Topic: Some people think that the world is now one large village and we are all responsible for each other. Others, however, argue that people in other countries should look after their own people and not be concerned with other countries.
My essay
Some people claim, that the world is united into one large settlement and the responsibility for each person has become shared. However, others think, that fellow citizens should control each other without any invasion of foreigners.
On the one hand, the international order is impossible without the order in each country included. That is why the government and supporting services, such as emergency service and police, must control life of citizens. On the other hand, international peace and cooperation could not exist if the countries or individuals from different countries try to confront each other.
To me the logical answer is a mixture of both sides, and not necessarily equally at all times. It is natural human instinct for people to help each other, so this characteristic should be harnessed for the betterment of mankind. In times of hardship and natural calamities like earthquakes and floods, people from different parts of the world pull together. Shopping is a good example here of people helping the elderly. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes something bad to happen before people act together. Nowadays it is important for different countries to live and work together as the world becomes smaller and smaller. Moreover, as the world is more and more integrated with the internet and the speed of communication networks, it makes sense that we should all work together.
To summarize, each person from any country is responsible for his/her own behavior above all. Doing our best to save the order in our local community might help saving the order in a whole city. The next level is a country. And the highest and the most important – saving the entire world. If every person makes an adequate contribution, we will achieve such brilliant result, as saving the world from threats.

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