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Ролевая игра
Раздел 1 «Составление резюме и вопросы трудоустройства»
1. Тема деловой игры: «Собеседование».
2. Концепция игры: соискатель, претендующий на вакантную должность менеджера одного из отделов в компании по производству безалкогольных напитков, встречается с потенциальным работодателем. Он должен презентовать себя таким образом, чтобы, с одной стороны, максимально подчеркнуть все свои достоинства, а с другой стороны, не перехвалить себя, чтобы не вызвать у работодателя отрицательных эмоций. Игра проводится в два этапа: сначала интервьюер задает кандидату стандартные вопросы, касающиеся его профессиональной базы, а затем анализирует непосредственно его личностные характеристики, а именно, склонен ли он больше к оптимистическому или пессимистическому восприятию мира.
3. Роли:
- соискатель;
- интервьюер.
4. Ожидаемый (е) результат (ы):
Достижение соискателем поставленной перед собой цели, а именно – получение работы.
Способность работодателя принять правильное решение в отношении данного соискателя.
Инструкции для проведения ролевой игры на английском языке
The first stage of an interview
You are going to be interviewed for the position you would like to get in one of the established companies. Be ready to answer the questions about:
your family background;
personal qualities;
current salary;
your strengths and weaknesses;
the reasons for leaving your last job;
Interviewing can be carried out by individuals (e.g. supervisor or departmental manager), by panels of interviewers or in the form of sequential interviews by different experts.
Here are some of the key questions an interviewer can ask:
Can you tell me about your experience as a manager?
What sorts of projects did you participate in when working for your previous employers?
What do you like most and what do you like least about your present job?
Could you tell me how much you currently earn?
What do you know about the company you are going to work for?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
How ambitious are you?
The second stage of an interview
The second stage of an interview involves personal qualities of a candidate.
Ideal staff wanted.
As a rule, employers prefer dealing with people, who possess such a very important quality as optimism. The questionnaire that follows presents twenty-four apparently contradictory proverbs and asks you to indicate the one in each pair which most closely reflects your beliefs.
Instructions: Read each pair of proverbs and, at the side of the pair, write the number of the one you believe in the most. Do this quickly and as honestly as you can.
Of these two proverbs… I prefer
1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
2. Out of sight, out of mind. 3. If something can go wrong, it will.
4. It’ll be alright on the night. 5. Every cloud has a silver lining.
6. It never rains but it pours. 7. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
8. Two heads are better than one. 9. Leave well alone.
10. A stitch in time saves nine. 11. Never trust a stranger.
12. Hail fellow, well met. 13. No news is good news.
14. There’s no smoke without fire. 15. Might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.
16. Once bitten twice shy. 17. Better safe than sorry.
18. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 19. Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.
20. Half a loaf is better than none. 21. All’s well that ends well.
22. Look before you leap. 23. You learn something new every day.
24. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
Scoring the questionnaire
Put a circle round the numbers you chose as most reflecting your beliefs, and then add up the number of circles. Be sure to add up the frequency of the circles and not the value of the numbers within them.
23 24
________ ________
TOTAL ________ ________
Optimist ScorePessimist Score
The maximum score is 12. Here are some interpretations depending on your mix of scores.
Optimist 12 – Pessimist 0
Amazing! You see the world through rose-coloured spectacles. The real test is whether you can continue to do so after a set back, or whether you are vulnerable because your expectations are so high.
Optimist 9 – Pessimist 3
A ratio of 3 to 1 is very optimistic. You are definitely a ‘half-full’ rather than a ‘half empty’ person.
Optimist 6 – Pessimist 6
You clearly fluctuate more or less equally between optimism and pessimism. You need to work out the circumstances of when you tend to be one and when the other.
Optimist 3 – Pessimist 9
You are clearly far more often pessimistic than optimistic. There are two consolations. First, you can describe yourself as a realist; second, you are less prone to feelings of disappointment since your expectations are already somewhat low.
Optimist 0 – Pessimist 12
So what?
So now you know whether you are basically an optimist or a pessimist – so what? Well, the advantages of being an optimist and having a positive attitude are;
You feel happier than you otherwise would
You are more cheerful and outgoing
You are prepared to take risks and have a go at things
The people you deal with respond more positively to you
You achieve more
You influence other people to achieve more
You look for the best in people
You don’t waste time being paranoid and suspicious
You are better at bouncing back after a failure or set-back
You are more likely to embrace change positively.
However, it is vital to be realistic. There is no point in wearing rose-coloured spectacles and living in a fool’s paradise. This leaves you vulnerable to major disappointments and upsets. Even optimists feel pain and discomfort when they are moved on from the status quo. The point is they are more likely to respond positively in a shorter time than a pessimist.
по дисциплине «Деловой иностранный язык»
Раздел 3 «Деловая переписка»
Кейс на тему: «Последствия нарушения правил ведения деловой переписки».

