key word transformation card 3-4

1. I prefer to go on walking holiday than lie on a crowded beach. RATHER
I _____________ walking holidays than lie on a crowded beach.2. I’m not sure, but I think it’s Radiohead singing that jingle. MIGHT
That jingle ______________ by Radiohead.
3. I’m sure that recent advert for computers had an enormous budget. MUST
That recent advert for computers _____________ an enormous budget.4. They didn’t use Tom Cruise on the voice-over – the voice was deeper than his. BEEN
It ___________ Tom Cruise on the voice-over – the voice was deeper than his.
5. Inventors don’t like people copying their ideas. OBJECT
Inventors ____________ being copied.
6. Why were the students mixing up those chemicals in the lab yesterday? BEING
Why ___________ up in the lab yesterday?
7. They made her hand over her notebooks. WAS
She ________________ her notebooks.8. “You put that frog on my chair, didn’t you, Charlie?” said Sally. OF
Sally ________ that frog on her chair.
9. “Stop misbehaving or you’ll be sent to the head,” the teacher said to Johnny. WARNED
The teacher ____________ or he would be sent to the head.
10. “I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten my homework,” Nicolas said. APOLOGISED
Nicolas _________ his homework. CARD 4
1. I had no idea about Rona’s engagement. UNAWARE
I ___________ engagement.2. I haven’t seen a good film for months. SINCE
It’s _____________ a good film.
3. I’m sorry I can’t meet you this evening. WISH
I __________ this evening.4. Mary scolded her son for breaking the vase. TOLD
Mary_________ for breaking the vase.5. I am not interested in computers. INTEREST
Computers __________ me.6. We were all surprised to see Kitty at the party. SURPRISE
To _____________ to the party.7. Judith was the only member of the family who had never married. APART
All the members of the family _____________ got married.
8. There is no point in asking Denise to the party as she is so busy. WORTH
It ___________ Denise to the party as she is so busy.9. My brother never listens to what I say. TAKES
My brother ____________ what I say.10. Alex speaks fluent French although he has never been to France. SPITE
Alex speaks fluent French ______________been to France.

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