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Rules Update for Reconquest Phase 1

After carefully considering the many pages of debate on the forums as well as talking to players in
person, we have decided to take this opportunity to make a few rules changes to the
Phase 1
often we feel that players will prefer a slightly updated version.

You can still use your original
rulebook with the aid of this document and the Original Rul
ebook Errata

and Clarifications

Core Rules


Add the following sentence to the end of the Evasion Countermeasures Special Rule

Weapons with the Flame special rule ignore Evasion countermeasures.


Add the following sentence to the end of the Hovercraft S
pecial Rule

Disembarking and not moving further still counts as moving 1 inch for the purposes of shooting



Praetorian Snipers' replace the Digital Ghillies special rule with E+2 countermeasures



Destroyer's points cost increased to 50pts



Angelos' points cost reduced to 37pts


Marcus Barros' RX1
L Railgun (Left Arm) and (Right Arm) changes its SH to 1



Dreamsnare's points increased to 85pts



Storm Wagon's points reduced to 25pts


Occupation Veterans'
points reduced to 40pts


Freeriders' Sticky Mine changes its E to 9


Berserkers' points reduced to 31pts


Rocket Technicals' points reduced to 10pts

The latest errata, clarifications, rules updates and FAQ's will always be available on our website:


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