Процедура решения кейсов
Первый этап – знакомство с ситуацией.
Второй этап – выделение основной проблемы, факторов и персоналий, которые могут реально воздействовать на ситуацию.
Третий этап – предложение концепций или тем для «мозгового штурма».
Четвертый этап – анализ последствий принятия того или иного решения.
Пятый этап – решение кейса – предложение одного или нескольких вариантов (последовательности действий), указание на возможное возникновение проблем, механизмы их предотвращения и решения.
Прежде чем приступить к разбору предлагаемой для анализа ситуации, выполните следующее задание.
Decide, if the following statements about business letters in English are true or false? What other advice can you give about writing letters?
When you write a letter you put your name above your address.
It is correct to write Dear Mister when beginning a letter.
In the United States 1st April can be abbreviated to 04.01.11.
When writing a letter to the USA you can begin it with Gentlemen…
The abbreviation Ms is used to write to women when you do not know or do not want to refer to their marital status.
It is not good to use contractions (I’ll, don’t, isn’t) when writing letters.
If you begin a letter with Dear Mr Jones you should end it with Yours faithfully.
Memo is a short word for memorandum and it means ‘a brief note to help the memory’.
The phrase ‘Trusting this matter will have the attention of your good selves’ sounds all right in a business letter.
10. Sentences in a letter should be as simple and short as possible.
11. You should place the name and address of the addressee at the right top.
12. The paragraphs start right at the margin and there should be line spaces between them.
13. A comma is needed after Dear Sir or Yours sincerely.
Ситуация: В представленном письме содержится ряд ошибок. Сотрудник компании, которому оно было адресовано, счел правильным не отвечать на него, т.к. по его мнению, такой подход к ведению деловой переписки демонстрирует неуважение к компании, которая имеет контакт с адресантом. Проанализируйте это письмо с учетом всех указанных выше этапов и предложите свои варианты решения данной проблемы.
Island World Holidays 181 North Street
London W1M 2FW
Tel. 01-676 9096
Miss Margareta Lindel,
Slottsberget 26,
Göteborg 41803,
Your ref
Our ref FH/ts
Dear Sir
Thank you for your letter of the nineteenth of May two thousand and twelve
I have pleasure in sending you our brochure with details of all our holidays.
I look forward to hearing from you.
2012, may 22nd. Best wishes
Sales Menege
Fred Henderson

Темы дискуссий
по дисциплине «Деловой иностранный язык»

