Duties &amp Responsibilities of 2nd Officer

2-nd Officer`s Duties and Responsibilities
Prepare arrival documents such as crewlist, crew effects, nill list, narcotic list, store list, etc.
To manage mooring and anchoring operations of vessel by master`s order.
Control cargo operations during watch in the port;
Ensure that all safety plans are updated correct and in compliance with current regulations.
When in charter, send 3,6,12 hours massage to charter.
Perform other orders from Master and Chief Officer.
Providing briefing (safety meeting) every morning and before any type of work.
Keep navigation watch at sea/ DP watch.
Creating passage plan, incl. preparation of nav. charts and publications such as pilots, tide tables, recommended routes, etc.
Perform correction of nav. charts and publications timely. Keep these up to date constantly. Request actual charts and manuals.
Second Mate in charge of nav. equipment and other aids of navigation (sextant, star finder, binoculars).
Also maintain GMDSS equipment in good order. Carry out daily, weekly, monthly checks and record data in Radio Log Book.
Constantly and accurately conduct the necessary journals: LOG Book, Garbage record book, accounting and audits of emergency supply and FFE, working time and rest of ship`s personnel, consumption of medicines, Compass Error Book, corrections of chronometer, etc.).
Duties concerning SAFETY:
Check FFE and LSA:
Monthly check fire extinguisher;
Fire boxes on present fire hose, nozzles;
Check lifeboat and her equipment;
SCBA (Self-contained breathing apparatus), check pressure in containers, if needed to recharge, EEBD (Emergency Escape Breathing Device);
PPE : life jackets(if there is batteries, light bulbs, whistle), immersion suits;
Get and proper store pyrotechnics and line throwing gun in time, check expire dates.
Responsible for:
Medical services to personnel;
Check the expiration dates of medicines;
Keep ship`s first aid kids in proper condition;
Request all necessary medicines;
SOPEP (Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan).

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