the Salem victims
Police examined local serial slayer William Smith,
nally confessed to Sherry Eyerly’s murder, but the
other crimes remain of cially unsolved.
SALIM, Muhammad
New York City taxi
missing tourists (1921)
the disappearance and presumed murder of six tour-
New York Times
ve men
was found of the tourists thereafter. Police believed
remains unsolved today.
SAN Antonio, Texas
taxi cab murders (1984–85)
In 1984 and 1985, San Antonio taxi drivers were
terrorized by the murder of one Hispanic cabbie
SALIM, Muhammad
7/27/09 12:12:46 PM
SAN Diego, California
7/27/09 12:12:46 PM
a San Diego woman. Porter initially denied the
charges, then cut a deal with prosecutors six months
later and pled guilty in exchange for a four-year sen-
tence on reduced charges of sexual battery and assault
with a deadly weapon. One week before his scheduled
parole in September 1991, Porter was indicted for the
murders of 26-year-old Carol Gushrowski (slain in
June 1986) and 43-year-old Sandra Cwik (found dead
in July 1988), plus ve counts of attempted murder
pertaining to rape victims who survived his attacks.
The Gushrowski case was dismissed for lack of evi-
dence when Porter’s trial began in August 1992, but
as convicted of
second-degree murder (Cwik’s),
plus two counts of rape with a foreign object and one
count of assault resulting in great bodily harm. On
October 26, 1992, Porter received a prison term of
27 years to life. Deputy District Attorney Dick Lewis
publicly announced that bers, blood, and other evi-
dence linked Porter to 14 other San Diego murders,
but no further charges have been led to date.
Another suspect, Brian Maurice Jones, was serv-
ing 22 years in prison for sexual assault in June
1992, when San Diego authorities charged him with
four of their unsolved murders, plus two counts of
attempted murder and one count each of rape and
sodomy. Convicted on two of the murder charges,
Jones was sentenced to die and dispatched to San
Quentin prison, where he awaits execution today.
Yet another San Diego killer, tattooed biker Alan
Michael Stevens (aka Buzzard), was 46 years old
at the time of his December 1988 arrest on charges
of murdering 26-year-old Cynthia McVey. McVey
was found nude, hog-tied and strangled on the Pala
Indian Reservation, on November 29, 1988. Three
ngerprints from Stevens were found on masking
tape wrapped around McVey’s head, and 40-odd
prints from the victim were located in a car rented by
Stevens. Convicted of rst-degree murder in October
1990, Stevens drew a prison term of 25 years to life.
Authorities named him as their prime suspect in three
more slayings, but no further charges have been led.
Still another San Diego suspect, 27-year-old Blake
Raymond Taylor, was serving a sentence of nine years
to life for the attempted murder of a prostitute when
authorities named him as a suspect in the deaths of
three more streetwalkers. In the now familiar pattern,
prosecutors refrained from lodging murder charges
against Taylor, despite the public accusations.
A nal suspect, Richard Allen Sanders, was linked
in media reports to both the San Diego and Green
River homicides. No charges were led, since Sanders
was already dead—killed outside Yacolt, Washington,
in March 1989 by two close-range shotgun blasts to
the back—before he was named as a suspect in the
notorious murder sprees. A one-time bouncer and
their hair parted in the middle. The presumed killer
also left hairs of his own on at least two of the
corpses, and authorities took samples from 256
suspects before obtaining a tentative match. (Hairs,
ngerprints, cannot be linked to one exclu-
sive source without DNA material from the roots to
The owner of the suspect hairs, never publicly
ed, was later convicted of raping a teen-
age girl in a neighboring county, but he was never
charged with murder. Federal Bureau of Investiga-
ties that fewer than one person in every 4,000
possessed the same type of hair as their suspect,
that still did not reduce the odds enough to rate
indictment or conviction. Imprisoned serial slayer
Henry Lee Lucas toured California murder sites in
early 1985, confessing to 15 murders committed
7/27/09 12:12:47 PM
Arnold Schusters fate was sealed after he “ ngered fugitive Willie Sutton for New York police of“
7/27/09 12:12:47 PM
been Willie Sutton. Schuster’s execution—with bul-
“SERVANT Girl Annihilator”
7/27/09 12:12:48 PM
The killer’s last known victims, both af
uent white
7/27/09 12:12:48 PM
to voice mail. An inquiry to Cingular, Shaffer’s ser-
