Working hours

Working hours
18. I have a nine-to-five job / I work nine-to-five(regular working hours in Britain)
19. I do / work shift work.(nights one week, days next)
20. I am on flexi time.(flexible working hours)
21. I have to do / work overtime.(work extra hours)
22. I only work part-time / take a part-time job.(part of a day or a few days a week)
23. I am a workaholic. I work full-time.(work too much)
24. I took early retirement.(retire at 55 in Britain)
25. I am on / take sick leave.(a period spent away from work, etc. because of illness)
26. I am on / take maternity leave.(expecting a baby)
27. I gave up worke.g. in order to study
28. I was laid off (informal)e.g. when the factory went bust
29. I was made redundant.(no longer needed and therefore out of work)
30. I was dismissed (formal)e.g. for refusing to obey orders
31. I was fired (informal)e.g. for always being late
32. I am on / off duty.(to be working / not working)

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