Раздел 1 «Составление резюме и вопросы трудоустройства»
Тема дискуссии: обсудить в группе основные правила составления резюме и написания сопроводительного письма. Следующее задание поможет сформулировать основные выводы по данному вопросу.
Read the statements about CVs and covering letters. On the basis of your knowledge and experience, decide if you agree with them.
A curriculum vitae is more acceptable if it is hand-written.
A covering letter should be hand-written.
You should always include a photograph.
The longer a CV the better.
A CV should list experience in chronological order.
There is no point in mentioning outside activities, hobbies, etc.
Each CV should be customized for the job you are applying for.
Perfect prose is not expected; note form is perfectly acceptable.
Use space constructively; do not mention failures or irrelevant experience.
10. Do not include your previous salary or salary expectations.
11. You can lie on a CV: they will never find out anyway.
12. Any gaps in the dates should be explained.
13. It is best not to send the CV by fax unless requested to do so.
14. Always make a follow-up phone call a few days after sending your CV.
Подтвердите свои идей, выполнив следующие задания.
1. Look at Henry Norton’s CV and answer the questions.
In your opinion, is his CV well written? If not, what changes would you make?
What was his first post?
What is his most recent post?
What kind of experience has he had?
How has his career progressed?
Retype this CV relying on Silvina’s resume.
Tel. No.
Marital status Henry Norton
2732 Maple Lane, Sidney
04/04-07/05 Certificate of Hospital Management,
Atlanta University, USA
09/01-07/03 BTEC National Diploma in Business
and Finance: Fermanagh College,
Northern Ireland
09/96-06/01 8 GCSEs – Grade B
St Joseph’s School, Enniskillen,
Northern Ireland
English, mother tongue
German, fluent
Aztec Hospital, Sidney, Australia
02/10 – present
Hospital Manager
Supervised the personal development of staff
Managed employees’ daily schedule
Coordinated the treatment and service quality
Skyline Travel Agency, Brisbane, Australia
Tour Operator INTERESTS: music, hiking, scuba diving
07/97-04/01 Sports club treasurer
Youth club leader
REFERENCES: Available on request
2. The covering letters below do not contain any errors but the writers are very unlikely to be considered for a vacancy. Can you say why?
Dear Anthony Mayer,
I’m looking for a holiday job and I saw your ad in a newspaper and it looked as if it could be good because your company is very famous.
I don’t have a lot of experience (in fact I haven’t got a job before) but I’ve got lots of confidence and I get pretty well with people in general.
I’m basically free in July but not August (because I’m going away then) but it would be really good if you could take me on because I need the money!
Hoping to get a reply from you soon.
Mary Rose
Dear Sir,
In accordance with your esteemed request further to telephone conversation of 25 November and the advertisement which appeared in The Times of 24 November inst., I have the honour to enclose herewith a copy of my curriculum vitae and would beseech you to acquaint yourself with the contents therein.
Trusting that I shall be favoured with an interview with a view to discussing my application in further detail, I beg to remain,
Yours faithfully,
Charles Fortescue Esq.
Раздел 4 «Общение по телефону»
Тема дискуссии: обсудить в группе основные правила делового общения по телефону. Предложенное ниже задание поможет выстроить ход дискуссии.
Below there are some statements about telephoning in English. Study them and, on the basis of your knowledge and experience, decide if you agree with them.
The first impression given on the phone is very important.
You should know how to say the English alphabet.
You can keep waiting the person you are talking to as long as it is necessary while you are finding out about what he / she needs.
If the number is constantly engaged, you should stop trying to get through, at least for some time.
If you are very busy at the moment and cannot answer any calls, you may turn on the answerphone.
You should be the first to start and finish the telephone conversation, not the person that called you.
While speaking on the telephone you should not use any contractions (like I’ll, you’ve, can’t etc.).
If the person you need is not available at present, you should insist on leaving a message for him / her.
It is more polite to ask questions indirectly (e.g. Could you tell me how far it is? Instead of How far is it?).
10. If your voice is flat and has little expression in it, you may sound uninterested and bored.
11. You should hang up at once when you have dialed the wrong number.
по дисциплине «Деловой иностранный язык»

Темы докладов:
The stages of choosing the right candidate (interview, CV, cover letter)
An organization needs constantly to take stock of its workforce and to assess its performance in existing jobs.
3. The basic principles of business correspondence
4. Managing telephone calls
5. The ethics of business negotiations
Для подготовки доклада нужно знать следующее:
Доклад должен быть выполнен аккуратно и подшит в папку.
Доклад состоит из следующих разделов:
Титульный лист.
Доклад на тему_________________(название доклада на английском языке)
Содержание / Contents. Перечисляются разделы работы с указанием страниц.
Текст на английском языке (2 экземпляра: первый подшит в папку, второй на руках).
Минимальный объем текста: 2 (две) страницы формата А-4 при полях: 25мм - нижнее и верхнее, 10мм - правое, 35мм – левое; 26-29 строк на странице.
Словарь /Vocabulary: минимум 30 терминов с переводом и транскрипцией, которые при защите нужно знать наизусть.
Список использованных источников / Bibliography: источники, которыми магистрант пользовался для составления доклада и словари с выходными данными книг и / или подробным адресом сайта.
Краткое изложение доклада по-английски / Summary – при защите уметь рассказать.
Студент на английском языке зачитывает подготовленный доклад и отвечает на вопросы одногруппников и преподавателя по содержанию работы. На усмотрение преподавателя можно провести проверку знаний терминологической базы по данной теме.

Вопросы к зачету
по дисциплине «Деловой иностранный язык»
В качестве вопросов к зачету магистрант должен подготовить и озвучить материал по представленным ниже темам. Важно, чтобы отвечающий продемонстрировал знание словарного запаса и грамматики, которые он получил в процессе освоения дисциплины. Каждая тема должна включать в себя не менее 15 предложений.
1. Job-hunting and employment (writing a CV and cover letter)
2. How a candidate can impress an interviewer
3. The basic rules of business correspondence
4. Telephone skills
5. Negotiations
Оценка «зачтено» ставится в том случае, если студент показал, что он умеет адекватно подбирать лексико-грамматические единицы, употреблять разнообразные речевые средства, бегло и выразительно излагать свои мысли, а также соблюдать смысловую связность высказывания.
Оценка «не зачтено» ставится в том случае, если студент показал полное отсутствие указанных выше навыков.

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