past simple_continuous (part 2)

5. Each pair of prompts below refers to a past event and the circumstances in which it took place. Decide which is which, and write two sentences saying what happened (a) using when, (b) using while or as.
1. walk in the park / meet an old friend (I)
a) I was walking in the park yesterday when I met an old friend.
b) I met an old friend while I was walking in the park yesterday.
2. find a $10 note / do the washing (He)
3. hear the news / have dinner (We)
4. read a magazine / fall asleep (I)
5. get on the boat / be arrested (They)
6. get out of bed / feel a terrible pain (She)
7. lose consciousness / throw water on the flames (He)
6. Fill the gaps in these sentences with a suitable verb in either the past simple or the past continuous.
Jane _________________ the washing up when she ______________ the news.
John ___________ his work for the evening and then he ________ to bed.
It was a typical winter's day: snow ____________ and people ________ their hats and gloves.
He __________ his leg while he _________ to catch the bus.
They ____________ the game of chess they ___________ then they__________ the house and _________ to the local wine bar, where they ___________ their friends.
While he ____________ to the conference centre he _____________ the speech he had written.
7. Join the two halves of the sentences below.
a They were listening to music
b As he was reading the paper
c They drove to the station
d The chimney was gently smoking
e The dog bit the child's hand
1 as she was stroking it.
2 when they noticed the thief.
3 and the door was swinging on its hinges.
4 he was making notes about the share prices.
5 then they left the car and took the train.
8. A holiday in Madeira. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.
Last February, I (a) ___________________ (decide) to go on holiday to the island of Madeira. On the morning I (b) ________________ (leave) England it (c) ______________ (rain), but when I (d) _____________ (land) in Funchal, the capital of Madeira, the sun (e) ________________ (shine) and a lovely, warm breeze (f) _______________ (blow) from the sea. I (g) _____________ (take) a taxi to my hotel. As I (h) ________________ (sign) the register, someone (i) ______________ (tap) me on the shoulder. I (j) _________ (not can) believe my eyes! It was my old girlfriend. She (k)_____________ (stay) at the same hotel. The next day, we (I) ______________ (go) for a walk together in the hills and we (m) _____________ (see) hundreds of beautiful wild flowers. It (n) _______________ (get) dark when we (o) _______________ (return) to our hotel after a very interesting day. We (p) ____________ (spend) the rest of the week together; it was very romantic. We (q) _____________________ (feel) very sad when the holiday (r) __________________ (end).
9. Put while, during, or for into each gap.
a. My uncle died ________________ the war.
b. The phone rang _______________ I was having supper.
c. I lived in Paris _____________ several years.
d. ______________ I was in Paris I made a lot of friends.
e. I was in hospital _______________ three weeks.
f. _______________ my stay in hospital, the nurses looked after me very well.
g. A football match lasts ________________ ninety minutes.
h. I hurt my leg _____________ I was playing football yesterday.
i. I hurt my leg ________________ the second half of the match.
j. Traffic is always bad ______________ the rush hour.
k. Last week I was held up _____________ three hours.
I. Peter came round _____________ we were eating.
m. Peter came round _______________ the meal.
Relating ideas: linking words and phrases
In the movie review below, the linking words and phrases are missing. Working in groups, choose the most appropriate word or phrase from those given below the review.
EI Norte
"EI Norte" is an excellent and disturbing film about two immigrants to the United States. (1) _____________ of the film we meet a family in Guatemala - mother, father, son, and daughter.
When the father is killed and the mother is taken to prison, the son and daughter decide to go to "EI Norte'' - the United States – by way of Mexico. (2) _________________, they have trouble finding someone to take them across the Mexican border, but (3) _______________
they find a way across and end up in Los Angeles. (4) _______________ life in the U.S. is not as easy as they thought it would be. (5) ________________, they have to find housing. (6) ______________ they need to learn English and get jobs. (7) ______________ they succeed in accomplishing these three goals, and life looks pretty good for them. Unfortunately, (8) ________________ of the film, tragedy strikes, and we are left wondering if "EI Norte" really is the land of opportunity after all.1. a) first b) at the beginning c) at first
2. a) at first b) however c) finally
3. a) on the other hand b) finally c) second
4. a) for example b) besides c) however
5. a) at the end b) such as c) first
6. a) third b) then c) but
7. a) unfortunately b)eventually c) for instance
8. a) finally b) at the end c) last

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