vice provider, elicited two possible explanations—a
possibility that Shaffer’s phone was brie
y turned
Tupac Shakur’s view of American justice and soci-
SHAKUR, Tupac Amaru
7/27/09 12:12:49 PM
SHAKUR, Tupac Amaru
(left) and rapper Tupac Shakur are seen in Las Vegas in
Photo/Lauren Green“
7/27/09 12:12:49 PM
Christopher Wallace
charged. Privately, he also suspected rapper and hip-
SHARP, Glenna Sue
7/27/09 12:12:49 PM
and white stripes, found near Dana Wingate’s body;
ngerprint lifted from a handrail
ground behind the cabin. Of cers noted that Cabin
28’s telephone was off the hook, all the lights were
7/27/09 12:12:49 PM
At age three, in June 1981, he won Great Britain’s
the race’s 226-year history. That triumph merited
SHERMAN, Mary Stults
7/27/09 12:12:50 PM
versity of Chicago, then interned at that school’s Bob
Following her internship, Dr. Sherman enjoyed a
stellar career. In 1947, she was named assistant pro-
cago’s Billings Hospital. Five years later, she moved
Medical Foundation’s bone pathology lab. Special-
become an associate professor at Tulane Medical
pital in New Orleans. Dr. Sherman’s other credentials
SHOOK, Marty
7/27/09 12:12:50 PM
ve persons and wounded
SIEGEL, Benjamin (Bugsy)
as the man who discoveredŽ Las Vegas, Nevada, and
7/27/09 12:12:50 PM
tors from Manhattan and Chicago suspected Siegel
of skimming the loot and sending Hill to bank the
money in Switzerland, where she made frequent
visits for reasons unknown. A disastrous opening
night at the Flamingo made matters worse, and mob
he was murdered. In 2001, however, journalist Gus
Russo offered a new version of Siegel’s murder, based
to Korshak and “DeCarlo,” Siegel’s cost overruns at
of a lover’s quarrel with Virginia Hill.
According to Russo’s report, one of Hill’s many
rmed the
couple’s last  ght. It reads:
Virginia Hill at which time he allegedly beat her so
later. Immediately after the beating she took an over-
played her wounds to Dalitz, who became enraged.
“When Virginia showed him what Bugsy had done,
the contract went out. ‘A face for a face,’ was what
Fact or  ction? In 1949, the Dalitz syndicate
moved its headquarters to Las Vegas, where Dalitz
was soon recognized as the gambling Mecca’s “god-
father.” He reigned in that capacity for the rest of his
life, collecting multiple awards for his philanthropy,
of Nevada’s largest city. Dalitz, active in the Mob
alleged murder victim (1974)
A native of Longview, Texas, born February 19,
at Lamar State College (in Beaumont, Texas) before
marrying William Meadows in 1965. The union pro-
7/27/09 12:12:50 PM
joined Local 5-283 Oil, Chemical and Atomic Work-
ers Union (OCAW) and joined in the union’s strike
against Kerr-McGee. When the strike failed that win-
ter, all but 20 local members deserted the OCAW.
union’s membership roll.
In 1974, emboldened by the OCAW’s decline,
Kerr-McGee administrators instigated a decerti
cation campaign to purge the Cimarron plant of
union activists. Before the vote was held, in August,
rst woman elected to the
OCAW’s three-person bargaining committee. Her
rst assignment in that post was a study of the
7/27/09 12:12:51 PM
decreed for healthy lab workers. Dr. Voelz assured
or radiation poisoning, and that she could bear nor-
SINO, David
7/27/09 12:12:51 PM
Police identi ed Sisman as a 35-year-old photog-
motive. In his version Sisman possessed “snuff”
“SODA Pop Slasher”
7/27/09 12:12:51 PM
to late thirties. In a climax redolent of Hollywood,
ing comparison with the near-identical plot lines of
SODDER children
7/27/09 12:12:51 PM
an embankment by persons unknown.) Next, he
Marian Sodder ran to a neighbor’s home to tele-
SODDER children
7/27/09 12:12:52 PM
there to open the box and examine the interior. When
he did open that box, he found what looked like a
fresh beef liver.” While it could hardly have been fresh
after two years underground, other published reports
beef liver, untouched by 
Later in 1947, George Sr. saw a newspaper photo
of several New York schoolchildren, insisting that
SOLIS, Jesus
7/27/09 12:12:52 PM
for shoes with elevated heels. Time of death was
7/27/09 12:12:52 PM
nameless man’s death. When he checked out, the
SOUTH Croydon murders
7/27/09 12:12:52 PM
escape by leaping from his moving car. She offered
7/27/09 12:12:53 PM
ripped at her clothes while trying to kiss her. Ste-
ight while
neighbors rushed to her aid and scoured the nearby
alleys in vain. One day later, near Stevens’s home,
ing carriage, causing its driver to crash and injure
end escaped by
Such gymnastics gave Spring-Heeled Jack his
bewildered policemen.
