Top sportsmen and women are paid too much

Top sportsmen and women are paid too much
In recent years the amount of money earned by top sportsmen and women has risen and attracted a lot of media attention.Stars of high-profile sports such as football,golf,tennis,boxing and motor racing often feature in list of the world’s richest people.The objective of this essay is to decide if these sportspeople should receive such large amounts of money.
It is true that not all sports start are very well paid.But certain individuals do earn an enormous amount.The earnings of this sports stars come from a number of sources.Firstly,there are the huge salaries for some stars,for instance footballers.Secondly,there is prize money available for winning major sporting competition and trophies.Finally,and perhaps most lucrative for many top sports stars,are sponsorship deals and advertising contracts.
Many people argue that these stars deserve their earnings for a number of important reasons.sports players provide entertainment,like any well-known actor or pop star.They are professional people at the top of their chosen career.In simple terms,they are the best at what they do and so should be paid accordingly.They have put in years of training to be also good as they could be at their sport.It can also be argued that most sport stars have a relatively short career,and so need to earn a lot of money in a short time to support them when they retire.In some sports there is a risk of serious injury and death.Sportsmen and women should be compensated for this risk.
In contrast,some people argue that it is wrong to pay sports stars these huge amounts of money when there is so much poverty in the world.Sports stars do not save lives or really contribute much to society,apart from providing entertainment,which can been seen as unnecessary.It is also clear that these sports stars often have extravagant lifestyles,appearing in celebrity magazines and generally not using their wealth in a positive way.Some,even though they are role models for young people,actually behave very badly.
In conclusion it is obvious that there are difference not only between sports,but also between individuals in the same sports.On balance it can be said that sports are worth the money they earn as they have the ability to enhance people’s lives by their achievements.They manage to unite whole countries during significant competitions,which is something even politicianc are rarely able to do.

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