7/27/09 12:12:53 PM
white costume like an oilskin. His face was hideous;
re. His hands had claws
7/27/09 12:12:53 PM
unknown serial killer (1985–89)
at least 25 lives in two major cities over a four-year
7/27/09 12:12:54 PM
“Jack the Stripper”
TALLMAN, Daisey Mae
Yakima, Washington,
TAPP, James, Jr.
New Orleans native James Tapp, Jr., was born on
brother, Corey “C-Murder” Miller. (Corey explained
his stage name by saying, “They call me C-Murder,
cuz I see murder.”) Working with Master P’s No
Slim,” Tapp recorded the albums
Soulja fa Lyfe
A 1998 armed robbery conviction sent Tapp to
7/27/09 12:12:54 PM
insulators, Riddle began to collect the discards. He
was carrying an armload to his pickup truck when
he spied a rolled-up green tarpaulin bound with
rope. Pausing to untie it, Riddle was assaulted by
esh and saw the outline of a
human body underneath the tarp’s top layer.
Racing off to the nearest gas station, Riddle
phoned authorities, then led Sheriff Bobby Vance
TAYLOR, Barbara Ann Hackman
7/27/09 12:12:54 PM
medical examiner’s of
TAYLOR, William Desmond
7/27/09 12:12:54 PM
Westlake Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Before
to examine the corpse, proclaimed that Taylor had
last, they proved the maybe-doctor wrong, discover-
ing that Taylor had suffered a gunshot wound to the
TAYLOR, William Desmond
7/27/09 12:12:54 PM
Mary Miles Minter,
a Taylor protégé
7/27/09 12:12:55 PM
when a tall masked man approached their car with
gun in hand. He ordered Hollis from the vehicle and
clubbed him to the ground, next turning on Larey
and raping her with the gun barrel, tormenting her
to the point that she begged him to kill her. Instead,
he slugged her with the gun and turned back toward
Hollis, allowing the young woman to escape on foot.
Both victims survived their ordeal, but the gunman
On March 23, 1946, 29-year-old Richard Grif-
n and 17-year-old Polly Ann Moore were killed on
a lonely Texarkana lover’s lane. Both victims were
n found kneel-
7/27/09 12:12:55 PM
that all wrong,” but he refused to specify the errors
ated Press announced that bodies of 21 victims had
been discovered in Brazoria, Harris, and Galveston
Counties since females began disappearing in 1971.
At least eight of the deaths in Brazoria County were
“similar,” but police stopped short of blaming a
serial killer. (Lt. Wingo, by contrast, was said to
be “certain” of one killer’s sole responsibility in
15. All were white and fair, described as slender, with
edly found near bodies of water. At least three Brazo-
ed, 12-year-old
Brooks Bracewell and 14-year-old Georgia Greer,
vanished from Dickinson, Texas, on September 6,
1974. Their skulls were found by an oil rig worker
ed until
tion. Authorities from the affected areas convened
that month to share their meager evidence, declaring
that a list of 18 victims had been sorted out for special
study. Two of the cases had already resulted in convic-
tions, but they were left with the others “for purposes
of comparison.” All but one of the victims were mur-
“3X” murders
7/27/09 12:12:55 PM
With that, the gunman executed Sowley, ri
ing his
TINSLEY, April Marie
7/27/09 12:12:55 PM
unsolved local crimes? Whatever else he may have
been, the Clubber stands reliably accused of half a
TRAIN derailments
7/27/09 12:12:56 PM
May 13, 2002 Another case of railroad sabo-
tage in India derailed the Shramjivi Express at
Jaunpur, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh,
7/27/09 12:12:56 PM
tion masks the cause of death and even the victim’s
Public discussion of the Truck Stop Killer began in
les on unsolved
murders, and it continues to the present day. No
predator, but they often speak in terms of certain sim-
ed, to weed out
Two police statements from January 1992 suggest
murder of 23-year-old prostitute Crystal Sedam,
“TRUCK Stop Killer”
7/27/09 12:12:56 PM
Oscar Ray Bolin Jr.
An Indiana native, this long-
haul driver was sentenced to death in 1991 for
ve years ear-
lier. That judgment was overturned on appeal,
“TRUCK Stop Killer”
7/27/09 12:12:56 PM
long-haul driver’s rig matched one caught on video-
stop, where 25-year-old Sara Hulbert was found shot
to death on June 26. A search of Mendenhall’s truck
ern provinces of Antalya and Diyarbakr. In 1953
Tütengil joined Instanbul University’s economics
“TYLENOL Murders”
7/27/09 12:12:57 PM
“TYLENOL Murders”
7/27/09 12:12:57 PM
ÜÇOK, Bahriye
A native of Trabzon, on northeastern Turkey’s Black
uated from Istanbul’s Kandilli High School for Girls,
then studied Medieval Islamic and Turkish history
at Ankara University’s Faculty of Philology, History
7/27/09 12:12:57 PM
ed by Frederick
7/27/09 12:12:57 PM
“VALLEY Killer”
New Hampshire/Vermont (1978–88)
The scenic Connecticut River Valley forms a natural
7/27/09 12:12:58 PM
“VALLEY Killer”
7/27/09 12:12:58 PM
later at Unity, New Hampshire, she had not been
VASQUEZ, Jacqueline
7/27/09 12:12:58 PM
taneda refused to believe that her daughter may be
dead. “I have faith,” she told reporter Judi Villa in
May 2002. “I know one day I’ll have her back. I
just don’t know when. I know she’s alive. Nothing
can happen to her. I don’t want to think that way.”
“Occult” murders
“Frankford Slasher”
VAUGHN, Sheryl
Oklahoma City state fair
VERILE, Pamela
Grand Rapids, Michigan,
” murders
7/27/09 12:12:58 PM
Wayne Hill Sr.—an expert in 
rearms and homi-
cide events reconstruction, with 14 years in law
sultant and former journalist who once handled
PR duties for the U.S. attorney’s of
ce in New
Jersey and the New Jersey Division of Criminal
ces in New Jersey, Nevada, and
VON Bülow, Sunny
7/27/09 12:12:59 PM
counts of attempted murder.
a presumed  nancial motive for murder. Dr. George
Cahill, an endocrinologist from Harvard University,
with evidence of Sunny’s illness, plus her excessive
use of alcohol and various drugs. Persuaded of Von
Bülow’s guilt, Newport jurors convicted him on
found in his home contained traces of insulin. In 1984,
pany obtained an appellate court’s ruling reversing Von
VON Bülow, Sunny
7/27/09 12:12:59 PM
WALES, Thomas Crane
Thomas Wales was an af uent native of Boston, born
ton Academy, where he shared a dormitory room with
ert Kennedy
. After graduating from Milton, Wales
attended Harvard University, then moved on to Hof-
stra University’s School of Law on Long Island, New
York. There, he served as editor in chief of the
Wales’s education and connections won him employ-
ment with the Department of Justice, as an assistant
U.S. attorney in Seattle, Washington. He specialized in
the prosecution of banking and business fraud, while
serving in his free time as a trustee for the Federal Bar
A 1995 shooting at his son’s high school sparked
Wales’s involvement in gun-control activism. He joined
a local group, Washington CeaseFire, and later served
as its president, sponsoring a 1997 referendum that
would have required Washington gun owners to buy
and use trigger locks. That measure failed to pass, but
Wales remained active in Washington CeaseFire and
on October 11, 2001, while Wales
worked on a computer in the basement of his Seattle
home, an unknown gunman entered his backyard,
several gunshots through a window, killing Wales
where he sat. Neighbors heard the fatal shots and may
have glimpsed the shooter, but circulation of an FBI
7/27/09 12:12:59 PM
that the timing of Wales’s murder, coming exactly
one month after the disastrous 9/11 terrorist attacks,
ings from Wales’s yard show that the murder weapon
was a Makarov semiautomatic pistol, manufactured in
7/27/09 12:12:59 PM
him out of trouble. Before year’s end, he was arrested
once more in Teaneck, New Jersey, for possession of
Tupac Shakur was fatally wounded by drive-by
shooters in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 7, 1996.
Some theorists, including reporter Chuck Philips at the
Los Angeles Times,
suggested that Wallace or members
of his clique might be responsible for the still-unsolved
slaying. Wallace denied it, noting that he was in New
York when Shakur was ambushed, but that alibi failed
to satisfy critics who suspected him of arranging the
WALLACE, Christopher George Latore
7/27/09 12:13:00 PM
case, but the plaintiffs allege that the LAPD’s leaders
“consciously concealed Rafael Perez’s involvement” in
Wallace’s death.
On another front, L.A. television channel KTTV
magazine in naming a friend of Tupac
Shakur, rapper Tyrus “Big Syke” Himes, as a suspect
in Wallace’s slaying. Himes sued KTTV and
libel in July 2006, but a judge dismissed his case in
January 2007. The second lawsuit  led by Wallace’s
William Herbert Wallace, a 52-year-old agent of the
Prudential Assurance Company, lived with his wife
Julia in the An eld neighborhood of Liverpool, Eng-
land. On the night of January 19, 1931, he attended
7/27/09 12:13:00 PM
According to Wilkes, in
Wallace: The Final Verdict,
Parry was cleared in 1931, after telling police that
he spent the evening with his  ancée. Later, when he
broke off their engagement, the woman told Wallace’s
lawyers that her alibi for Parry was false. Wilkes also
claimed to have evidence that Parry visited a commer-
cial garage on the night of January 20, wearing bloody
gloves while he cleaned his car with a mechanic’s high-
pressure hose. Wilkes suggests that Parry called on
Julia Wallace at home, killed her, then stole money
from Herbert’s cash box—a theft never reported to
police. Parry died at age 71 in Llangernyw, North
Wales, on April 14, 1980—four years before Wilkes
named him as a suspect in the Wallace case.
Avenue Killer”
WALLS, Juanita
Maryland murders
WALL Street bombing
7/27/09 12:13:00 PM
nancial heart
of America as a de ance of the American people.
same leftist radicals blamed for San Francisco’s
paredness Day bombing
Anarchist Bombings
ever. Evidence was scarce after the powerful explo-
WALL Street bombing
7/27/09 12:13:00 PM
1919, but the revolution never transpired, and there
was no sign of it happening in 1920 either. Attorney
General A. Mitchell Palmer arrested William (“Big
Bill”) Haywood, boss of the radical Industrial Workers
of the World, “as a precaution,” but no evidence
was found linking Haywood or his “Wobblies” to the
crime. An alternative scenario claimed the blast had
been an accident involving a TNT delivery wagon, but
Fire Department of cials traced all such wagons in the
A solution of sorts to the case was advanced when
7/27/09 12:13:01 PM
Mobil Oil), the Wanderwells launched a headline-
grabbing race around the world involving two four-
member teams. Traveling in armored Ford vehicles, the
contestants simply wished to see which team could log
the most miles—or so Walter said. Ford and Vacuum
Oil seized upon the adventure’s built-in publicity, while
then-deputy FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover spun fantasies
of global espionage. Wanderwell’s team reached Egypt
in time to witness the opening of King Tutankhamun’s
tomb in November 1922, rolling on from there in pur-
7/27/09 12:13:01 PM
to kill him; others considered Walter’s alleged espio-
nage activities, speculating that an agent of some for-
7/27/09 12:13:01 PM
The second victim, a “Jane Doe” in her twenties, was
found dead and apparently raped on September 6;
autopsy reports attributed her death to a combination
of blunt-force trauma and strangulation. Another three
weeks passed before a third woman (left anonymous in
media reports) was beaten and shot several times by an
ed attacker. She survived her wounds, but the
same could not be said for 21-year-old Gloria Carter,
beaten and strangled to death in October.
Despite admitted similarities in at least three of the
cases—attacks by violent manual assault, occurring at
rough three-week intervals—Washington police hesi-
tated to suggest that they had a serial killer on the
prowl. Investigators granted they were “looking into”
edly hampered the  ling of criminal charges. The 
to die, Priscilla Mosley, was found dead on New-
ton Place, on November 17, 1996. The next victim,
Lateashia Blocker, was discovered on May 8, 1997,
hauled up from beneath the  oorboards of an aban-
7/27/09 12:13:02 PM
tioned three times by the task force and jailed in early
1998 on unrelated charges. Acting Police Chief Sonya
Procter told the press, “We do expect to make more
nitely is that we
believe we have a strong case in these two murders.
There will be other developments.” Turner was con-
victed of the Hill and Birch murders in October 2001,
and he received a prison term of life without parole on
January 12, 2002. Media reports subsequently claimed
that Turner had been charged with killing Mary Fer-
guson in 1994 and Toni-Anne Burdine in 1995, but no
trial was held in those cases. In December 2008 police
announced that Turner had belatedly confessed to the
1998 slaying of Jessica Cole. Inspector Rodney Parks,
with the D.C. Violent Crimes Unit, seemed to regard
the entire case as closed, attributing all of the murders
to Turner, whom he described as “a convicted serial
sexual murderer.”
WASHINGTON, Pennsylvania
unsolved murders (1976–77)
WEISS, Earl (“Hymie”)
7/27/09 12:13:02 PM
O’Bannion’s beer trucks on occasion. Weiss received
the murder contract on Wisniewski and subsequently
took his victim on a drive beside Lake Michigan.
7/27/09 12:13:02 PM
“WEST Memphis Three”
7/27/09 12:13:02 PM
waiver of Misskelley’s constitutional rights signed by
his parents, a lapse that should have invalidated his
In the course of his rambling statement, Misskelley
claimed that he had accompanied Echols and Baldwin
on May 5—or
at noon; he couldn’t be sure. (Jessie later changed the
, then pushed it back again to
“WEST Memphis Three”
7/27/09 12:13:03 PM
clothes worn by the victims. Later, on November 17,
1993, a team of divers found a knife with a serrated
blade in the lake behind Baldwin’s house, identi
ed by
police as “consistent” with Chris Byers’s wounds. Ex-
girlfriend Deeana Holcomb claimed Echols had owned
a “similar” knife—albeit of a different color, with a
compass in the handle (which the lake knife did not
have). Tiny blood specks on Damien’s necklace were
analyzed: One of them matched Echols’s own blood;
the other matched a type shared by 11 percent of
the world’s population, including victims Branch and
c identi
On August 15, 1993, Jessie Misskelley joined Echols
The trials proceeded in a witch-hunt atmosphere, with
Misskelley the  rst to face a jury, on January 19, 1994.
Motions to suppress Misskelley’s illegally obtained con-
fession were denied, and the statement was duly used
ley on two counts of second-degree capital murder,
resulting in an automatic sentence of life imprisonment
Echols and Baldwin went on trial for their lives 18
days after Misskelley was convicted. In the interim
“WEST Memphis Three”
7/27/09 12:13:03 PM
“WEST Side Rapist”
7/27/09 12:13:03 PM
the West Side Rapist. At the time of this writing,
however, no further charges had been made, leaving
the West Side Rapist murders still of
WEST Virginia Sniper
unknown serial killer (2003)
Over a  ve-day span in August 2003, a still-unidenti-
ed sniper claimed three lives in Kanawha County,
West Virginia. Each victim was killed by a single long-
e shot, while stopping at gas stations or con-
venience stores. Some published reports claim that all
three victims were slain with the same weapon, while
Law enforcement of“ cials released this composite
WEST Virginia Sniper
7/27/09 12:13:03 PM
7/27/09 12:13:04 PM
from law enforcement, conceding that Jacob’s abduc-
tion had in uenced his decision not to seek another
term in of ce. He died in February 2003, at age 75,
In the absence of facts, theories proliferate. Agent
Fans at a 1989 Vikings-Rams football game hold a vigil for
7/27/09 12:13:04 PM
WEYS, Gale
7/27/09 12:13:04 PM
on June 12. Unfortunately, the crucial tape from
Bradford’s store had been erased. Chief Alexander Ker-
ekes, of the Presidio of Monterey Police Department,
“We’re not discount-
ing this fellow, but part of his information was incon-
Another possible lead came from Chuck Baker,
WILLIS, Delores
7/27/09 12:13:04 PM
Salem, Oregon, murders
WILSON, Laurel
Salem, Oregon, murders
Chicago holdup murders
WILSON, Sheily
“southside slayer”
unsolved murders (1986)
7/27/09 12:13:05 PM
On February 7, 1948—a Saturday—Winn accom-
panied 18-year-old James Sloan to a rodeo in Palm
WINN, Margie Lee
7/27/09 12:13:05 PM
7/27/09 12:13:05 PM
X, Malcolm
assassination victim (1965)
separatist. His father was active in Marcus Garvey’s
led the UNIA’s East Chicago, Indiana, chapter. The
7/27/09 12:13:05 PM
aide in New York warned Malcolm of an NOI plot
to bomb his car.
dation of a new religious order, the Muslim Mosque,
Incorporated. The next day, he told
zine that Muhammad’s Black Muslims have “got to
Audubon Ballroom following his February 1965
Malcolm X personi“ ed the Black Muslim call for
X, Malcolm
7/27/09 12:13:06 PM
ler and Johnson were innocent. Johnson’s wife also
swore he was not present at the shooting, but jurors
convicted all three defendants on March 11, 1966. A
month later, on April 14, all three were sentenced to
life imprisonment. Conspiracy theories later surfaced,
tion of the FBI, CIA, and/or New York mobsters who
resented his June 1964 call for “an all-out war against
organized crime” in black communities. On May 29,
1980, New Jersey congressman William Hughes asked
FBI Director William Webster to review Malcolm’s
suspects were arrested after an August 1965 gun battle at their Los Angeles mosque.
X, Malcolm
7/27/09 12:13:06 PM
7/27/09 12:13:06 PM
YAKIMA, Washington
unsolved murders (1980–92)
7/27/09 12:13:06 PM
“It’s kind of like the Green River victims, many of
whom were prostitutes,” Johnson said. “You have
the unsolved murder of New York Ma“ a kingpin Frankie
YALE, Frankie
7/27/09 12:13:07 PM
“Chicago typewriter”—in New York gang warfare.
Yale’s funeral was an underworld extravaganza,
including a $15,000 cof n and 38 carloads of 
ers. Flags throughout Brooklyn were  own at half-
YATES, Nenomoshia
7/27/09 12:13:07 PM
7/27/09 12:13:07 PM
ZAPATA Miranda, Laura Guadalupe
kidnap victim
Mexican television actress Laura Zapata was born
on July 31, 1956, the daughter of professional boxer
Guillermo Zapata. Laura’s parents later divorced, and
her mother remarried, bearing two more daughters.
Laura’s half-sisters, Thalia and Ernestina Sodi, are also
tively. Laura, for her part, broke into show business
as a child star for Televisa, the largest multimedia 
in the Spanish-speaking world. By early adulthood,
she was established as a star of Mexican telenovelas,
serial productions described as follows by Telemundo
production chief Patricio Wills: “The plot is always
rst three minutes of the 
rst episode
the viewer already knows the novela will end with
that same couple kissing each other. A telenovela is all
about a couple who wants to kiss and a scriptwriter
nephew of her mother’s second husband, who was
also half-sister Thalia’s cousin, with the result that she
(Laura) was also known in Mexico as Laura Zapata
de Sodi. Zapata’s fame increased from one telenovela
Maria Mer-
, and
ed kidnappers and
transported to an unknown location. Journalists
7/27/09 12:13:07 PM
answer requests for information on a series of local
murders spanning the years from 1973 to 1977.
Vague media reports allude to eight female victims,
murderer. Police reported that at least 
ve “ nger-
prints of value” were recovered from the killer’s July-
found in existing criminal  les.
On September 27, 1969, 20-year-old Bryan Hart-
nell and 22-year-old Cecilia Shepherd were enjoying
a picnic at Lake Berryessa, near Vallejo, when they
ve times in
7/27/09 12:13:07 PM
assailant paused at Hartnell’s car to scribble on the
A phone call to police reported the crime, but by
that time a  sherman had already found the victims.
Brian Hartnell would survive his wounds, but Cecilia
Shepherd was doomed, another victim of the man
who called himself the Zodiac. Of cers located the
ing four “ ngerprints of note” that remain unidenti
today. A “clear palm-print” was also found on the
telephone receiver, found dangling off the hook, but
On October 11, 1969, San Francisco cab driver
Paul Stine was shot in the head and killed with a 9-
millimeter semiautomatic pistol. Witnesses saw the
gunman escape on foot toward the Presidio, as police
descended on the area in force. At one point in the
search two patrolmen stopped a heavyset pedestrian
and were directed onward in pursuit of their elusive
prey, not realizing that the tip had been provided by
the very man they sought. Back at the crime scene,
technicians lifted several 
ngerprints from Stine’s cab
that “show traces of blood [and] are believed to be
prints from the suspect.” Once again, they matched
no prints currently on 
le with California authorities
or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
In the wake of Stine’s murder, the Zodiac launched
7/27/09 12:13:08 PM
of the cabbie’s bloodstained shirt. Successive mes-
ve, while the killer threatened to “wipe out a school
7/27/09 12:13:08 PM
candidacy includes Kaczynski’s residency in
the San Francisco area during the late 1960s,
ous criminal acts, and his demonstrated exper-
tise at building bombs. (The Zodiac never used
7/27/09 12:13:08 PM
led against him in con-
and against Allen’s guilt in the Zodiac murders
eras County, California, Allen missed work on
Tuesday, November 1, 1966, 
rst claiming the
his story to make it a sick day. Accusers sug-
7/27/09 12:13:08 PM
In July 1992 Zodiac survivor Michael Mageau
allegedly picked Allen’s mug shot from a police
7/27/09 12:13:09 PM
An unnamed relative told reporters that Tarrance
ghts. I’ve stabbed
ed in press releases only as “Roberta,” recalled
the suspect telling her, “You ain’t been hunting until
Despite that testimony, critics still suggest that
t. Kaufman
tape of his private investigation for $24.95 per copy.
Zodiac researcher Tom Voight told reporters, “The
is he’s gone through more investigative agencies than
that Jack Tarrance was the Zodiac. Kaufman’s claims
Santa Rosa, and South Lake Tahoe Police Depart-
ments—which held Tarrance’s knife from 2002 to
movie star Jean Harlow, described in some accounts
as a suspect in the curious “suicide” of Harlow’s
politicians. Republican gubernatorial candidate Har-
old Hoffman solicited Zwillman’s support in 1946
and won the election. Four years later, Democratic
candidate Elmer Wene rejected Zwillman’s offer of a
defeated on election day. By the 1950s Longy was
Mobster Meyer Lansky (in hat) denied any role in the
suspicious suicideŽ of longtime ally Abner Zwillman.
ZOLIS, Amanda
7/27/09 12:13:09 PM
Still, organized crime was his primary world,
and con icts with other bosses seemed unavoid-
able. New York mobster Vito Genovese harbored
a grudge against Zwillman after Longy opposed
a “prime minister”
Frank Costello. Zwillman backed rival warlord
Albert Anastasia
sia’s barbershop assassination left Zwillman vul-
man’s stature would be executed without a unani-
mous vote from the syndicate’s ruling council.
“Truck Stop Killer”
7/27/09 12:13:09 PM
7/27/09 12:13:09 PM
7/27/09 12:13:38 PM
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Contra Costa
The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes
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[email protected] listserv. com/
msg73735.html. Accessed
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Uncovering Jack the Ripper’s
Jones, Tim. “4 Adults in 20s Missing in Midwest Mys-
Minneapolis Tribune
Kelly, Bill. “The Mystery of Laura Bradbury.”
The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes
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The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes
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Bloomington Herald-Times
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In God’s Name: An Investigation into
The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes
7/27/09 12:13:40 PM
page numbers denote main entries.
7/27/09 12:13:58 PM
The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes
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